Mala XLR8R Podcast

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Mala dropping the B side of XLR8R's landmark 200th Podcast and it's full of the weighty sound system music we've all come to respect and expect from the man. Mala has remained relatively quiet on the official release front so far in 2011, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy building new material in the studio and 'Bad Spirits on Shoulders' is a prime example. While many of the dubs throughout the mix have no current plans for release, the mix does feature previous releases on his Deep Medi label from Old Apparatus and VIVEK, including 'Big Bang' off of VIVEK's 'Eyes Down' EP which just released in all of the usual outlets today. The mix also features a forthcoming Medi release from Commodo who along with Lurka, Biome, and Be-1ne, are dubstep producers to watch out for in 2011. Also be on the lookout for VIVEK's remix of Johnny Osbourne to be released on Greensleeves as part of their dubstep remix series, currently putting a new spin on some of the famed reggae label's classics.

01 Mala - Digital Mystikz "Livin' Different VIP" (DMZ)
02 V.I.V.E.K "Feel It" (Deep Medi)
03 Goth-Trad "Seeker"
04 Coki - Digital Mystikz "Ironshirt"
05 Mala "Enter Dimensions"
06 Kryptic Minds + Youngsta "Arcane"
07 Dark Tantrums "Unborn"
08 V.I.V.E.K "Big Bang" (Deep Medi)
09 Mavado "Dem A Talk (TMSV Refix)"
10 Coki "Revolution"
11 Jack Sparrow "Afraid of Me"
12 Mensah "Gambia"
13 The Dub Mechanics "The Clash"
14 Mala "Bad Spirits on Shoulders"
15 Digital Mystikz "Dun Stinky"
16 Commodo "Saracen" (Deep Medi)
17 Coki "Duppy Sour Sap"
18 Johnny Osbourne "Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.K. Dub Version)" (Greensleeves)
19 Mala "Education" (DMZ)
20 Old Apparatus "Untitled Intro" (Deep Medi)


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Memorial Day Weekend Memorandum

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The next edition of TURRBOTAX® is going to be a super special one! Scratcha DVA makes his USA debut, and we are having a special send off for our friend and favorite NYC DJ, Jubilee, who is sadly leaving us for Will Smith’s favorite city.

Friday, May 27th, 10pm – 4am
The Cove
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $7 after Midnight

FREE Asahi Beer from 11pm – 12am

Scratcha DVA (Hyperdub / RinseFM – London, UK)
Jubilee (Nightshifters / Grizzly – New York >>> Miami)

Space Jam
Rem Koolhaus


Alpha Pup Records is proud to present a new monthly NYC gathering, the last Saturday of every month at Knitting Factory Brooklyn...

Saturday May 28th 2011
Alpha Pup NYC presents


All ages

Knitting Factory Brooklyn
361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

We've been keeping this one under our hats for a while, but the time has come to spill the beans. In just over a month, on Memorial Day Weekend, we're introducing Mister Sunday, the outdoor, Sunday afternoon spinoff of Mister Saturday Night. Clever name, we know.

If you ever came to Sunday Best at BKLYN Yard, you'll know the place: it's the same canal-side, tree-spotted plot of land at 400 Carroll Street between Bond and Nevins in Brooklyn, now rechristened Gowanus Grove.

If you never made it down, let us count the ways you're going to love it. First, kids and dogs – you can bring them. We love them, and we don't get to see enough of them on Saturday nights. Second, superb food – we're teaming up with Brooklyn Flea to install a small but ace team of food vendors. Right now, we've confirmed Mile End, who will be serving a bunch of stuff you can't get at the storefront in Boerum Hill, and we're soon to confirm at least one more. Third, our friends from Botanica, the best little bar in the five boroughs, are taking care of the booze.

And that's all there is to say about that. We'll see you outside.


Mister Saturday Night (and Mister Sunday)


Gowanus Grove
400 Carroll Street (between Bond & Nevins)
Brooklyn, NY, 11213
F,G to Carroll St or N,R to Union St
$10 before 5pm with RSVP to
$12 otherwise

Kids under 18 go free!
Dogs are welcome but must be get on a leash.


1. The Memorial Day edition of PercussionLab Radio.
2. An event commemorating the death of #SWAG
3. A fundraiser for the hosts of #SWAGFUNERAL, which got busted by the cops and slapped with a $1500 fine
4. A chance to laugh at P. Diddy's new name.
5. A dope BBQ

Special guests

Percussionlab residents

Monday May 30th
4PM - 1AM
$5 Suggested Donation
One Last Shag (aka Sweet Revenge)
348 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(Classon G Stop)

Sponsored by Brooklyn's own Sixpoint Craft Brewery!


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Mixcloud Monday: DJ Rodan

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Eprom - Bubble [Bad Acid]
>> Master P - Who Them Boyz
Juvenile - Way I Be Leanin'
Eprom - Shoplifter [Bad Acid]
Lil Wayne - Tha Block is Hot
Skeptical - Dream Police [Ingredients]
Distal - The Kurgan [forthcoming Seclusiasis]
Acre - Ghatt [Embassy Recordings]
Boddika - You Tell Me [Nonplus]
Max Ulis - D.I.Y. [forthcoming Swing & Skip]
Addison Groove - This Is It [Tectonic]
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose [Embassy Recordings]


Little over two years ago marked the beginning of an event that helped usher in an era of bass awareness in the college town of New Paltz, NY; located just a few hours north outside of NYC. This event became known as the Watchtower Wobble and helped bring some of the brightest talents and purveyors of dubstep in North America through for an intimate performance in front of an ever receptive and rowdy audience that earned their own accolades as a truly passionate crew of kids.

This past month marked the party's 2 year anniversary and the occasion was celebrated with the Archie Pelago live trio performing their New Paltz debut alongside DJs Blind Prophet, I-Rex, and the Crown & Anchor residents Bloom & Rodan.

Coming full circle, the party ended just as it began two years ago; as an unofficial after party for the yearly Rock Against Racism event held on campus. While the party's founders will continue to pursue their own endeavours, the growth and formation of the scene in New Paltz wouldn't be where it is today without their pioneering event.

We recently chatted to Rodan from Crown & Anchor to lend more insight to the final chapter of the Wobble and what's on the horizon:

Q: When did you and Bloom first meet and what led to the eventual formation of Crown & Anchor sound in New Paltz?

A:  Bloom and I first met his freshman year and my sophomore year at SUNY-NP in 2007. We were good friends right off the bat with mutual interests in jazz fusion and improvisational music as well as dub and reggae. We would always noodle around on drum machines and synths and even played out some live gigs a couple times. We started discovering some of the mainstream electro that was popular at the time and just kept going down the rabbit hole until we got to a point where we decided to share this music we had discovered with our peers through DJing at house parties. I had been DJing since high school and also had an insatiable appetite for electronics which I pursued studying Computer Science at New Paltz.  We began DJing electro at house parties and bars around town and kept hearing the oddball 140bpm remixes on the releases. My girlfriend Marissa actually asked me if I had heard dubstep before at one of our electro shows before we were really familiar with it! With more investigation we discovered dubstep and the DubWar monthly down in NYC.

Q:  The New Paltz road warriors always made their presence felt at NYC's longrunning DubWar monthly. What impact did the party have on you guys leading up to the first Watchtower Wobble you put on two years ago?

A:  We learned so much from DubWar that it's hard to even put it into words. I learned so much about myself and how my life fits into the global community as a whole through that party. It opened my eyes to the healthy electronic music community right here in NYC, the Northeast, and further more all of the surrounding scenes here in the US and globally. Through DubWar I met so many other dedicated listeners and producers from all over the globe: England, Canada (HGLDT), the dirty South (Embassy Recordings crew), the Southwest! You were immediately connected from the start, all sharing something in common and with an open ear for conversation about the music. A tight knit gathing of people coming together for a common cause.

We also learned about the music and what it's really all about through DubWar: its roots, DJ culture & turntablism, as well as taking in the atmosphere and energy of the music and event itself.

Being a part of the dubstep scene before it diverged was also very influential to our night. We saw the music evolve in those few years and we saw how the DubWar gang reacted to it. There is always a time and place for the heavy tunes, and you would most certainly hear them at DubWar, but something deeper always happened when a tune like DMZ vs MZN came through those speakers. That's something that we really took with us.

Q;  New Paltz has built it's own reputation in the bass music scene here in the Northeast, with Watchtower Wobble obviously playing a large part in building that foundation. Why do you think the college crowd in New Paltz has been so receptive to the music?

A:  The electronic music scene in New Paltz before us was rather thin. Any night of the week you could go out and hear some groovy blueberry type bands, but there really wasn't any regular electronic events to attend. Once we started really listening to dubstep though, Dub War was something that we had to share with the rest of our peers. I find dubstep to reflect ourselves and New Paltz as a whole: progressive, global, and intelligent while still having lots of wiggle room for fun without being taken too seriously.

Q:  As you already announced, this past month's Watchtower Wobble would also be the last installment of the event. What were some of the factors that contributed to this decision and are there any current plans for the future?

A:  We've all moved to different places in the past two years: myself, Bloom, our friends, and the music itself. The producers of the dubstep of two years ago are making totally different stuff now! Dubstep opened my eyes to so much amazing underground bass music that it's impossible to share strictly minimal halfstep, which we were finding many attendees expecting to only hear. The music has evolved so far in the past two years that it has almost outgrown the event itself in a way. Of course I'll continue DJing, but I'm going to give the turntables a rest for the Summer and instead focus on production.

Q:  If you could go back and relive one Wobble over the past couple years, which would it be and why?

A:  Of course every single one had their own memorable moments, but I would have to say that the 1 Year birthday really sticks out. We successfully coordinated a mini-tour for our good ATL friends Mite and Distal with them headlining the 1 Year Bday. The plan was to go to DubWar the night before, when we got an unexpected phone call from Dave Q asking if Mite and Distal wanted to guest spin at DubWar that night! We were ecstatic! ATL brother Shortstack ended up taking a last minute flight up to NY to experience the night with us. After DubWar we all crammed into my car and pulled an all night drive back up to New Paltz. I invited Shortstack to share my set with me to top things off. The energy was so high that night, massive sets by all!

That and the Halloween when we invited Joe Nice, Incyde, and Pandaia to come play really stick out. Incyde played to the point of exhaustion in this rediculous ape costume that looked more like the gremlin from the classic Twilight Zone episode 'Nightmare at 20000 feet' than an actual ape.  Or at least, thats how I remember it! That thing still haunts me!

Dan, thanks for taking the time out and all the best on the future!


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Bass Pilgrimage pt. V: BLOC

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Untold, LFO, RFID dome, Addison Groove photos by Liz Eve

2011 marked the fifth anniversary of the BLOC weekender festival, which currently takes place at Butlin's holiday resort in the small town of Minehead in Somerset, UK. Main draws for this year's festival included a live A/V set from the reclusive Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier's main stage closing LBS live show, as well as the first LFO live set in over three years. This year's BLOC also featured stacked showcases from Bristol's Subloaded crew, Glasgow's Numbers label, Croatia's Outlook festival, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Modeselektor's hand-picked Modeselektion stage.

The plan was always to end the pilgrimage at BLOC, which was only a couple hours outside of Bristol.  This would all have been well and good aside from the fact that tickets to this years festival had been sold out for months in advance. With unfailing faith, I found myself at the Bristol Temple-Meads Bus terminal with a coach ticket to the festival grounds in Minehead, but ticketless to the actual festival itself.

As eager festival-goers began slowly showing up in droves at the Bus Terminal, I struck up a conversation with a crew from Galway, Ireland who had some prior BLOC experience under their belts and asked what they thought my chances were of being able to score an extra ticket outside the grounds.  Right off the bat they mentioned that their friend had an extra he was looking to get rid of and just like that, all systems were GO.

The party really starts on the BLOC coach buses which you can book online and catch from either Bristol, London, or Manchester. The chartered buses drop you off you directly at the Butlin's resort in Minehead on either Thursday or Friday afternoon, completely hassle-free.  The drive from Bristol through the English countryside was breathtaking, although I quickly learned that people from Ireland are considerably less impressed with rolling green hills and flocks of sheep than a kid from Brooklyn. After a quick lesson in buckfast and an in depth explanation of craic from the Galway crew, we arrived to the site around 5pm on Friday and got situated.  Instead of the eternal struggle of pitching a tent before the sun goes down and you've had one too many; one of the many beauties of BLOC is simply checking in at the gate, receiving a key to your chalet apartment and getting settled in right away.

Walking through the gates, it was immediately apparent that Butlin's is something with no comparable equivalent back home in the States. Originally opened to the public in 1962, the holiday camp is set up for vacationing families looking to get away for the weekend, complete with a bevy of activities to keep the children busy during the day and onsite accommodations in the form of chalet apartments. Each resort contains a canopy pavilion which links together pre-existing buildings to form an all-weather enclosure which houses the various concert arenas, shops, arcade, and other amenities. The resorts also boast an indoors water park complete with waterslides, hot tubs, lazy river, and a wave pool.

After pounding a couple quick celebratory pints, there was no time to waste as I made my way over to the Tec:Bloc stage where the Subloaded showcase was already getting underway.

Mensah was already in the midst of his set as I entered to the familiar sounds of 'Fatherless' by Breach. After Mensah, fellow Bristol native Guido manned the CDJs for a captivating set of his own that featured a ton of the jazzy and orchestral-led original productions that he's become known for. You can listen to Guido's recent 2011 promo mix which showcases a bunch of his forthcoming tunes HERE.

Gemmy then followed suit and played some forthcoming material on his new W.O.W. (World Of Wonders) imprint. Be on the lookout for his debut LP on PlanetMu as well, which should hopefully see release later this year. Personal favorites from the set included the stonking 'Level Up' ft. DreadMC as well as 'Go-Gem', which can both be heard in his most recent 25 minutes of WOW mix.

In keeping with the early Bristol theme of the night, Tectonic label-head Pinch was next to step to the decks and started off his set with some bassbin rattling dub reggae. One of the biggest crowd reactions of the night came when he dropped Dizzee's classic 'I Luv You' in the midst of an eclectic set which featured a little something for everyone.  Other standouts included recent Tectonic release 'This Is It' by Addison Groove as well as Pinch's own 'Swish' which is set to be one of the biggest dubstep releases in recent memory. In case you've been living under a rock with limited Wi-Fi, you can still grab his Resident Advisor mix from ealier this year HERE.

Ready for a slight change of scenery, I migrated over to the Modeselektion showcase at Red:BLOC to catch Siriusmo perform his live set in the rammed arena. The set included many of the tunes off of his recent 'Mosaik' LP, which saw release earlier this year on Modeselektor's own Monkeytown label. You can purchase and preview the album via Juno HERE.

After being packed into venues like sardines to see Mala in Amsterdam and London the previous week, it was nice to have some room to properly skank out for his set back at the Subloaded showcase. It doesn't get too much better than listening to Mala rinsing dubplates with Pokes on the mic, bolstered by a weighty and crystal clear Funktion-One sound system. Mala's set featured some cerebral eyes down tunes from Deep Medi labelmates Goth-Trad & VIVEK, as well as the stunning remixes of his own 'Changes' by both Distance and James Blake. Mala originals 'Eyez VIP', 'Mountain Dread March', and the blissful set closing 'Alicia' were a treat to finally hear out on a system that could match the inherent bassweight. The most rawkus moment had to be the 3 consecutive (and well deserved) reloads that Coki's unreleased clanger 'Marduk' received. "Largin up the Coki wobbler each and every!!"

The next destination was the Numbers showcase at the Jak:BLOC stage to see sets from LandoKal and Rustie. Having missed both of Rustie's previous performances in NYC, I made it a priority to not miss his set at BLOC.

His set didn't disappoint and showcased some impressive spells of turntablism on the 1s and 2s. Highlights were his remix of Girl Unit's 'WUT' live on the fly, as well as delving into some grime from Dizzee and D Double E while showing off some serious dexterity on the decks.

Rustie's set wrapped up around midnight and the next stop was back to Tec:BLOC to catch the last half-hour of Untold. Untold's music has always been impossible to pin down, always able to find a happy medium between the sounds of sub-driven techno and dubstep while perpetually keeping ahead of the curve.

The rest of the night and early Saturday morning was spent bouncing around between Magnetic Man, Radamdanman, LFO, Joy Orbison, and Claude von Stroke. Magnetic Man's set featured extended live versions of album cuts 'Getting Nowhere' ft. John Legend, 'Flying Into Tokyo', and 'I Need Air'. After their recent NME tour stint together, Magnetic Man again enlisted Pokes to hold down MC duties during their set. Some serious dBs were pumped out by way of the 13-foot tall Funktion-One stacks that flanked either side of the main stage. Be sure to check out the Magnetic Man BLOC edition of Cribs HERE.

Backed with an enormous L.E.D. backdrop, the energy in centre:BLOC was extremely palpable for LFO's set. His live renditions of 'Freak', 'Tied Up', as well as 'LFO' from the classic 1991 Warp LP 'Frequencies' created absolute pandemonium on the dancefloor. His set served as a reminder that Warp still remains one of the most important and influential labels in the whole of electronic music.


While Day 1 featured brief pangs of paranoia that you were always missing a set that you shouldn't be, there's something about waking up that first morning at a festival that allows you to simply relax, appreciate your surroundings and just be content with wherever it is that you might end up. With over 60 world class DJs and producers from around the World all converging in one place, you really can't go wrong.

One can also never underestimate the rejuvenating nature of a mid-festival shower. Took some time in the early afternoon to explore the site's grounds and amenities which also include a miniature golf course, an all night arcade, sports bar, Irish pub, and a plenty of options for food. Where else are you going to find a care bear playing putt-putt, whilst swilling on a 2L bottle of red wine??

Headed to the Ableton RFID Dome in the late afternoon to check out Addison Groove's live demo (sans Roland 808) utilizing Ableton Live and the Native Instruments' Maschine controller. A unique festival experience reminiscent of an attentive Kindergarten class quietly sitting down together around the DJ booth inside of the carpeted dome. Directing everyone's attention from above about was the live Ableton session screen being projected onto one half of the ceiling, while a camera focused on the DJ triggering Maschine was projected on the other.

Mary Anne Hobbs' showcase then got underway at Red:BLOC with a powerful set of her own to start Saturday evening off on the right foot. Representing the Night Slugs camp, L-Vis1990 completely leveled it next with a DJ set of his own before Addison Groove took to the stage to perform a live set. There's just no imitating that booty dropping sound you achieve when playing drums through time tested analog hardware such as the 808 and his set definitely got the whole crowd to drop it down low.

The rest of Saturday night was spent at Centre:BLOC enjoying the musical stylings of Four Tet, Aphex Twin, and Vitalic. Having initially gotten into electronic music through the music of Richard D. James, seeing him live has always been somewhat of a holy grail. While his stateside appearances have remained few and far between over the past decade, BLOC was the ideal place to experience his live set for the first time.

This particular performance also incorporated a visual element by way of live facial-mapping (see video below) of audience members that even two months after the fact, I still have trouble conveying in words. After an extended intro that was enough to drive a crazy man sane and then back again, the bassline of Fis-T's 'Night Hunter' seemed to catch much of the audience off guard. From there, the sounds of Ramadanman's 'Work Them' and the joyous synth stabs of Jam City's 'Ecstacy refix' produced one of the biggest 'WTF?!' moments of the entire festival. Hearing Aphex dropping tunes from 502 records, Swamp81, and Night Slugs respectively was something that I never expected to hear. His set came across as an education in the ways of Rave, from it's early roots all the way to it's current manifestations and offshoots. From dubstep, to acid techno, IDM, breakcore, and jungle; the set covered many of the bases in a way that only Aphex Twin could get away with.

As if Aphex Twin wasn't already the audio/visual equivalent of insanity, THIS is what I found on BLOCtv, the festival operated TV station when I returned back to the chalet. Don't mess with Executive Koala.


Waking up on Sunday with the realization that the bass vacation was nearing it's end was bittersweet, but there's no crying in raving and there was still plenty of mayhem to get into before all was said and done. After a quick stroll down to the beach for lunch and my first encounter with Monster Munch, the ultimate in hangover cures, it was time to get down to business. Sunday's programming couldn't have been planned any better, with the irie vibes of Outlook taking over Red:BLOC with Gentleman's Dub Club, Exodus, Iration Steppas, Top Cat, and Kenny Ken. While not backed by their notorious sound system back in Leeds, it was still a treat to finally see Iration Steppas live dropping dubs from the likes of Gregory Isaacs (RIP the Cool Ruler), Peter Tosh, and Barrington Levy. After two solid days of thumping EDM, a little reggae does a body and mind good.

Next up was legendary MC Top Cat taking all crew through a collection of his classics, including an a capella version of 'A Friend In Need' and 'Joker Smoker'. The MC then stayed on the mic while Kenny Ken stepped up to the decks to close out the festival in a proper ragga-jungle style. Highlights included 90s throwbacks ShyFX & UK Apache- 'Original Nuttah (Kenny Ken VIP)', Kenny Ken- 'Nuttin A Gwan', and Zinc's remix of 'Ready Or Not' by the Fugees.

And thus ended the trip of a lifetime. FWD>>, Amsterdam, DMZ, Dubloaded, and BLOC all knocked off the bucket list. Out to everyone that I met and chatted with along the way for helping to make it the experience that it was. Massive shouts go out to my Irish crew who adopted me as one of their own at BLOC. Seriously great craic. Also, big up the man like Kish for putting me up in London. Hope to return the favor someday brother. Want to also thank all the photographers who helped contribute to all of these reviews:, Andre Eggens, Ashes57, Liam Richardson, and Liz Eve.

If anyone wants to send their lear jet to come pick me up in NYC and take me to Outlook in September, I won't say no.

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Bassfaced Podcast 015

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1. Black Chow - Signs (Ft. Pupajim) - Jahtari - BUY
2. ELOS - Shroot - Alpha Pup - BUY
3. Kozee - Music & Sound - Brap Dem! - BUY
4. Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets - Warp - BUY
5. Jonwayne - Longest Night - Alpha Pup - BUY
6. ASC - Somnolence (Ft. Vaccine) - Brap Dem! - BUY
7. Shlohmo - Empty Pools - FOF Music - BUY
8. Mono/Poly - Manifestations - Brainfeeder - BUY
9. Burial - Stolen Dog - Hyperdub - BUY
10. Kode9 & The Spaceape - Black Sun (Partial Eclipse version) - Hyperdub - BUY
11. Falty DL - Gospel Of Opal (Ft. Anneka) - Planet Mu - BUY
12. Koreless - MTI - Pictures Music - BUY
13. Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pearls - Ninja Tune - BUY
14. B.Bravo - Computa Love - Brap Dem! - BUY
15. ELOS - Trillwave - Alpha Pup - BUY
16. Raffertie - Not Asleep, Not Awake - Ninja Tune - BUY
17. Salva - Soldier Of Fortune - Brap Dem!- BUY
18. Addison Groove - This Is It - Tectonic - BUY
19. Hypno - KOKO - Teal Recordings - BUY
20. DJG - Black Dragon - Brap Dem! - BUY
21. Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose - Embassy Recordings - BUY
22. Sublo - Turkwalk - Dub
23. Jonwayne - Featuring Mndsgn - Alpha Pup - BUY
24. ELOS - Handle The Ill - Alpha Pup - BUY
25. Black Chow - Danger (version) - Jahtari - BUY
26. Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) - XL - BUY
27. Mono/Poly - Forest Dark - Brainfeeder - BUY
28. Dorian Concept - Toe Games Made Her Giggle - Ninja Tune - BUY


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VIVEK mix for MistaJam

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photo:  Georgina Cook

Here is VIVEK's guest mix from MistaJam's 1xtra show earlier this week.  Representing the Deep Medi collective in Quest's absence, he delivered an hourlong mix of cerebral riddims from the labels vaunted catalogue as well as scattering in some forthcoming label material from himself.  Look out for VIVEK's 'EyesDown' EP dropping on Medi this May.  Tracklist TBA.

V.I.V.E.K. – Spread Love (dub)
Quest – Deep Inside (MEDI07)
V.I.V.E.K. – Sirens (dub)
Coki – All Of A Sudden (MEDI03)
Cyrus – Manhattan Blues (MEDI035)
Goth-Trad – The Clown (MEDI09)
Silkie – Hooby (MEDI07)
Quest – The Seafront (MEDI07)
Hijak – Daily (MEDI02)
V.I.V.E.K. – The Big Bang (dub)
V.I.V.E.K. – Out Of Reach (dub)
V.I.V.E.K. – Pulse (MEDI037)
V.I.V.E.K. – Feel It (MEDI029)
Commodo – Uprising (dub)
Mala – Stand Against War (dub)
Goth-Trad – Sunbeam (MEDI033)
Tunnidge – Tribe (MEDI034)
Johnny Clarke – Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.Ks Southall Community Remix) (dub)


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