Mixcloud Monday: HGLDT

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We first met Montreal based producer HGLDT at the Turrbotax monthly in Brooklyn where he was playing alongside Submerse & Hot City and had talked about potentially putting together a mix for our Cloudcast series. In advance of his headlining set at Watchtower Wobble in New Paltz, NY this Friday night, Henry put together this promo-mix for us to mark the occasion. You can catch his weekly radio show on Sub.fm Fridays from 9-11pmEST.

Also gotta wish him a Happy Birthday today!!  New Paltz crew, buy the man a beer or something.

HGLDT & Hissy Fit - Untitled (Dub)
Damu - 2010 (Forthcoming Swing & Skip Rec)
KingThing - Rio She Said (Dub)
Skinny Bones - Road to Axum (Dub)
HGLDT & Hissy Fit - Last Summer Dub (Dub)
Akua & Matthew Hiscock - Monsters (Make Believe) (Dub)
Hissy Fit - Crosstrainers (Garage Rework) (Forthcoming Phuture Labs)
Slevarance & Hackman - You and Me (Dub)
Blind Prophet - Tipping Point (Forthcoming L2S Recordings)
Vilify - Waiting (Max Ulis Remix) (Dub)
Erra - Stax (Forthcoming Berkane Sol)
HGLDT - To The Point (Dub)
Gemma Fox - Boxers (Spoilt Rotten)
Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Brackles Remix) (Unreleased)
Hissy Fit - Berry (Submerse Remix) (Forthcoming Swing & Skip Rec)


Crown & Anchor Dub is back 2 school to bring you futuristic bass and electric energies with their legendary event series Watchtower Wobble...

This time we're stepping into the future and inviting all explorative bass comrades along for the experience!

HGLDT is a bass music DJ and producer hailing out of Montreal, Canada. As the founder of the rising Montreal Future Garage Collective, he holds a monthly residency at Swing and Skip events, the city’s first and only future garage and deep dubstep night. With a weekly show on Sub FM and having played alongside such artists as Luke.Envoy, Synkro, Submerse, and Hot City, HGLDT constantly brings a solid selection of deep percussive unreleased material from the most in demand producers on the scene.
Swing And Skip Soundcloud

Hirshi & Phleghm are two bass cadets and music lovers from Brooklyn. Championing underground beats through their weekly WNYU.org radio spot, The Grime Machine (Sundays 6-8PM EST), the duo has already contributed to a vibrant and growing scene in the New York metropolitan area with their new monthly series Blank. Having performed with the likes of Pangaea, Noah D, Dave Q, Liondub, Incyde and more, these two cats are ready to impress with their forward-thinking selections and unique tandem-turntablism.
Bassfaced Cloudcast 012: Hirshi & Phleghm

IRex Vs. Bloom
To kick things off Bloom and Irex will be spinning a special back to back set.

DJ Rodan
...will be firing up the Flux Capacitors. Possible guest appearance of DJ Brodan.

Big up to our sponsors!

Poster by Dub Bear
a Richwad Production...

58 Main St.
New Paltz, NY 12561

18+ To Rage
21+ Drink Specials!

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LuckyMe NYC

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Good Peoples present a one-off party from one of the hottest UK labels

One of the world's leading young crews fusing hip hop and new electronic club music is coming to NYC for a rare LuckyMe party including their a-list starting line-up of Hudson Mohawke & Rustie (Warp Records) djing back 2 back with support from Mike Slott, The Blessings and some of the most exciting new producers and djs travelling from around the world to meet... here in Chinatown for one night only.

These guys also have a reputation for art directing some of the best new music videos, clothing and sleeves so you know this is gonna look good. Simply, they ain't here often so get here early to guarantee entry. And pack a smile.

full lineup:

Hudson Mohawke
The Blessings
Mike Slott
Jacques Greene
Eclair Fifi
Cubic Zirconia
Azealia Banks

Friday 24th September

88 Palace
21+ * 10pm - 4am

LIMITED $10 ADVANCE TIX HERE: http://ticketf.ly/bGHUmy

supported by:

Hudson Mohawke, (b. Ross Birchard), also known as DJ Itchy, Hudson Mo or Hud Mo, is an Electronic music producer/DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, affiliated with the LuckyMe collective of musicians and artists. He is signed to Warp Records and released his debut album Butter in October 2009.

At the age of 15 Birchard, under the name DJ Itchy, was the youngest ever UK DMC finalist. His earliest gigs as a club DJ were with Glasgow Uni’s Subcity Radio where he was part of the culture city kids show and later other shows including Turntable Science with Pro Vinylist Karim and Cloudo’s Happy Hardcore show. Birchard became Hudson Mohawke after seeing the name engraved on a statue in the hallway of his accommodation. He was signed to Warp Records despite a very limited track record of official releases; the bulk of his releases were unofficial tracks and DJ mixes circulated on the Internet. His first official release to get major notice was “Free Mo”, a track on the Ubiquity Records various-artists compilation Choices, Vol. 1 (2007); subsequently, he was featured as a remixer on Choices, Vol. 2 (2007). In 2008 his 12” EP Ooops! on LuckyMe/Wireblock became an underground sensation, particularly once word spread of his recording contract with Warp.

Rustie is older than he looks. Rustie makes beats and is a muthafukin bowss. Rustie wrote that himself. Now signed to the infamous Warp Records, check out his reputation building releases on Stuff Records, Hyperdub, Wireblock and various other labels. With the EP entitled Bad Science on Wireblock Records he consolidated his name at the top of the new wave of electronic hip hop producers. With his forthcoming LP for Warp Records and a 12” for us in early 2010 - you are gonna OMFG on his new shit.

The Blessings are Dom Sum & Fine Art. Founding members of LuckyMe alongside Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke. A melting pot of 90's kid influence: New Jack Swing, RnB, Electronica, Garage & Deep House all getting processed by the crystal sound of contemporary Hip Hop & RnB. With their debut "Galaxy High" on the Dutch tastemaker Nod Navigatgors, they step out from behind the scenes of LuckyMe to bring their own 6 track selection of glistening melody, thumping drum programming and swagger.

To date they have featured in The Independent, The List, Mixmag, The Newyorker, Nylon, Dazed & Confused ( awarded in the Young Creative Entrepreneurs feature alongside Merok Records and this guy called Diplo). This Summer they played in front of 8000+ girls with that sallow Spanish look (probably wearing like, red jeans) at the LuckyMe presents stage at Sonar Festival 2010. Shit was awesome.

Catch their guest mixes for Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio One, XLR8R, URB, Dazed, The List, Vessel, BRAINFEEDER, Allez Allez and The Skinny. Despite this bio, their music and their clear notch in the rap game, they are yet to formally record with any of the Force M.D's.

Mike Slott is a musician routed in Jazz and Classical music but raised in Hip Hop and Electronic equipment. It's becoming a familiar story these days but strip the story and gear away and you are left with one of the subtlest, most naturally gifted modern producers. His bravery to explore percussive, textural soundscapes with shifting plates of synthetic melody has earned him kudos from some of the worlds leading musicians and critics.

Slott was one of the founders of LuckyMe and together we have grown up from the bare floorboards of a flat in Glasgow, recording hip hop long into the night, through to the backrooms of concerts in Manhattan. Mike's tribute to his new home in NYC came in the form of Lucky 9Teen, his debut LP released on LuckyMe in October 2009. But with new music in progress and 9Teen's license across Japan as an expanded CD, 2011 holds much for this humble innovator.

Lunice is just THAT dude. So cool, so easy. But at night he's a monster making bedroom dance videos to Footcrab and Sex Intelligent (remix stoopid). It was just over a year ago that Lunice started bumping his own beats at the Turbo Crunk nights. To think that he's since played two European tours and attended Red Bull in London, cheeeez, Dude is doing those big things already. Wish you all could of seen him standing in for Mike Slott in front of the 8000+ audience at our Sonar showcase in June 2010. Straight up, we felt this kid was a star. And we've known each other a minute now so it's family. Fuckin honour to work with this guy. Stacker Upper is comin for you, October 2010 on LuckyMe.

There's not much we can say about this 20 year old house producer from Montreal except that his music is incredible and it's sort of taken over our studio environment in the last months since his then anonymous demo arrived in our inbox. What time will tell is that this guy isn't a stranger to LuckyMe at all, but a good friend of ours for a few years simply growing into some new tastes. But look, I've said too much already. With his first 12", Baby (I Don't Know What You Want), dropping via our peoples at Night Slugs any time soon, you can catch The Look, a 4 track 12" EP debut by Jacques Greene dropping with us at LuckyMe this November. Get to know him. A legit young house producer brimming with ideas and deep, deep taste for techno, rnb & ukf and chicago house.

Eclair Fifi has been friends with us all for a long time now so we would ask her to play our shows and hope she could pull herself away from the internet. Clair has encyclopedic knowledge of italo, latin freestyle, electro, hip hop & club music and so she sits on a pillar for us one of the single most discerning djs we have ever seen play on home turf - and she's starting to get a rep beyond the city boundary as a reseident at Hoya:Hoya Manchester, and on the back of high profile shows playing Back 2 Back with Hudson Mohawke at Sonar Festival 2010 in front of a lot of people. Almost too many people.

Born Travis Stewart on March 4th 1982, Machinedrum has created several albums under several aliases since his first independent release in 1999. At 19, his debut Now You Know on the influential Merck Records was heralded as the "standard to which the next wave of imitators aspires" by Pitchfork – a sentiment reiterated in reviews of last years LP, Who Wants to 1, 2.

Garage, Dubstep, Juke, House, Hip Hop, Electro, R&B, Fuzz-Rock, Whatever; a scene of young New York kids are forming with Machinedrum at their heart. He runs the Cassette NYC club as their local haunt and has played svengali to next-to-blow artists such as Jesse Boykins iii, Theophilus London & Azealia Banks. Alongside Praveen he is one half of Sepalcure whose recent release on Hot Flush has been strategically timed for this our next offering of Travis music. His disregard for boundary made him an early influence on the LuckyMe ethos – influencing early mixes and production of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie & The Blessings. We are now very proud to acknowledge his place in our ranks with this ʻmicro - LPʼ Many Faces.

Simply put, this is innovative club music. Side A holds three crisp Electro / Hip Hop tracks which build up to huge melodic plateaus of Travisʼ own reverb drenched vocal harmonies. While Side B takes it to a somewhat darker place with 3 dope, ignʼant songs for the club with Ghetto House and Juke amped-up on clattering Hip Hop drums. Weʼve added another hit to our release with an amazing Acid-drenched house remix by Bok Bok of Night Slugs as a digital exclusive.The Many Faces… is a testimony to a multifaceted young musician who straddles pop standards and underground dance music, leaving his unique signature on all he touches.

So we went to SXSW with Hud Mo in March 2010 and the best band we saw by about 700 miles was Cubic. This is not to mention the fact that their singles Fuck Work, Black And Blue and Josephine didn't rip our collective heads open when we heard em but I mean, come on, this was Tiombe Lockhart's new band. We loved her sci fi tinged, smarter than everyone soul music for years. And Nick Hook is a man of legacy playing in bands for Drop the Lime and EL-P (Def Jux). It never occurred to us we would become friends with these guys, hang out, smoke a joint or eat steaks with these guys!? So when we got back to Scotland and Nick hollar'd about the prospect of working together we were very honoured to sign these guys for an amazing debut LP called Follow Your Heart featuring Bilal, Drop The Lime and Dam Funk.

Seriously, this band will fuckin destroy your club, your concert hall, your living room. It's acid inflected pop music that hints towards a tradition of great new york loft parties and the vacious structure of punk bands like ESG and Liquid Liquid. But you know, Cubic's music is more than that. It's not trying to be anything else than Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart & Daud Sturdivant going in as hard as they can. I mean, what shall we call it? We have to call it something - that's the way of music journalism. Let's go for ethnic disco.

The debut LP from Cubic Zirconia is called Follow Your Heart, scheduled for release on LuckyMe on January 11th.

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Monkeytek & Jagga live at Version

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flier by Dubtron

In advance of his set at the LoDubs Showcase at dBFestival next week, Monkeytek was kind enough to pass us along a recently recorded live set of his.  Here's a live recording of Monkeytek & MC Jagga Culture live at the 3rd installment of the Version party in Portland, OR on July 24th, 2010. The party also featured a headlining set from Dub music pioneer and master at the controls, Scientist as well as Alter Echo.  News surfaced today of a Dubstep vs. Scientist LP on Tectonic and apparently Scientist dubbing tunes from Mala and King Midas Sound.  Will be sure to keep you posted when more details become available.  Big up @laurent_fintoni for the heads up.

Monkeytek, along with Ryan Organ hold it down as the resident DJs and curators of Portland's monthly Various party, which has been bringing in acts like Kode9 & Spaceape, XI, DJG, and Daega Sound to the city since 2006. We had a chance to attend in March of '09 and if you ever make it out there, be sure you try to reach. The venue, vibe, and H.A.S. sound are all top notch. Their next party is October 2nd when Toronto's XI will be rolling through to PDX and as always, more information on the Portland scene can be found at pdxindub.com.  Decibel attendees can also get a chance to see XI when he plays the DECIBEL X FRESH latenight on the 24th along with Dibia$e, Devon(who), and Tastemaker at the Monkey Loft going til the early AM.

This live mix is for everyone with a deep love and appreciation for dub and reggae music and dubstep that incorporates and highlights those production elements.  Check out some photos from the historic night courtesy of Simon Shapiro HERE.

El Fata - London City (dubplate)
Maffi (dubplate)
Aswad - Dub Charge (Island)
2562 - Redux (Tectonic)
El Rakkas - I & I (Lo Dubs)
LV- CCTV Version (dubplate)
Moldy - For The Head (dubplate)
Lloop - Weight (dubplate)
Sun Is Shining Dux Refix (dubplate)
COTK - We Are The Glitch DJG remix (dubplate)
DJG - The Gate (Lo Dubs)
El Rakkas - I & I (XI Remix) (Lo Dubs)
LV - Crossfire (dubplate)
El Rakkas - Seas Of Disease (Lo Dubs)
Trutek - Mystery Machine (Lo Dubs dubplate)
LV - Hip Dub (dubplate)
Jah Warrior - Heartical Dub (Jah Warrior)


Monkeytek performs at the LoDubs Showcase on September 23rd at the Baltic Room in Seattle, WA alongside Distance, Clubroot, Jon A.D. and Ryan Organ with Jagga Culture toasting on the night.  BUY TICKETS HERE


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Starkey interview

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We had the chance to catch up with Philadelphia-based producer Starkey and talk about his recent travels on the road, his second LP 'Ear Drums & Black Holes', happenings in the Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey camps, as well the all-important Philly Cheesesteak; as he gets ready to head out West to smash up this year's Decibel Festival in Seattle later this month.

BF: Starkey, thanks for taking the time out. This past Spring saw the release of your 2nd LP 'Ear Drums & Black Holes' on Planet Mu. How have the past few months been soldiering it on the road in support of the album?

STARKEY: It's been great. I've been to some really great places, met a lot of fans of my music and have been able to share my music and performances around the globe really. The overall positive reception of the 2nd album has been very exciting for me. The album is basically a snapshot in time of where I was musically the past 2 years and I'm really happy with how it holds up over repeat listens. I really set out to make an "album", not a collection of songs, and I think there's an overall arch that holds all the concepts and sounds together. The vocalists all provided amazing performances as well. It's been a very exciting few months.

BF: Any parties/festivals from the past year that really stand out and are there any venues or places on your radar that you've yet to play?

STARKEY: Well I'd have to say that Dour Festival in Belgium has to be on the top of my list. I had never played to that many people and if you've seen the video on youtube, the energy was amazing. There have been some others that were pretty incredible for various reasons, but that one was really special. I flew all the way over to Belgium to play that one gig as well, so I'll always remember it.

STARKEY x AOOA.TV from An Overdose Of Awesomeness on Vimeo.

STARKEY: Just this week, Ear Drums was re-released in Japan by UltraVybe, so there's talk of doing something in Japan which would be fantastic. I've never been to Japan, but one of our Seclusiasis artists' BD1982 has been living there the past few years and speaks highly of the music scene out there.

BF: Are there certain tunes from the LP that seem to resonate more with different crowds, geographically speaking?

STARKEY: hmmmm. That's a tough one. I'm not sure if there are any of my tunes that stand out in different places, but as you know, I play a decent amount of hiphop in my sets and that goes over differently depending on what city I'm playing in. In some places, people don't really dance to hiphop and in other places, I could do a whole hiphop set and the crowd would be down for it. haha.

A lot of the same songs of mine get requested at most shows. Usually someone asks me to play "Spacewalk" off the first album....I also get a decent amount of requests for "Gutter Music VIP" still. From the new album, "Fourth Dimension" has gotten a pretty big response in most clubs as well as "Capsule". I guess "Club Games" is one tune that I think gets a bigger reaction in some cities and not in others, because it's pretty strong on the vocals and the hiphop-ish side of my sound.

BF: There is a noticeable inclusion of your vocals on 3 tracks off the album, is this something you plan on pursuing further on future works? live?

STARKEY: Yeah definitely. I used to be self-conscious about doing vocals because I've always been a singer in the more concert music side of things and never thought of myself as having a "pop" singing voice. But I realize now that it really doesn't matter, look at someone like Matt Bellamy from Muse who has a big theatrical voice, he's doing alright.

I've done vocals live at a bunch of shows now and the reaction has been mixed when I just whip out a mic in the middle of a DJ set. But when I did a live set this summer in London, I did vocals for all my songs live, so it made sense. I remember the first time I performed "Alienstyles" live. It was the last song in my set at Glade Festival in 2009. The next day people were commenting about it on the Dubstep Forum, saying like "Starkey was cool, but then it got all weird when he got on the mic at the end". haha. Some people liked it,  others never will. You can't please everyone.

I'm always going to be a producer, first and foremost but if I feel like singing on a record and have been inspired to write lyrics, then I'm not afraid to do it.

BF: We had a chance to chat with Anneka earlier this year, prior to the 'Stars' release and she spoke a little bit on her creative process writing the lyrics, how did that instrumental initially come together and when did you first hear about her music?

STARKEY: I met Anneka when I was in Brighton once hanging out with my friend Ital Tek, but I wasn't familiar with her music at the time. I later heard the tune she did with Vex'd, put 2 and 2 together and realized that it was the Anneka that I had known from a little while back. When we were having a meeting talking about the album and which vocalists we wanted to get in touch with, her name came up and I immediately said, "yeah... let's do it". Her voice is absolutely amazing, and she's got a great lyrical and harmonic sense to her delivery. We recently finished up a tune that's coming out in November on Civil Music called "Paradise". That one came about pretty much the same way as "Stars". I had a tune in mind, sent it over to her, she demo'd it, it was amazing, she fixed up some of the vocals and sent me the parts. I did some mixing, made some edits here and there and it was done.

BF: Was your intention with ED&BH to create a more cohesive album and tell a story, moreso than your debut LP on the label and were there certain ideas going into the production of the album that you knew you wanted to incorporate that you hadn't on 'Ephemeral Exhibits'?

STARKEY: Yeah definitely. Ear Drums was written from scratch to be an album, unlike Ephemeral Exhibits which we pieced together from tunes that I had been working on for some time. Ear Drums to me, has a bit more "classic" sounds in it, at least in the percussion elements. It's built largely around 808 and 909 drum sounds. I also did a ton of synth layering to build the textures into more complex waveforms. A lot of the themes in the lyrics and song titles reinforce the overall vision of the project which loosely revolves around my interest in interjecting science fiction, post apocalyptic thoughts, films, music, writing, etc... with street culture and composition at the same time. I know it sounds pretty crazy and probably only makes sense to me, but yeah... that's kind of what I was thinking about with the album.

BF: How did you initially get in contact with Mike Paradinas from Planet Mu and what was the first Mu release you remember hearing?

STARKEY: Well Planet Mu has been a label I have admired for many years so I had been sending my music to Mike for some time before he actually reached out to me about doing a release. I would just send him emails with links to the tunes that I was happy with. Then one day he responded saying that he was interested in doing an EP and that I should send him more stuff. The EP turned into 2 albums.
I'm not sure which Mu release was the first one I had ever heard because I'm pretty certain I had heard things and just didn't know that it was from a Planet Mu artist. The ones I can remember going out and buying were probably from like early 2003.... Snares' "Winter in the Belly of a Snake", "2370894", etc. Before that time when I started getting into breakcore and IDM/electronica, i was mostly into post rock epic stuff and trip hop.

BF: What can we be looking forward to from Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis in the coming months?

STARKEY: Lots of stuff. On the Slit Jockey side of things we've got a Kaiser EP and Single, an album from Sduk, 2 Stagga singles amongst other things. Then on the Seclusiasis side we're putting together Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5, as well as an EP from Siyoung, a DNAEBEATS mini-album of sorts, another release from Kastle, 2 Halp releases, a new BD1982 single with tons of great remixes.... There's a lot. I'm really happy with what we have going on with Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey. We have a great group of people who are passionate about making music, support each other 100% and are excited about it.

BF: With the now defunct 'Dress 2 Sweat' (RIP!) label, any chance we'll ever see another MOVES!!! release?

STARKEY: Well Dress 2 Sweat folded into Numbers, so it's sort of still around. But yeah, um..... I've demo'd a bunch of stuff, but I'm not sure what I think about it. Other people who have heard bits and pieces were into it, but I don't know. It's hard for me to write the music that I think MOVES!!! makes. haha. I love playing "All Skate" out... it always gets a huge reaction in the club, and it's one of my favorite dancefloor tunes I've ever done. But it's hard to keep things simple. I always want to overproduce things I think. I've been forcing myself to keep things a bit simpler at times with my new tracks but then I'll go and do a track like my new Tinie Tempah remix which was like 107 tracks. But yeah, I think there will be another MOVES!!! release down the road. If for anything... I like talking shit about MOVES!!! in the Starkille skits.

BF: Lastly, can we get you on record...best cheeseteak in Philly?

STARKEY: That's a tough one as well. I always ask people when they come to Philly "Do you want the standard, street cheesesteak or something a bit more gourmet?" For a bit more high end I'd have to say the Abbaye in Northern Liberties. They use chimay marinated flank steak, grilled tomato and onion, gruyere cheese and a roasted garlic aioli spread on the roll. I took Drums of Death there last time he was in Phillyand he's still talking about it. For the more touristy kind of simple cheesesteak I'd have to probably go with Jim's on South Street.

BF:  Big up PJ.  Thanks again for taking the time out!  Catch you at dB.

Photo credits:  David Lang (Vancouver, BC)

Starkey performs at the Planet Mu Showcase on September 24th at the Baltic Room in Seattle, WA alongside Ikonika, FaltyDL, and Ill Cosby.  BUY TICKETS HERE


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Ill Cosby - Planet Mu megamix [dB Festival preview]

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00:00 Starkey* 'Starting Gates' (ZIQ258) [Planet Mu Showcase September 24th]
02:03 Terror Danjah 'Ride 4 Me' (ZIQ278)
03:39 Swindle 'Molly' (ZIQ268)
05:56 Eskmo* 'Let Them Sing' (ZIQ253) [FlyLo & Friends September 23rd]
09:52 Rossi B & Luca 'E10 Riddim' (ZIQ267)
12:08 Raffertie '7th Dimension' (ZIQ261)
15:05 Distance* 'Traffic' (ZIQ148) [Lo Dubs Showcase September 23rd]
17:21 Plastician* 'Cha Vocal' (ZIQ159) [dB in the Park September 26th]
19:37 Vex'd 'Pop Pop VIP' (ZIQ115)
23:12 Headhunter* and Ekelon 'Timewarp' (ZIQ209) [RBMA on the Floor September 24th]
25:53 Milanese 'The End' (Untold* Remix) (ZIQ243)
28:16 DJ Nate 'Back Down' (ZIQ281)
29:28 Jega 'D.M.C.' (Live) (CDPU6)
30:52 DJ Roc 'Break It Down' (ZIQ291)
33:41 Teebs* 'WLTA' (ZIQ239) [RBMA on the Floor September 24th]
35:56 Flying Lotus* 'Flattery (Sympathy For the Biters)' (ZIQ209) [FlyLo & Friends September 23rd]
36:38 Nicole Elmer 'Beef Bouilion' (ZIQ021)
38:14 Horse Opera 'House of the Jazz' (ZIQ004)
39:19 Barry Lynn 'Early Reflection' (ZIQ162)
40:52 Burnkane 'You Will Forget' (ZIQ251)
44:59 Solar Bears 'Twin Stars' (Lone Remix) (ZIQ269)
47:02 FaltyDL* 'Because You' (ZIQ277) [Planet Mu Showcase September 24th]
49:42 Ital Tek 'Infinity' (ZIQ271)
51:23 Ikonika* 'Shouldn't Be Here' (ZIQ282) [Planet Mu Showcase September 24th]

* Artists appearing at the 2010 Decibel Festival


Ill Cosby is the Seattle based DJ/producer who operates the bass music label Car Crash Set. Following a decade of widely varied production work for a handful of labels, Cosby started Car Crash Set in 2008 and has since released 30 releases that focus on the cutting edge bass sounds emerging around the world. With a weekly show on glitch.fm, Cosby’s DJ sets range from dubstep to UK funky, future garage to L.A. beats, and all points in between.

You can catch him playing at the Planet Mu Showcase alongside Starkey, Ikonika, and FaltyDL at this year's Decibel Festival in Seattle, WA at the Baltic Room on September 24th. For more event info and link to tickets, head to dBFestival.com

In light of his presence at this year's Mu night, we bounced the idea off Cosby to put together a mix showcasing the sounds of the label's past, present, and future and the end result exceeded all expectations. Clocking in at just over 55 minutes, the mix features 24 tracks from the legendary label and includes tunes from 10 different producers performing at this year's festival.  Keep up with Cosby's label at CarCrashSet.com and look out for 2 more releases on the label before the end of the month.

Car Crash Set Release Schedule:

September 14, 2010 - C/C/S2031: Planet Soap 'Silkworm' EP
September 28, 2010 - C/C/S2032: Hissy Fit 'Late Night On Parc Avenue' / 'Kickstart' Single
October 12, 2010 - C/C/S2033: +verb 'Sensual Frequencies' EP

Ill Cosby DJ Schedule:

September 11, 2010: Ill Cosby on KEXP Audioasis Radio Show
September 14, 2010: The Lo-Fi (Seattle, WA)
September 24, 2010: dB Festival Planet Mu Showacse - Baltic Room (Seattle, WA)
October 1, 2010: Showbox at the Market (Seattle, WA)


Planet Mu Records

Car Crash Set

Decibel Festival

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Mixcloud Monday 013: Sonkin

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Von D & DJ Madd - "It's Over" (Boka)
James Blake - "Buzzard & Kestrel" (Hessle Audio)
BD1982 - "Tellin Ya" (Seclusiasis)
SiYoung - "Tard" (dub)
Numan - "Skull Crusher (Bombaman's Sayin Remix)" (Slit Jockey)
Charlie P. - "Flacko Gordo" (Abstract Logic Recordings)
Starkey - "Fourth Dimension" (Planet Mu)
Neil Landstrumm - "The Coconut Kestrel" (Planet Mu)
Skepta - "English Breakfast" (Boy Better Know)
Terror Danjah -"Acid" (Hyperdub)
Addison Groove - "Footcrab" (Swamp81)
DISTAL - "Boss of the South" (forthcoming Grizzly)
Ikonika - "Idiot" (Hyperdub)
Tinchy Stryder & Maniac w/ Fuda Guy - "No Cape"
Kingdom - "You" (Fool's Gold)
Brackles - "Rawkus" (Planet Mu)
Ikonika - "Fish" (Hyperdub)
Usher ft Nicki Minaj - "Little Freak"
Dubbel Dutch - "Trollsta (Egyptrixx Remix) (Palms Out)
Benga - "Rock Music" (Tempa)


This week we're dropping '813', a mix bridging dubstep, grime, and house from Seclusiasis label foot-soldier, Sonkin. A recent transplant to Brooklyn, Sonkin has been playing out shows across the country preaching the gospel of Philly Street Bass music. His cloudcast features tunes from fellow crew-mates Starkey, dev79, BD1982 and SiYoung, as well as some of the biggest releases of the year from Hyperdub and Planet Mu. Having already released the track "Compton, Saturn" (a collaboration with fellow Philly producer, Rx) on Charlie P's ALR label earlier this year, Sonkin continues to forge his own unique take on the all encompassing "Bass."



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Work Them Wednesday

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This Friday night, Chicago juke music innovator DJ Rashad bumps the BPM up a few notches at the Turrbotax party in Brooklyn alongside Colorado's Pictureplane and Ghosts on Tape in from San Francisco, both throwing down live sets.  RSVP/Event Info HERE.

DJ Rashad live at Mad Decent Block Party (Chicago)

Alongside fellow Chicago producers Gant-man, Spinn, Nate, & Roc; Rashad has been instrumental in the progression and formation of the juke & footwork music and culture.   Juke has recently come to the forefront in the media with Mike Paradinas of Planet Mu lining up releases this year from DJ Nate, DJ Rashad, and DJ Roc as well as a full length Footwork compilation also in the works.  Pulling influence from Chicago house, ghetto house, hip-hop, and disco; the syncopated rhythms, offbeat drum fills, and looped vocal samples of juke take some getting used to.  After making the initial adjustment, the music is undeniably infectious and extremely open-ended allowing for some truly unique tracks.

Already with a couple releases under his belt this year on Ghettophiles, DJ Rashad's 'Itz Not Rite' EP releases on Planet Mu October 4th.  The title track starts off the EP with a laid back, head nodding hip-hop vibe and chopped female vocals before accelerating into double-time polyrhythmic drums.  '10 on Da Cush' laces hip hop with lush jazz vocals and an unrelenting smattering of drum fills.  'Who Da Coldest' sets itself apart with it's acid synth leads and a neck-cracking snare before falling into a moody, liquid dub breakdown.  'Baby' is built primarily by the melody of Rashad's manipulation of one two-syllable sample, enforced with psychadelic swirls of synths, minimal guitar work and solid yet off-kilter percussion.

You can preview the EP and pre-order now through Planet Mu HERE

DJ Rashad 'Itz Not Rite' EP releases on Planet Mu October 4th.

With impeccable timing, XLR8R have just released their latest podcast from DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the mix so head over HERE to download/stream and make your voice heard.

DJ Roc has also recently set up a Juke social-networking site at ijukeyoubounce.com to allow for easier contact with producers in the juke and footwork community.  Be sure to register and get involved.

Here are some other mixes to whet the appetite:

Also check out this interview with Gant-Man courtesy of Chicago's 5 Magazine and head over HERE to grab 2 free tunes from him.

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