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We're dustin' this one off from a couple months back.  Here's the long-lost 10th installment of the Bassfaced Podcast series by our very own DJ Coop.  Keep it close while we get back on track with our monthly podcasts from Cooper and look out for our new Cloudcast series featuring guest DJ mixes from around the globe launching soon.

100% vinyl.  standard.

Forsaken - Last Saloon Swagger (Ft. Joker & Ben Blackmoore) (Soul Motive)
MRK1 - Magnetic Device (Contagious)
Matty G - Street Knowledge (Dub Police)
Unknown - Unknown (White)
Kromestar - Cool Off (Dubsteppers Recordings)
Cotti - Lost & Found (Studio Rockers)
Geiom - No More Tears (Berkane Sol)
Unknown - Royale Sound (Ramadanman Remix) (12'' Howie)
Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix) (2nd Drop)
Mickey Pierce - Innami (Blunted Robots)
Brackles & Shortstuff - LHC (Planet Mu)
Gemmy - Word Perfect (Depraved Motive)
Brackles - Lizards (Apple Pips)
Gemmy - BK 2 The Future (Punch Drunk)
James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof (Hemlock)
Silkie - Hooby (Deep Medi) > Jahdan - General (Accapella) (Lion Dub)

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