Mixcloud Monday: Sublo

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Dubtek - Expressions feat. 3rdeye [forthcoming Requiem Audio]
Sublo - Shadyland [unreleased]
Kid Simple - U Were [unreleased]
SX - Woooo [StayFresh]
Kid Simple - Women [unreleased]
Sublo - BdyRck [unreleased]
Sublo - Eventide [unreleased]
Megalodon - Top Kill [unreleased]
Numan - Race Against Time [Planet Mu]
Superisk - Find Your Way (Mensah remix) [Punch Drunk]
Sublo - Pysche [unreleased]
Sublo - Bluelight [unreleased]
Sublo & Megalodon - Megasublodon (Instrumental) [unreleased]
UFO! - New Sick [Hot N Heavy]
Commodore 69 & Jamal - Crunkzilla [forthcoming Badman Press]
Sublo - Boosh! [unreleased]
Girl Unit - Showstoppa [Night Slugs]
Baobinga, Cosmin TRG, Ginz - The Good Stank [BUILD]
Taz Buckfaster - Gold Tooth Grin [Numbers]


This week we're happy to unveil Sublo's contribution to our ongoing Cloudcast mix series. After playing bass for nearly a decade throughout his youth, in 2005 Sublo aka Jerel Bromley began DJing and translating his musical background and knowledge into original electronic productions. Making a name for himself in the Seattle bass music scene with his unique blend of urban styles from the US and UK alike; he's shared the stage with acts such as Joker & Nomad, Emalkay, and DJ Collage as well as headlining Seattle's premier dubstep monthly.

With his debut release on Shift recordings in 2009 and a solid solo EP already under his belt in 2010, he's showing no signs of slowing down his workload anytime soon. Future releases in the pipeline include tracks on all-star labels including Hot N Heavy, Gradient Audio, and Phantom Hz. He recently relocated to the Bay Area to pursue a career in Audio Engineering while currently enrolled as a full-time student at SAE.

With a hectic DJ schedule and a bevy of projects currently in the works, Sublo is definitely a name you will be seeing more in the future.  Frisco take note!!

The mix features a bunch of exclusive and unreleased tunes from Sublo, as well as a couple from fellow up-and-coming producer Kid Simple. He also shows some love for fellow SF residents with selections from Megalodon, UFO!, and Commodore69!


Sublo Facebook group


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Mixcloud Monday: DJ Osmose

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 - All Vinyl All The Time - 

 1  Alborosie "Blue Movie Boo" VP records
 2  Alborosie "Blue Movie Boo version" VP records
 3  Shaggy & Rayvon "Big Up" Big Yard Music group
 4  S. Pizzonia "Big Up instrumental" Big Yard Music group
 5  99 Hearts "Sham Sham" white
 6  Mr Benn feat Blackout JA "Police The Magic Fly rmx" Square One Sound
 7  Bangers r Mashed "Limp This Way" Plate 9
 8  Rankin Don "Real McCoy version" Kick Ass records
 9  Rankin Don "Real McCoy (Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)" Kick Ass records
 10 Ini Kamoze "Here Comes The Hotstepper" Columbia
 11 Richie Phoe "Electric Boogie" Balanced records
 12 Mungo's HIFI "Around The World ReDUB" Scotch Bonnet
 13 Mungo's HIFI feat Suncycle "Around The World" Scotch Bonnet
 14 Dreadsquad "Screw Dem version" African Beat records
 15 Lady Chann "Money Ah Dem God" African Beat records
 16 Perfect "Reggae Music" African Beat records
 17 Tippa Irie "Keep On" African Beat records
 18 Beenie Man "Pum Pum refix" Prime Time
 19 Navigator & Freestylers "Ruffneck" Soul Jazz records
 20 DJ Shepdog "Dare Man" Nice Up!
 21 Bob Marley & the Wailers "Soul Shakedown FK5 rmx" Fort Knox recordings
 22 Bangers r Mashed "Super Tubby (Stevie meets King Tubby)" Plate 8
 23 Alkamist "A Dub Chant" Kemet records
 24 Alborosie "Guess Who's Coming" Forward recordings
 25 Seals & Kroft "Summer Breeze" Warner Bros records
 26 Shinehead & Sleepy Wonder "Callie Weed" VP records

DOWNLOAD (320 kbps)

Full analog sound recorded live on 2 turntables & a Urei 1601 mixer.

"As a child I was greatly influenced my Mom's music collection of Disco, Soul and Rock LP's & 8-Tracks. I saved my allowance money to buy 45s and LPs, then cassette tapes and CDs. By the time I was on my own I was back to vinyl records again. It was the sound quality of the robust signal vinyl records provide that brought me back to the format I originally purchased in my youth. But it was the electronic music revolution of the mid-90's that turned me on to music as a career choice.

In 1997 I purchased my first pair of direct drive turntables and a mixer. After a year of practicing up and then moving down to Orlando, FL in 1998 to attend Full Sail, I began playing out at various nightclubs in O-Town for one off deals at clubs like Monaco, Sapphire Supper Club, Cairo and The Blue Room. Upon finishing my Audio Engineering degree I returned to Atlanta to work at Doppler Studios & Todd-AO Atlanta (now Riot Atlanta Studios). I hit the ground running back in Atlanta and eventually had several monthly and weekly club events at Nomenclature Museum, Crescent Room, Halo Lounge, Eastside Lounge, Late Nite Session After-hours as well as Blue Milk Magazine Art Parties and Shameless Productions events. By 2003, I was playing around the southeast and threw a series of successful events with Jahson the 45 Revolver in Chattanooga, TN called "Quality". Over time I have worked with and opened for a variety of artists as diverse as Ursula 1000, Nicola Conta, Thunderball, Ramadanman, Mayhem, Boozoo Bajou, Boo Williams, Kai Alce, Collie Buddz, The Aggrolites, Dubconscious and The Wailers.

In 2008 I ran the 3rd Sundays DUB & REGGAE monthly at the 5-Spot in the Little 5 Points District of Atlanta which showcases regional live bands and provides the best vinyl selections in DUB, Reggae, Dancehall, Roots and Mash-Up tunes and Soul Shakedown at Eastside Lounge in the East Atlanta Village. While a great deal of my energy focuses on Caribbean and Caribbean inspired genres I am still an avid vinyl collector (and DJ) of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, NuDisco, Smoked Out Hip-Hop Grooves and Funky Mid-Tempo Break-Beat gems. I play a variety of these styles at various clubs and events in Atlanta, around the Southeast as well as further destinations such as San Francisco & Hawaii.

Regarding the selection choice for this mix, I wanted a nice blend of Dancehall from classic stuff like Ini Kamoze, Rankin Don and the Navigator track (which is also a huge breaks anthem)...these songs crossed over and were quite popular in the Hip-Hop community and still are really for real deal Hip-Hop heads. Because of that there is a certain degree of familiarity built in. I also wanted to incorporate newer Dancehall songs like Alborosie’s "Blue Movie Boo" as well as some of the great bootleg Refix action that’s been getting released on vinyl only like the 99 Hearts.  The Steppas style Reggae worked it’s way in because I really don’t see a lot of opportunities to play Steppas in my normal bookings and after looking over the Bassfaced site it seemed to me that that would be an area of my musical taste that would be enjoyed by supporters of the site. On the backside I wanted to bring the tempo back down before the end and throw a little bit of a curve with the "Summer Breeze" song which I used really as a front door for the Shinehead & Sleepy Wonder "Callie Weed" song which is HUGE tune that I really love!

My approach for this mix, as always, is strictly analog recording aka vinyl recorded live direct to disc.  I feel a certain energy is captured by everything getting laid together.  However with that said, what you’re hearing in this mix are 3 live recordings. Each recording representing a certain tempo range.  The head you’ve got somewhere in the 98-101 BPM range, then the Steppas is around 125-127, then I think the outro is maybe around 84-85 BPM.  This captures the energy of the live recording, but also allows you to play around with the drastic tempo change.  For the Dancehall section I recorded about 2 hours or more of ideas then listened to it the next day and pulled vinyl selections to work with based off that. Still I pulled more wax than I needed, but that allowed for flexibility when it was getting recorded.  On the Steppas side of things I had a rough idea in my head what was going to go down.  And I knew I wanted to juggle some of the “Screw Dem” versions.  Which is an excellent work by The Dreadsquad on African Beat records and has a nice mixture of modern Dancehall vocalists like Lady Chann &  Million Stylez as well as veterans like Tippa Irie & Top Cat.  The Steppas portion turned out different than what I originally had in mind, but definitely inna more forward direction."


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Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (DJ Zinc remix)

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DJ Zinc has been dustin' off some old remixes and giving them away for free DL over on his Twitter.  Here's a free 320 of his DnB remix of 'Shook Ones' by Mobb Deep from 2002.

NYC, catch Zinc playing at Webster Hall alongside Z-Trip on November 19th, built by MeanRed.


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