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The elusive Coki is set to kick off his debut North American tour later this week.  Highlights of the cross-country stint include ringing in birthday's with Austin's Gritsy & Brooklyn's Reconstrvct, as well as a select few dates with his Mystikz bredren Mala.  Be on the lookout for his Don't Get It Twisted vol. 2 EP, dropping on DMZ later this year.


"You wanna talk about it???  You wanna get somethin off your chest???"

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WTF?! What The Festival | White River Canyon, Oregon

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Later this month, the inaugural WTFestival takes place in the picturesque White River Canyon, 100 miles outside of Portland, Oregon. Among the many amenities the property will feature are an outdoor hookah lounge, poolside music arena, ample lounge spaces, as well as interactive art installations. The lineup is backed by a healthy contingent of West Coast names including Claude Von Stroke, NastyNasty, Ana Sia, and EPROM. Flown in from abroad Scuba, Star Slinger, Bonobo and Sinjin Hawke round out the lineup and filling in the gaps are a bunch of the PACNW's finest locals.


Tickets are onsale now and can be swooped here.

We've assembled some mixes and videos showcasing some of the talent on this year's docket to get you acclimated, kicking it off with this promo mix from Portland's own Tyler Tastemaker:


1. Whatever Man (MOST CUSTOM Remix INST) - Q Machette, Gucci Mane, & Young Dro
2. Drank In Ya System - (AnnaLove Remix) - Grit Boys ft. Paul Wall
3. Bees In The Trap - Nicki Minaj (Nader Edit).
4. Trap Shit V.4 - BALL TRAP MUSIC
5. Nann Nigga (Clicks + Whistles Bootleg) - Trick Daddy + Trina
6. 1500 Strokes (INST) - Trial D
7. Theraflu (INST) - Kanye West
8. Yaow! - Baauer
10. Art Money - RL Grime
11. Mercy (RL Grime + Salva Remix) - Kanye West
12. C(h)ampagne (MOST CUSTOM Remix) - Reva DeVito + Roane Namuh
13. Even Though (Teen Daze Remix) - Giraffage & XXYYXX
14. Jaw Dropper (Original Mix) - Chromatic
15. Hipster Swag (Tyler Tastemaker Edit) - David Banner X Ifan Dafydd
16. I Am Your Lead (INST) - Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, & Cam'ron
17. DUMDUM - Baauer
18. Sound of Da Police (Reilly Steel Remix) - KRS-One
19. Get Free (Cousin Cole Halftime Edit) - Major Lazer ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors
20. Make It Happen (INST) - Roach Gigz
21. Rihanna (INST) - Glasses Malone
22. I.D.G.A.F. (MOST CUSTOM Remix) - Dorrough
23. Money (INST) - Quiz

SCUBA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Scuba has crafted the perfect soundtrack to your summer with his third album Personality released on his own Hotflush imprint earlier this year.  If you think we are talking dubstep here I wouldn't blame you, but you will however find yourself awesomely mistaken.  This rave-tinged album unfolds with a varietal of tracks rolled out and held together with an energy one personally wishes they could be nostalgic for.  NE1BUTU is an oldskool rave anthem that's pure bliss and the accompanying video champions this success with a fresh throwback vibe.

ANA SIA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

The Fritenite squadron will be rolling deep to WTF?! where you can look forward to seeing Ana Sia, Danny Corn, Nasty Nasty, and Eprom.  Ana Sia has proven herself as a truly versatile selector that comes correct on a number of different flexes.  You can rest assured your perceptions of space+time will be shaped nicely in her hands.

DANNY CORN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Danny Corn's one of many local talents equipped with excellent taste and unique productions. 

1. KeyBoard Kid "I'm God & Devil" - self-released
2. Sinjin Hawke "Love is On Your Side"- Pelican Fly
3. RL Grime "Neat"- self-released
4. LDFD "SkiFREE"- forthcoming on Dropping Gems
5 Cedaa "Nippon"- B.YRSLF Division
6. Krampfhaft "Grind" - Saturate Records
7. +verb "Fragments"- Robox Neotech
8. Danny Corn "X Rhythm" -forthcoming 10 Pin Records
9. DJ Solo "What Have You Done"- Planet Mu
10. DJ Earl "She Boppin 2K12" -unreleased
11. DJ Taye "Dat Kush"- unreleased
12. Young Smoke "Wouldn't Get Far"- Planet Mu
13. Colourwolf "Pudding Proof"-unreleased
14. Ital Tek-"Pixel Haze"- Planet Mu
15. Kuhn "SlimeBeach (Philip D. Kick Remix)- Seclusiasis
16. Danny Corn "Down Since Day One"- unreleased
17. DJ Funeral "Nitemare"- Body High
18. EPROM "Regis Chillbin"- unreleased
19. DannyCorn "Wavetables"-unreleased
20. Cadenza "The Drakest Hype"- Dummymag
21. Calamalka "Ain't No Need"- forthcoming on 10 Pin Records

NASTY NASTY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You can always count on Jasper to rep a set of almost entirely original Mentalist-Hyphy productions.

01 NastyNasty - Waves (Bandcamp)
02 Quitter - Yadadada (unreleased)
03 NastyNasty - Prognosis (Robox Neo-Tech)
04 NastyNasty - Legionnaire (Rwina)
05 NastyNasty - Cylonn (unreleased)
06 NastyNasty - Marionette_edit (unreleased)
07 NastyNasty - Eleven (unreleased)
08 Quitter - Dirty Beard (Bandcamp)
09 Canblaster - Clockworks (NastyNasty contortion)
10 NastyNasty - ??? (unreleased)
11 NastyNasty - Cadburry (unreleased)
12 I'D n TELL n YOU x BUT s I'D a HAVE l TO v KILL a YOU
13 NastyNasty - Blind Samurai (unreleased)
14 NastyNasty - Warrior Path (unreleased)
15 NastyNasty - Aizen_edit (unreleased)
16 NastyNasty - Greedy (unreleased)
17 Quitter - Gravity (unreleased)

EPROM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eprom kicked off the summer with his debut album Metahuman on Rwina records. Do yourself a solid and grab a copy at your local store or the via the streaming JunoDL link below.


BONOBO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

We all know the rigors of festival life can take their toll.  WTF?! has got your back, recruiting the soothing sounds of Bonobo to help you max and relax.


CLAUDE VONSTROKE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

As you can hear, it seems that Claude VonStroke has amassed quite a number of basslaced tunes and also happens to be sitting on quite a few future Dirtybird dance floor bombs as showcased in this mix of his promoting another festival...

PAPER DIAMOND ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

Awesome video put together for Paper Diamond.


CELOSO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Enter Celoso, the new project featuring local PacNW tastemakers Graintable and Dev from Surefire.
Celoso - 2 Say 
Pearson Sound - Stifle
SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt Remix)
Pacheko - Everyday
Mele - Mugged (Sinden Remix)
Disclosure - My Intention Is War
Xxxy - Kerpow
Celoso - ????
Throwing Snow - Sanctum
Salva - Yellowbone
HxdB - Stylish Cadaver
214 - First Chair
Pangea - Hex
Sully - In Some Pattern
Koreless - Up Down Up Down
DJG - Rites
George Fitzgerald - Hearts
Celoso - Cathedral
Distal + HxdB - Booyant
LDFD - Outta Control
Dark Sky - Speeding Blue
Cedaa - Nippon
Celoso - Keep Movin' 
Dubbel Dutch - B Leave

SINJIN HAWKE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

WTF?! had some great foresight recruiting the talents of Sinjin Hawke.  Apparently Red Bull also took note by admitting him into the RBMA class of 2012.


So there you have it, a selection of soundbites and short video clips from only a fraction of the WTF?! lineup. Feel free to do your own homework. Their website would be a great place to start as it is crafted with much awesomesauce. Their social networks have proven to be quite informative as well.


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Often times the association of "live" sets within the electronic music community is that of a producer huddled over their laptop scrolling and triggering scenes in Ableton.  In certain cases though, you catch a set that seems to push the limits of live performance and the technology that allows for it.  Catching Archie Pelago's set at Turrbotax last year, it became brutally clear that their unique sound and musical approach was going to take them far.  They've had a busy first half of 2012; providing mixes for Sonic Router and Mary Anne Hobbs, as well as spending time in the studio with Grenier, Distal, and Helix among others.  

Most recently the trio performed at last month's showcase at Public Assembly alongside YPPAH and Distal.  You can check out photos from the night HERE and get a sneak peak at the latenight B2B set.  Cali, be on the look out for some Archie love at the end of the month.

Later this month, Mister Saturday will be releasing an Archie Pelago EP on their vinyl imprint.  To celebrate the EP release, Archie will be playing live alongside Eamon Harkin at Gowanus Grove in Carrol Gardens this Sunday afternoon.  RSVP HERE for reduced entry before 5pm.

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