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Braiden laying it down for Discobelle and their Mixin' It Up series.  Read what he had to say about the mix:

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [Run Jeremy edit]
My friend said to me “so I was listening to Windowlicker the other day and just stopped and thought about what it was that I was listening to”. He had a point. Listen to those sounds. A unique and timeless piece by that weirdo Richard D James.

Deadboy – Ifuwantme
Big one by the man DEADBOY. Morbid name; life affirming melodies. One of the most Asked About tunes that I’ve played recently; usually via “oi wots that tune you play that sounds like that kode9 tune”. Yes he wears his influences on his sleeve here but they are good influences and it’s a great standout tune. 2010 your time db.

Japanese Telecom – Japanese Animation
Quick mix into this funk analog electro masterpiece by one half of Drexciya. I have an unwavering love for this kind of sound always have. Serato loop to set up a melodic blend into….

Little Jinder – Youth Blood [Bok Bok remix]
A brilliant piece of work by my man Bok Bok. Stand out track for me on his Night Slugs 2009 dubplate mix. Love the disco vibes and the vocodered vocals. Very good as a remix and a track in its own right. I could go on.

Mark Henning – Sick Note
Ok. Lets get movin. Here’s where we step up the pace a bit. British techno expat (guess where he moved to) Mark Henning delivers a pacey groove laden number which delights my ears and mind. Everything works together in rhythmic cohesion.

Greena – Actual Pain
Greena!!! Go buy this track now it just came out on Apple Pips records. Tight production, gives an almost staccato yet very fluid feel. Also goes well with the techno track before it to add some syncopation to the proceedings.

Alden Tyrell – Disco Lunar Module
A driving epic piece of electro by my Dutch mate Alden. He’s not my mate at all actually I’ve never met him. I don’t even know what he looks like. But his music resonates with me to such an extent that I think we could get on well enough to hold a conversation for as long as it takes to drink half a pint of Heineken.

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor
One of my favourite blends on this mix i think. An unlikely pairing but that swooping synth suddenly sounds so epic with ol’ Aldens bassline behind it. Brilliantly done track by itself anyhow, there’s a reason this track was so big this year.

Housemeister – Rambo

Housemeister what a joker. This track is a gem. Snares coming at you from all angles which gel with that stabbing bassline. I would say “funky on crack” if I said those sort of things but I don’t so I won’t and I didn’t. Had to edit it and add a bit of sub to it, the original is criminally subless, the tune’s crying out for it

Martin Kemp – No Charisma
Still lovin this track by Martin Kemp on the Blunted Robots label. Swooping rhythmic synths and percussion is particularly on point. Keep an eye on this guy in 2010!

L-Vis 1990 – Untitled
Lush is the word!! Big lush melodic beatless section breaks down into a tight groove with skillfully manipulated vocals. Beautiful piece by L-Vis. Sly ramping up of tempo here, tracks like this keep me playing 140bpm.

Pangaea – Sunset Yellow
Pangaea’s EP coming out on Hessle Audio has some amazing music on it quite simply. Synth work on this is great, a mutating and haunting piece. Takes the mix on a dark one to set up the listener for some of this (via a little teasing loop):

Dizzee – Stop Dat

Back when Dizzee was a true artist through and through. In his prime easily one of the best MCs grime ever saw. And the production! Raw and energetic, all about the bass stabs on this. And the cat sample. I think its a cat.

Crystal Fighters – I Love London [Brackles remix]
I love mixing vocals like this. Straight into this one by my good man Brackles, picks up the pace even further, immaculate stuff.

Ruff Sqwad – RSMD
I wasn’t even going to draw for another track but got an itchy finger at the last second and went for the double drop. Andy C was the first DJ I was influenced by and it shows sometimes. Solid track by one of my favourite crews to come out of scene

Martin Kemp with the latest XLR8R podcast.  Kemp family, is there something in the water?  Grab his brother Brackles' mix for them from earlier this summer here.

01 One Tribe feat Gem & MC Nuts "What Have You Done" (Red Rose Recordings)
02 Greena "Tenzado" (Applepips)
03 Shortstuff "See Ya" (unreleased)
04 Martin Kemp "Aztec" (unreleased)
05 Brackles & Shortstuff "Pipey D" (unreleased)
06 Aardvarck "Nosestep" (RH)
07 Joy Orbison "GR Etiquette" (unreleased)
08 Alley Cats "Cover Me" (Locked On)
09 TLC "No Scrubs (Todd Edwards Remix)" (I Records)
10 Jamie Lidell "Another Day (Rustie Remix)" (Warp)
11 Wiley "Freeze" (white)
12 Untold "It’s Gonna Work Out Fine" (unreleased)
13 Mark One "The Greatest" (Boka)
14 Geiom & Spamchop "Cave Rave" (Berkane Sol)
15 Brackles "Rawkus" (Planet Mu)
16 D1 "Crack Bong" (Tempa)
17 SBTRKT "Loving You" (Planet Mu)

Zinc's Xmas CrackHouse mix. 

Dusk & Blackdown with their last show of 2009, a holiday special with guests LHF, Kowton, El-B, and Joy Orbison in the studio laying down an end of the year megamix.  Be sure to support their Keysound label by nabbing the Grevious Angel remix album of their Margin's Music LP on Boomkat here.

Dusk + Blackdown v LHF v Kowton v El-B v Joy Orbison Rinse house, UKG & funky Christmas special...

Endgames "Ecstacy (Jam City remix)" [unreleased]
Slide Bros "2-step Lover" [Confetti Records]
Roska "I Need Love" [unreleased]
Hanuman "Bola (Atki2 remix)" [Idle Hands]
Mutaburaka "Dis Poem" [Guidance]
Mood II Swing "All Night Long" [Groove On]
Nubian Mindz "Be Alright" [Neroli Records]
Nu Birth "Anytime" [XL]
Gant "Sound Bwoy Burial (187 Lockdown Dancehall Mix)" [Positiva]
Wbeeza "Heavy Stuff" [Third ear]
Dusk + Blackdown "Dasaflex" [unrleased]
DNG 2 "DNG 2" [white Label]
Joy Orbison "GR Etiquette" [unreleased]
Fuzzy Logic "In The Morning" [white label]
Jammin' "Kinda Funky (Wookie Mix)" [Bingo]
Allstars (Steve Gurley) "What About Us (Crazy Dub)" [Allstars]
Maxine "Crazy" (Sky Joose Remix)" [0181 Records]
El-B ft Mirikal "We Don't Play" [unreleased]
Geiom "Reminissin'" [Berkane Sol]
Zed Bias "Keep it Moving" [Ghost]
El-B "untitled" [Ghost]
Joy Orbison "Waxes & Wanes"[unreleased]
Hard House Banton "Reign" [Spoilt Rotten]
Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite: "Get Low (Crackish)" [unreleased]
Lil Silva ft Maxwell D "Blackberry Hype" [unreleased]
Steve Gurley "Power" [Power Records]
Mosca "Gold Bricks, I see Ya" [unreleased]
Suburban Lick "Here Comes the Lick (original dub)" [Locked On]
Modeselektor "Art & Cash (Sbtrkt Broke mix)" [unreleased]
Basic Channel "Phylyps Trak II" [Basic Channel]
F. Off Productions "unknown" [F. Off Records]
Joy Orbison "Untitled" [unreleased]
Kowton "Countryman" [Keysound Recordings]
Chiapet "WestWorld" (YoshiToshi)
Burial "True Love VIP" [unreleased]

BenUFO b2b Untold in this week's Jungle oriented 'Tuffage' Sessions on

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. Ed Rush - Gangster Hardstep (No U Turn)
7. Danny Breaks - Step Off (Droppin' Science)
8. Family of Intelligence - Nice Time (Kemet)
9. D'Cruze - Chronic Breaks (Suburban Base)
10. Dillinja and Bert - Lion Heart (Bert)
11. DJ Gunshot - Wheel and Deal (No U Turn)
12. Johhny (dunno which version)
13. Photek - Complex (Photek)
14. Run Tings and Liftin Spirits - Come Easy (Suburban Base)
15. DJ Trace - After Hours (Deejay)
16. ?
17. origin unknown?
18. ?
19. ?
21. Deependance - Broke My Heart (Emotif)
22. Inner Visions - Digital Readout (Reinforced)
23. Danny Breaks - Modes (Droppin' Science)
24. Digital and Spirit - Cool Out (Phantom Audio)
25. DJ Die - Achilles Heel (Full Cycle)
26. Roni Size and Die - Music Box (Full Cycle)
27. ?
28. ? kemet thing that sounds like pangaea. deep pianos
29. Hidden Agenda - Dispatches (Metalheadz)
30. Source Direct - Snake Style (SD)
31. Ed Rush - What's Up (No U Turn)
33. Peshay - Predator (Metalheadz)
34. Studio Pressure Presha III (Certificate 18)
35. Higher Sense - Out There (Moving Shadow)
36. Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg (Offshore)
37. Amit - L Plates (Erazor)
38. Andy C and Randall - Sound Control (RAM)
39. Krome and Time - The License (Tearin Vinyl)
40. Scotty. dunno which version
41. Instra:mental - Thugtronik (Exit)
42. Dissident - Blind Viewer (Counter Intelligence)


Rossi B & Luca live on MoS Radio
Essential Garage : 21st December

01 : WOOKIE "Scrappy"
02 : VICTOR ROMEO "Inside You"
04 : JJ LOUIS FT. BANTON "Ruff n Tuff"
05 : PIRATE SOUNDSYSTEM "Think I'm Ready"
06 : M-DUBS - For Real
07 : THE COUNT & SINDEN "Mega"
08 : WOOKIE "Happiness"
09 : EL-B "Take You There"
10 : VINCENT J ALVIS "Body Killin"
11 : GROOVE CHRONICLES "Masterplan"
12 : 4HERO "Hold It Down" (Wookie Remix)
13 : ZOOM & DBX "Coming Again"
14 : DJ EZ "Rockin"
15 : ROBBIE CRAIG "Lessons In Love"
18 : EL-B "Good Times"
19 : LANDSLIDE "Round The Corner"
20 : DJ HIJAK "Untitled"
21 : WARLOCK "Black Bag of Doom"
22 : UNKNOWN "Terrorist"
23 : REDLIGHT "Kid Soldier"
24 : M-DUBS "Over Here"
25 : GROOVE IN MOTION "Be The One"
26 : STEVE GURLEY "Spirit Of The Sun"
27 : GROOVE CHRONICLES "Life Is What You Make It"
28 : DEM 2 "All I Know"
29 : SEVEN WONDERS "Crazy"
30 : FLORENCE & THE MACHINE "You Got The Love" (XX Remix)
31 : SMOKIN BEATS "Times Are Changing"

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forthcoming on Fabric

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fabric presents Elevator Music: Vol. 1 from Fabric London on Vimeo.

Minimix by mlr // Art by Remote Location // Animation by Peter Dickinson

Gaining both critical acclaim for its catchiness as much for its atmosphere, the mutant strain of 140 bpm (or thereabouts) bass music currently infiltrating the global airwaves has morphed consistently over its recent life span; cross pollinating its acres of influences into the bundles of sub genres it now houses. It's become a strain of club music that revels in biting back against the perceptions of those outside of the core scene, those who consider dubstep to simply be a swelteringly tough warbling bassline that's complimented by a half step drum pattern and some airy atmospherics.

The warm fluid basslines of dark garage, the spacious precision of techno, the unabashed bolshiness of grime; the percussion led rhythm of funky house, the wanton bump of 2-step and the erratic fluorescent synthesized harmony of skweee are all constantly being harvested, peeled and juiced by a new wave of producers who are revelling in their mission to further the cocktail of sound that dubstep is currently thriving off.

Positioned as it is, in the midst of the UK capital, fabric has seen a torrent of vivacious ingenuity pass through its brickwork over its 10 year life, but of late, there has been an invasion (as much in the offices as on the club's dancefloors) of impeccably sculpted dubstep. The 'Elevator Music' project stands as an album in its own right, becoming more than just a collection of tracks. It's a collation of all the variant strains of dubstep; a completely original and exclusive collection of future bumps that reflects the embracive nature of fabric's dance floor music policy.

Pooling tracks from established producers like Martyn, Starkey, Untold and Caspa & Rusko with a smattering of producers destined for great things come 2010, Elevator Music ticks boxes in categories and niches that don't even fully exist yet; unifying the vision of 16 producers with one simple passion. Bass.

If you pre-order 'Elevator Music' on CD before 6pm on January 8th, you will automatically receive free entry to the launch party at FabricLive. Taking place on Friday, January 8th, 'Elevator Music' will take over Room 3 with Untold, Shortstuff, Hot City, xxxy, Mosca and Vista, whilst Rooms 1 & 2 will feature the likes of Todd Edwards, Hudson Mohawke (Live), Rustie (Live), 2562, Headhunter, dBridge, Instra:mental, Joy Orbison and more! 


UK/R.O.W. 15th FEBRUARY 2010

Despite the genre’s future-forward and experimental beginnings in the early 90s, drum & bass’ rigid uniformity over the last decade has made it a stifling environment for many producers. For dBridge, with his background as a former member of the drum & bass heavyweight champions Bad Company, the pressure of dancefloor expectations and DJs’ desire for club smashers has been experienced and rejected once in his career already. Since going solo, he has been busy developing a more cultured sound, carving himself a free form niche in a music scene from which he was feeling increasingly distanced from. Instra:mental meanwhile, having had a successful stint in drum & bass some years earlier, returned to D&B production in the mid noughties with a uniquely fresh approach. Inspired by 80s synth music, the Detroit sound and the Warp back catalogue, and with a studio fully loaded with vintage hardware equipment, they set about writing drum & bass unlike anyone else; a method that struck a chord with a like-minded soul in dBridge.

“There was no space in drum & bass, it was just running twenty breaks on top of each other, so we thought about what we could do, because what we were making was quite minimalistic in some ways; we decided to not fill the gaps. The way we work is great, because if you have got someone else working with you, you can all grab a synthesizer and just make some noise and have a little jam session.” - Instra:mental.

“Hanging out with Instra:mental began to influence me; they were thinking outside of the box, not just a little… a lot. I was still sampling whereas they weren’t, one session I made a sound on the JP-8000 and I started to get it, be re-inspired for my job… for music.” - dBridge.

After a year in which Instra:mental collaborated with dBridge on the epic ‘Blush Response,’ they decided to form a creative alliance as Autonomic. As a result a club night, a podcast, an umbrella for their labels, and, most crucially, a style was born. The Autonomic sound is music first, drum & bass second. The people behind it are not setting out to make a drum & bass track; they are setting out simply to make music, producing compositions that are emotionally charged, personally edifying and organic. This is a million miles from the music-by-numbers churned out by so many of today’s producers; this is lovingly crafted with integrity, with vision and without the limitations of genre or style that so many artists impose on themselves.  And with the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall and Zomby lined up to release on Instra:mental’s NonPlus+ label in 2010, it’s fair to say that the trio are only just getting started.

“Eventually we want to go to any gig and have complete musical freedom. This is exactly what we are doing: any music, any style, and any tempo, as long as we like the music. - Instra:mental.
After a year of server-crashing Autonomic podcasts – that have shown an overwhelming thirst around the world for drum & bass that does not conform to any institutionalised boundaries - dBridge & Instra:mental have mixed FABRICLIVE 50 (note: the 100th addition to our compilation series). With a tracklist that boasts some of dubstep's leading lights working at a drum & bass tempo, FABRICLIVE 50 is a dreamlike collection of beat explorations and electronic soundscapes all lovingly woven into 70
minutes; a treasure of a disc that reveals more enriching details with each listen. Beautifully imaginative and colourful, enter the world of Autonomic, as they return drum & bass to the bleeding edge of electronic music.

“We wanted the fabric CD to be like the best podcast we’ve ever done. That was our aim. When we were asked to do it, we approached all the people making music we love, and asked them to write us something special for the CD. Distance, Scuba, Genotype, myself and Instra:mental all did it. It’s a great collection of music, harmonically it all works together; and as much as we have different styles, you’d be surprised what tunes stick together just from being in key. We wanted to showcase what it is that we’re doing, and what the sound is capable of.” – dBridge


01 – Riya – Seems Like – Exit Records
02 – Instra:mental – From The Start – NonPlus+
03 – Stray – Pushed – Exit Records
04 – Dan Habarnam – Nu Este Roz – Exit Records
05 – Vaccine – Ochre – NonPlus+
06 – ASC – Starkwood (Consequence Remix) – Unreleased
07 – Consequence – Lover’s Shell – Exit Records
08 – Distance – Sky’s Alight (Dub) – Unreleased
09 – Alix Perez – Self Control – Shogun Audio
10 – Genotype – Distorted Dreams – Genotype
      - Meleka – Go (Accapella) – Meleka
11 – Instra:mental – End Credits – NonPlus+
12 – Instra:mental – Watching You – NonPlus+
13 – Instra:mental – Fist (Level 2B Mix) – NonPlus+
14 – Consequence – 11 Circles (ASC Remix) – Exit Records
15 – dBridge – I Know – Exit Records
16 – Instra:mental – Encke Gap – NonPlus+
17 – Loxy & Genotype – Farah’s Theme – Exit Records
      - dBridge – Inner Disbelief (Accapella) – Exit Records
18 – Pearson Sound – Down With You – Darkestral
19 – Scuba – Tense (dBridge Remix) – Hotflush Recordings
20 – Instra:mental – No Future (Consequence Remix) – NonPlus+
21 – Code 3 – Living Proof – Exit Records
22 – Consequence Ft. Instra:mental – Reflex Reaction – Exit Records
23 – ASC – Phobos – NonPlus+
24 – Skream – Fire Call – Exit Records
25 – Instra:mental – Machine Made – NonPlus+
26 – dBridge – Love Hotel – Exit Records
27 – dBridge – The Dim Light – Exit Records
28 – Scuba – Eclipse – Paul Rose
29 – ASC – Ubiquity Incident – NonPlus+
30 – Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth – Exit Records
31 – Actress – Gen Ohn (Screwed Version) – Werk Discs 

NYC, don't slack on catching Instra:mental live at DubWar next month, January 15th alongside the NYC debut of Vaccine's new Live set @ Love.


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Eggnog Shit That'll Make You Break Yo Neck

Todd "The God" Edwards kicking off this post with the latest for Fact. Be sure sure to peep the interview over at fact, as well as more goods from Todd in this post here.

1. Burning Down The House/Talking Heads/Todd Edwards unreleased
2. All That Matters/Todd Edwards/ i! Records
3. Headlock/Imogen Heap/Todd Edwards unreleased
4. She Got Me On/ Paul Johnson/ Todd Edwards alternate remix unreleased (FACT exclusive)
5. Alabama Blues/St. Germain/ Todd Edwards dub/ F Communications
6. Electric Mistress/Jamiroquai/ Todd-i-fied mix/ unreleased
7. Run It By Me feat. Damon Trueitt/ Todd Edwards/ i! Records
8. Buzz-in/Boris/ Todd Edwards Remix/ Scion A/V
9. Lost feat. Nicole Fried/Todd Edwards/unreleased
10. Pure Pleasure Seeker/ Moloko/ Todd Edwards dub/unreleased
11. Thank You feat. Laurie Chatelain-Dodard/ Todd Edwards dub/unreleased (FACT exclusive)
12. Treehouse/Todd Edwards/unreleased
13. Mindreader/Kingdom/ Todd Edwards remix/ Fool's Gold
14. Trains And Winter Rains/ Enya/ Todd-i-fied mix/unreleased
15. I Might Be.../ Todd Edwards/Scion A/V
16. Winter Behavior remix/ Todd Edwards/ unreleased
17. Breath Away/ Melanie Blatt/Todd Edwards/Stuart Zender/unreleased (FACT exclusive)
18. Walk Away/Hakan Lidbo/ Todd Edwards dub/ LOADED
19. Don't Turn Your Back On Love/Jay Collins "Super 20"/ Todd Edwards dub/i! Records
20. Never Far From You/Todd Edwards/ i! Records

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Big Up's go out to James for always keeping us sorted. Mackaveli for Dazed Digital. Excellent taste on these top notch selections.

1. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
2. The XX – You Got The Love (Renaissance Man Remix)
3. DJ T. – Gorilla Hug
4. Voodeux – Just A Spoonful
5. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok (Roska Remix)
6. Boris – Buzz In (Todd Edwards Remix)
7. Hot City – If That’s How I Feel
8. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Remix)
9. DJ Narrows – Hidden Heroes
10. Davinche – Phaze
11. Crookers feat Kelis – No Security (Zomby Remix)
12. Dexplicit – Shut It Down
13. DJ Narrows – Saved Soul
14. Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches
15. Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Brackles Remix)
16. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
17. Mosca – Gold Bricks I See You
18. Starkey – Black Monolith

Listen to this HERE

From one Curb Crawler onto another. Julio Bashmore coming with the dirty lowend for The Curb Crawlers fourth installment of their mix-tape series.

KSD - Khattabi
Roska & Untold - Myth
Julio Bashmore - Batak Groove
Buraka Som Sistema - Restless (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Roska Remix)
Mosca - Square One (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Sekta - Peterpan (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Foamo - Jookie
Al Ripken Jr & Diamond K - Hands in the Air (Bok Bok Remix)
Sekta - Jabba Jaws (Dub)
Jesse Rose - Heavy Still (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin Remix)
MJ Cole - Gotta Have it (Dub)
Untold - Don’t Know Don’t Care

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Kastle is the 2 Step/Dubstep side project from B.Rich.

Kastle December Promo Mix

01. MyMy & Emika - Price Tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)
02. Cooly G - Love Dub
03. Beezy - Thoughts In Retrospect (Roska Remix)
04. Illyah & Ltd. Candy - Fight The Formation
05. Mount Kimbe - Sketch On Glass
06. Sully - Reminder
07. Kastle - Better Off Alone
08. Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Kastle Remix)
09. Joe - Rut
10. Untold - Stop What Your Doing (James Blake Remix)
11. DJ Madd - Someone
12. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Reso Remix)
13. Guido - Beautiful Complication
14. Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights (Kastle Remix)
15. The Widdler - Stand By You
16. Synkro - Lost For Words
17. Debruit - Soles Sweat ft. 215TFK & Stray (Reso Remix)
18. Pinch - Get Up (Guido Mix)
19. Rooflight - Heart Like An Airport Runway
20. Sines - Still Foolish
21. Landslide - Parables
22. Starkey - Ok Luv ft. Badness

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Plastician December 7th 20009 Rinse FM w/ Old School Grime Segment

Riton - Radiant (Joker Remix)
Joker - Output 1 & 2
Bar 9 - Hood Ratz
Boogaloo Crew - Days Go By
Crissy Criss - Blow Your Head Off
Crissy Criss & Youngman - No Questions
Emalkay - Solid State
Gemmy - Maroon Chant
Jakes - In The Place 2 Be (VIP)
Flux Pavillion - Normalize
Emalkay - Battle Suit
++Tempa T - Next Hype Acapella++
Rude Kid - Electric
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Kick Snare (VIP)
Plastician - Elixir
Rusko - Do Ya Wanna Have A Party?
Silkie - Planet X

**Trim On Mic**
12th Planet - 68
Caspa - My Pet Monster
Joker & Ginz - Stash
Chase & Status - Against All Odds
Mr Snowman - Gutter
Noah D - Serious (VIP)
Rusko - Woo Boost
Rude Kid - Winter
Skream - Blunt
Breakage - Together
Plastician - The Clouds
Joker - Digidesign
Noah D - That Hardcore Tune
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Crissy Criss - Don't Be Scared
Joker - Tron
Joker - Tron (VIP)
Wafa - Grime
Trolley Snatcha - The Future
Chase & Status - Madhouse
12th Planet & Plastician - Untitled

**Old School Grime Segment**
Musical Mob - Pulse X
DJ Oddz - Pulse Dis
DJ Oddz - Strung Up 2
Geeneus - Midnight (VIP)
Alias - Gladiator
Alias - Fight Club
Wiley - New Era
Terror Danjah - Nitecrawler 2
Scratchy - Shangooli
Scratchy - Shut Your Mouth
Skepta - Dead
Plastician - Still Tippin Remix
Ruff Sqwad - Misty Cold

Little Jinder - Youthblood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
Breakage feat. Newham Generals - Hard
Instra:Mental - No Future (Skream Remix)
Doctor - Tek Your Time
Joker & Ginz - Re-up
Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)


Elijah and Skilliam 2 Years Old.


Staying on the Grime Tip Bok Bok delivers us this mix rounding out the last decade in Grime before the new one hits.

Let's Mix VOLUME 1 from bok bok at

Guido showing DJ Pauly D how its done for Fact. (Sorry had to go there)

01 Guido feat Aarya - Beautiful Complication
02 Peverelist - Infinity Is Now
03 Kito - Lfo
04 L-Wiz - Tvångströjjan
05 Mala - Alicia
06 Peverelist & Pinch - Revival
07 Rustie - Tempered
08 Mala - Level 9
09 Superisk - Find ya way
10 Mia - Bucky done gun (Davinche remix)
11 Joker - Output 1 & 2
12 Smith & Mighty - Love & Unity
13 Guido - Chakra
14 L-Wiz - Fotbojan
15 Wedge & Shadz - Runnin Away (Guido remix)
16 RSD - Naked Mario Kart
17 Floating Points - K & G Beat

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Kid Simple keeping it fresh with some 206 Bass Weight. Tracks are crispy as fuck watch this one, Big Tingz.

Kid Simple - Fresh Like (Forthcoming Double Drop)
Kid Simple - Where You Left VIP (Forthcoming Double Drop)
Numan - Virgo (Unreleased)
Eskmo - Let Them Sing (Planet Mu)
Rx - Just Ya Nutz (Unreleased)
NTRLD & Thurgood - Magic Pills (Double Drop)
Kid Simple - Simplify (Unreleased)
Kid Simple - Bananas (Shift)
Starkey - Rain City (Forthcoming RWINA)
Kanji Kinetic - Thrill Seeker (Unreleased)
Numan - Squarebot (Unreleased)
Guido - Chakra (Punch Drunk)
Distal - Attempt at Yellow (Unreleased)
Kid Simple - Dripz (Unreleased)
Kid Simple - Yes Or No VIP (Unreleased)
Synkro - Everybody Knows (Smokin' Sessions)

Stanton Warriors December Promo Mix, courtesy of Breakz Linkz.

1) Felguk, Tim Healey - Rio (Slyde Remix)
2) ????????????
3) David Guetta & Afrojack - Toyfriend
4) Sonic C - Stickin (Stanton Warriors Rerub)
5) The Count & Sinden ft Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (Stanton Warriors Remix)
6) Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
7) Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hey (Stanton Warriors Rerub)
8) Skream - Burning Up (Herve Remix) (Stanton Warriors Edit)
Stanton Warriors - Stanton Sessions - Promo Mix December 2009 by breakzlinkz

Featurecast Promo Mix: Now with 90% more exclusives!
*Make sure you grab the latest Featurecast EP out now on Goodgroove records HERE

1) Featurecast - "Whoah" (Goodgroove)
2) A Skillz - "Tip Ya Cup" (Insane Bangers)
3) Featurecast - "Woo Ha Samba"
4) A Skillz - "We Abouta Hit Ya" - Featurecast Remix
5) Nick Thayer & Will Styles - "Enemy Banger" (Bomb Strikes)
6) Featurecast - "Stick Em Up" (VIP Edit)
7) Bryx - "Eradicate"
8) Featurecast Vs TC - "Where's My Money" (Hiphop)
9) Featurecast - "Hands In The Air"
10) Danny Byrd - "Red Mist" (Featurecast Remix)
11) Basement Freaks - "Something Freaky" (Jalapeno)
12) Breakbeat Junkie Vs Pitball - "Listen To The DJ"
13) Prosper Vs Badboe - "Rock The Beat" - Mooqee & Beat Vandals Remix (Bomb Strikes)
14) Herbie Hancock - "Rock It" - Featurecast Remix
15) Def Cut - "Put Ya Hands Up"
16) Wise Guys Vs Beatles - "Oh La La Shake" - Featurecast Re-Mash
17) Sway - "Mercedes Benz" - Featurecast Remix
18) EMYND - "The Club Champ" - Scott Matelic Remix
19) Stanton Warriors - "Know How Remix"
20) Accsex Denied - "Super Massive"
21) Deekline - "I Don't Smoke" - Deekline & Tim Healey mix - Krafty Kuts edit
22) Wolf Gang Vs Plump DJ'S - "Clap" - Featurecast Re-Edit
23) Fast Eddie - "Yo Yo Get Funky" - Crissy Criss Remix
24) Featurecast Vs TC - "Where's My Money" (dubstep)
25) Parker - "Where's my Monkey"
26) Unknown - "Forgot about Dre"
27) The Count & Sinden - "Strange Things" - High Rankin's Junglist Gentleman remix
28) Kenny Ken - "Everyman" - Benny Page Remix
29) Shockone "Polygon"
Featurecast Promo Mix 2009/10 by Featurecast

Hayz - Ghetto Phunk Mix, Grab Hayz' Ghetto Phunk EP HERE
3-6-9 (Clap, Clap) - Kool Hertz
FreakHop Part 2 (Final) Badboe
Damn - Featurecast Booty
Come Together - Beatles (A.Skillz Remix - Jpod Edit)
SuperCool - Badboe (Acapella Mix)
Dan Wilde - Raising Rusfus (Badboe Edit)
I Wanna B - Kool Hertz
The Market Street Hustle (2009 version) - Johnny Pluse
The Savior - Jpod
Ghetto Base - Hayz (Nick Fonkynson Remix) [Pig Balls Records]
Feeling Funky - DFunk (Manmade Records)
Ghetto Base (Original) - Hayz [Pig Balls Records]
B-Boy Stance Remix - Johnny Pluse
Might Like You Better - Jon Ohms Remix
Circle Kid - Funkanomics (Parker Remix)
Move Your Feet - John Farruggio
Just a Little More - CMC & Silenta [Manmade Records]
TriggaPhunk - Hayz (Freak-Fu's Pocket Rocket Remix) [Pig Balls Records]
Ghetto Phunk Mix by Hayz by Hayz

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bass in your stockings

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Atlanta/Brooklyn based DJ and producer Treasure Fingers spinning at the W Hotel Wednesday night.  FREE!  Just make sure you RSVP at  Grab his minimix from Annie Mac earlier this year below:

mini viva - left my heart in tokyo (treasure fingers remix)
kid sister - family reunion (treasure fingers remix)
treasure fingers - what am i supposed to do
treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor
miami horror - don't be on with her (treasure fingers remix)
diamond cut - tear drops (treasure fingers edit)
empire of the sun - walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix)
treasure fingers - come true tonight (dub mix)
romanthony - curious (treasure fingers remix)
big gipp - hot (treasure fingers remix)
favretto feat. naan - whats your name (treasure fingers remix)
alex metric - in your machine (treasure fingers remix)
kerli - walking on air (treasure fingers remix)
little boots - meddle (treasure fingers remix)



This month's Cassette party goes down this Thursday!!   Machinedrum, FaltyDL, and LandoKal at the  Public Assembly loft in Williamsburg.

Percussion Lab, Normrex & Konkrete Jungle Present:


10PM-LATE - $5

Machinedrum live on PercussionLab 12-7-09

01. Push Button Objects - Non Existent (Keyed in by Gescom)
02. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Autechre Remix)
03. Jimmy Edgar - Urban Outtake
04. DMX? Krew - Twenty Minute Affair
05. Spacetime Continuum - String of Pearls (Autechre Remix)
06. Jimmy Edgar - Hold It Attach It Connect It
07. Kriss Kross - Jump
08. J Dilla - ?
09. Rustie - Clipper
10. Gescom - Key Nell
11. Morris Nightingale - Blindspot
12. Kerrier District - Negresco
13. Req - Friscobeat
14. Luke Vibert - I Love Acid

Also download his DJ set from the Percussionlab After Hours radio show last night.  Get your flat-top shaped up, throw a cardboard box down on the floor and turn the ghettoblaster up.

Machinedrum live on 12-14-09



BADAWI (The Index, Skull Disco, Agriculture, ROIR)
+ Joe Nice, Dave Q, Juakali, Incyde

179 Macdougal St, @ 8th St NYC
Subway: A,C,E,B,D,F,V to West 4th St

10pm - late
$10 advance tix and door before midnight / $15 after midnight
21+ (bring ID)
Buy advance tix at

Dubwar Podcast 10:  Badawi

1. Badawi - (theAgriculture)
2. Badawi – Axiom (index)
3. Badawi - Stem1 (index)
4. Badawi - Lost highway (index)
5. Badawi - Ice Breaker (index)
6. Ladyman - More Schnitzel (index)
7. Badawi – Quality (index)
8. Badawi – More Of The Same (index)
9. Badawi – Life On The Moon (index)
10. Badawi – El Topo (index)


Fixed presents Trouble & Bass and Mishka Holiday Party

Trouble & Bass Crew
Special Guest: Rico Tubbs

$7 Advanced at
/ $10 Door

Public Assembly
70 N. 6th St. bet. Berry & Wythe
Brooklyn, NY

Sponsored by:



Capping off the weekend with the Hudson Mohawke 'Butter' album release party at Santo's.
Sets from HudMo, Mikeslott, FaltyDL, AJ Finzio, and Altitude Sickness.

out to Warp and Konkrete Jungle for making this one happen.

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Wot You Call It?

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Shortstuff of the Blunted Robots fam with a fresh promo mix for his upcoming show in Glasgow this Friday night at Stereo.  DJs have been caning his releases on Berkane, Pollen, and most recently his collab 12" with fellow blunted robot Brackles on Planet Mu.  Hold tight for forthcoming releases on Mu as well as Wigflex and Ramp with collaborations with Mickey Pearce, Geoim, & Hyetal.  Check out the awesome interview with him from earlier this year over at SonicRouter with a stellar mix for them as well.

Shortstuff- Wot You Call It?

Hard House Banton – Reign (Roska VIP mix)
Martin Kemp – No Charisma
Geiom & Shortstuff – Wardenclyffe
Mos Wanted Mega – Different Lextrix
Martin Kemp – Wot U Got
Martyn - Friedrichstrasse
D Malice & Rebecca Knight – Poison (Roska mix)
Martin Kemp – After The Night
TRG – Discotek 79
Joey Beltram – Back Porch
Deadboy – If You Want Me
Mosca – Square One (Greena mix)
Brackles – Bad Sandwich
>> Youngstar – Bongo
Untold – Bad Girls
Geiom feat. Marita – Sugar Coated Lover (Brackles & Shortstuff mix)
Shortstuff – Tweaked
Ramadanman – A Couple More Years
Untold – Flexible
Brackles & Shortstuff – Ipkiss Riddim
Shortstuff – Galaxy
>> Aardvark – Nosestep
Sully – In Some Pattern
Clouds – Napalm
Pangaea – Dead Living
James Blake – Pembroke

DOWNLOAD Direct Link Thru LuckyMe

Next up we got a live set from one of 2009's breakout producers Untold.  With releases out on one of the most interesting and exciting labels in music right now in Hemlock recordings, look out for Untold's music to continue to dominate soundsystems worldwide in 2010.  North America, keep it close as Untold will be making his way over the pond for a tour in the next year.

Untold live @ Aquarius (Zagreb, Croatia)  November 20th, 2009

Lastly we got a podcast from recently accepted RBMA2010 DJ Braiden teaming up with BenUFO on this 2 hour sonic venture.

Braiden b2b BenUFO on December 7th, 2009.

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Lit Up! kingdom & todd edwards

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photos:  Oliver Correa for

full gallery from the night HERE

It's 11pm on a Saturday night and clusters of people are slowly starting to gather underneath the Manhattan Bridge outside of 88 East Broadway in NYC.  The anxious crowd isn't waiting for the infamous city-to-city Chinatown buses or here to sample the dim sum, they're here to get down at the monthly Flashing Lights party held inside the Chinatown mall at 88 Palace.

Flashing Lights is hosted by resident DJs Nick Catchdubs [Fool's Gold label co-founder], DJ Ayres [The Rub], and Jubilee [Nightshifters] in collaboration with MeanRed Productions; who take over the 2nd floor of the East Broadway Mall and transform the Chinese restaurant upstairs into one of the most untraditional and extremely random party locales in the city.

Walking into the space for the first time it's hard to not pick up on a wedding reception/Bar Mitzah party vibe (save for maybe the occasional decorative dragon or two) with large circular tables outlining the dance floor and disco tunes bumping over the P.A.  This feeling instantly fades away however with the sight of swirling green and red lazers and glowsticks being fervently waved around on the fully carpeted dancefloor.

The night started with Catchdubs, Jubilee, and DJ Ayres laying down a tag-team set to get the party warmed up.  A collaborative Disco set got the evening cracking, slowly cranking up the energy level with tunes like 'Blunt Edge' off of Zinc's recently released Crackhouse EP and throwbacks like the Robin S classic 'Show Me Love.'

Todd Edwards was next to hit the stage and threw down an inspiring hour+ set.  Todd's music contains a soulful element that you just can't teach or force, you either have it or you don't.  His productions have a soulful sex appeal and a timeless quality that resonate just as much now as they did over a decade ago and as they will continue to another ten years from now.  Relatively unknown in the US outside small pockets of the electronic music community, Todd was one of the premier contributors to the 90s Garage movement in the UK and is considered to be flat-out one of the pioneers of electronic dance music.  When you look at his tour schedule and see dates headlining Room1 at the Fabric nightclub in London, you feel lucky to get a chance to see him at these smaller and intimate nights.

From the moment he opened with his 'toddified' remix of 'Burning Down The House' you knew it was on.  Listening to his set consisting mainly of original productions, it's impossible to ignore the intricate sampling and editing found throughout his music.  Chopped and re-pitched vocals fusing together with underlying breakbeat 2step drum pattens; the flinty vocals interwoven into the tracks instead of simply layered on top of them.  Edwards dropped his Daft Punk remix staples 'Face To Face' and 'Technologic', as well as personal favorites from the night 'Never Far From You' and his 'Run It By Me' remix which all got the crowd moving.

Kingdom took the reigns next and kept the party going til the early AM dropping some tunes off the Fool's Gold and Trouble & Bass labels.  BokBok's bubbling, brain melting 'Citizen Dub' went off something fierce as well as the James Blake remix of Untold's 'Stop What You're Doing.'  NYC heads, you can catch Kingdom live again next Friday night, this time in his home borough of Brooklyn at Public Assembly.  Keep your eyes peeled on the Fool's Gold website for his debut release on the label, a serious banger called 'Mindreader' ft. Shyvonne on vocals with remixes from Bok Bok, L-Vis1990, and Todd Edwards.  Kingdom recorded a uStream session last week that you can relisten to here. 3 hours of straight fire, don't sleep on that!!!

Out to the Flashing Lights crew for putting together such a memorable and stellar night of music and to Oliver coming through yet again with some sick photos.

also, gotta big up Scion for the socks!  nothing like a fresh pair after a solid 5 hours straight on a dancefloor.

Stay up to date on upcoming FL lineups at and enjoy some tunes below:

Todd Edwards Treehouse promo mix

Boris- Buzz In (Todd Edwards remix)

Flashing Lights vol. 4 ft DJ Ayres, Catchdubs, & Jubilee

Kingdom Discobelle October mix

Kid Sister- Right Hand Hi (Kingdom remix)

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Trouble & Bassfaced

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NYC's Trouble and Bass crew always big in the game!!  Here's a quick rundown of what they've been up to of late...


The T&B label just released the Jinder 'Youth Blood Remixes' EP with heavy remixes from 12th Planet & Flinch, Sharkslayer, Bok Bok, Rico Tubbs, Squire of Gothos, and Chateau LeTouf.  12th Planet & Flinch's take brings some 140 dubstep business to the tune as well as wonky synthlines reminiscent of recent T&B headliner Joker.  Bok Bok's remix brings that tropical, funky, Night Slug flavor while Rico Tubbs injects his barrage of bassline to the tune.  Favorite of the remixes though comes from Squire of Gothos (Who will be playing at No Escape from NY in January) with a crackhouse style remix akin to the sounds Zinc has been pushing of late.  Preview and purchase the tracks over at Juno HERE.

Check out The Captain's minimix promoting the release and let it do bad things to you...

Jinder - Youth Blood (Original)
O. Children - Dead Disco Dancer (Golden Filter Remix)
Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back (Drop The Lime Remix)
Jinder - Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)
Florence + The Machine - Yoou've Got The Love (The XX Remix)
Jinder - Youth Blood (Sharkslayer Remix)
Jinder - Youth Blood (Rico Tubbs Speed Garage Remix)
Jace Everett - Bad Things
Jinder - Youth Blood (Chateau LaTeuf Remix)
DJ ZInc - 138 Trek
Jinder - Youth Blood (Squire of Gothos Remix)
Kingdom - Mind Reader feat. Shyvonne
Ghostface Killah - I'll Be That feat. Adrienne Bailon
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Jinder - Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)


Up next we got the sweet sounds of Star Eyes bringing some bass wreckage with her Love From NY mix for XLR8R.  NYC is repped tough throughout.  In case there was any doubt in her taste, where else are you gonna hear DFA, Massive B, Metro Area, Michna, Ja Rule, and Frank Sinatra all in the same mix?!  You done us proud girl.

01 Gang Gang Dance "House Jam" (Hot Chip Remix) (Social Registry)
02 Adultnapper "Vase" (Clink)
03 Runaway "Poltergeist" (On The Prowl)
04 The Juan MacLean "Happy House (Lee Douglas Remix)" (DFA)
05 Detachments "Circles (Beg to Differ Dub Mix)" (Thisisnotanexit)
06 The Juan MacLean "Happy House" (DFA)
07 Holy Ghost! "Hold On" (DFA)
08 Bumblebee Unlimited "Lady Bug (Larry Levan Disco Remix)" (RCA Victor)
09 Tanlines "Bejan" (Kitsuné)
10 No Regular Play "Things I Know" (Wolf & Lamb)
11 Lauren Flax "You’ve Changed (War Games Remix)" (DANR)
12 The Martinez Brothers & Argy "Debbie Downer" (Objektivity)
13 Cubic Zirconia "Fuck Work (Dance With White Girls Remix)" (The Savant Guard)
14 Bobby Konders "Nervous Acid" (Massive B)
15 In Flagranti "Genital Blue Room" (Codek)
16 The Glass "Wanna Be Dancin" (Plant Music)
17 Sammy Bananas "Dat Funk" (Fool's Gold)
18 Armand Van Helden & DJ Sneak "The Ultrafunkula" (FFRR)
19 Madonna "Causing A Commotion" (Sire)
20 Metro Area "Miura" (Environ)
21 DJ Ayres "Broke Ass Home" (Money Studies)
22 Dre Skull "I Want You (Dre Skull Remix)" (Mixpak)
23 Kingdom "You" (Fool's Gold)
24 AC Slater "No Party For Old Men" (Nightshifters)
25 Drop the Lime "New York Massacre" (Trouble & Bass)
26 Lil’ Mama "Lip Gloss" (Zomba)
27 Drop The Lime "Set Me Free" (Trouble & Bass)
28 Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar "Licky (Herve Remix)" (Ultra)
29 Uproot Andy "Brooklyn Cumbia" (ZZK Sound/Nacional)
30 Udachi & Jubilee "Smoke Rings" (Nightshifters)
31 Michna "Triple Chrome Dipped (Star Eyes & Mayster Liquid Vision)" (Ghostly)
32 Thirstin Howl III "Stole" (Landscape)
33 77Klash (produced by Matt Shadetek) "Mad Again feat. Johnny Osbourne" (Klash City)
34 Ja Rule feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss "New York" (Def Jam)
35 Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Yeah New York!" (Interscope)
36 Matt & Kim "Daylight (Ninjasonik Remix)"
37 Frank Sinatra "New York, New York" (Reprise)


Here's a freebie from AC Slater who's currently at work on his first single to be released on the Trouble & Bass imprint.  Be sure to catch him live over the next few months with a couple Canadian dates alongside fellow Fractal Forest decimator, Jack Beats.

Upcoming AC Slater Tour Dates:

Dec 4 2009 10:00P
The Avalon - Avalon w/ Craze Hollywood, California
Dec 5 2009 8:00P
HiFi Calgary, Alberta
Dec 9 2009 10:00P
Ella Lounge - Ella Lounge - No Escape From NY w/ Egyptrixx New York, New York
Dec 11 2009 8:00P
Rickshaw Stop - Blow Up San Francisco, California
Dec 12 2009 10:00P
Motor Seattle, Washington
Dec 18 2009 10:00P
Public Assembly - Trouble & Bass w/ Rico Tubbs Brooklyn, New York
Dec 19 2009 10:00P
The Social Toronto, Ontario
Mar 11 2010 10:00P
Starlite Room - w/ Jack Beats Edmonton, Alberta
Mar 12 2010 10:00P
Celebrities Nightclub - w/ Jack Beats Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 13 2010 10:00P
Spirit Bar Nelson, British Columbia

and for those wondering where Luca's been at recently, Australian massive this one's for you!!  Be sure to catch Drop The Lime on the tail end of his jetsetting world tour with dates in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbaine over the next couple nights.  Peep the MySpace for deetz.


December 9th:  T&B & NickyDigital present: No Escape From NY ft. Egyptrixx [FREE.99] @ Ella

December 18th:  T&B Holiday Edition ft. Rico Tubbs @ Public Assembly [Buy Tickets HERE]

December 31st:  T&B/Party Like Us NYE @ Europa [Buy Tickets HERE]

January 13th:  No Escape from NY moves to Webster Hall ft. Squire Of Gothos.  18+


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