Bass Marathon recap

Starting this past Thursday night, four of the biggest crews and purveyors of bass music and culture in the NYC brought us all together for three solid and eclectic nights of music. Each night's bill different stylistically then the next but still unified by a shared love and appreciation of low frequencies and heavy basslines.

Konkrete Jungle and PercussionLab set the tone for the weekend on Thursday night with the CassetteNYC monthly at the Santo's Party House bassment.  An impressive lineup featuring Montreal's Ghislain Poirier and a surprise set from Laurent Fintoni aka 'Kper' as well as sets from NYC locals FaltyDL, LandoKal, Machinedrum, and Praveen. Laurent was invited by the Cassette crew to stop by and drop a surprise set to open the night and put together a headnodding mix full of beats from the likes of Om Unit, Fulgeance, as well as some exclusive remixes. He made his set available for download HERE along with a complete tracklisting.

Never having seen FaltyDL before and after hearing rave reviews from his live performance at DubWar months back, was eagerly awaiting his midnight set and it did not disappoint. There has been a welcomed resurgence and reinterpretation of the sounds of UKG and 2step in the past year or two and FaltyDL has been one of the producers at the forefront of this movement.  Incorporating some of the soulful Garage textures and sexy and shuffling drum patterns he still maintains a very unique sound and approach to his production. His music commands the attention of the listener in a manner similar to Burial while at the same time making bodies move and flow uncontrollably all over the dancefloor.  For more on his approach to producing, check out his XLR8Rtv interview and learn how to make some bomb sushi while you're at it! Falty's set was a huge highlight of the week, playing out the infectious tunes from his debut LP on Planet Mu 'Love Is A Liability' [Which you can purchase HERE] as well as some new material as well. Personal highlight of the set was hearing him drop the classic tune from El-B/Ghost- The Club. Not much needs to be said about that track, "It all starts in the club."  Timeless music that will still get a response on a dancefloor another decade from now.  Be sure to check out Falty's most recent release on Mu, the 'Bravery EP' and also grab his recent mix for the LuckyMe crew HERE featuring some old hip hop flavor scattered throughout.

Next up was an unexpected Tag Team set from Machinedrum and LandoKal. Was awesome to see both of those musicians working together and pushing one another in different directions than if they had just played separate sets. LandoKal banging out drum beats and samples off of his MPC and Machinedrum laying down beats of his own made for a unique set that kept the place moving. Definitely curious to see what else these two come up with in the future, lots of potential.

Ghislain was up next and brought his own signature style to the evening; a blend of bass, soca, dancehall and tropical riddims. As the crowd slowly started to wane, the unmistakable synthesized sounds of Joker & Ginz' 'Purple City' slowly worked their way into the mix, unintentionally foreshadowing what was to come Saturday night where Joker was set to make his NYC debut in that same room.

Leaving Santo's, it was hard not to look at the time and smile upon the revelation that Friday was here...DubWar tonight!!!

photos credited to

DubWar is unlike any event that I've ever been to. There's something really special that goes on each and  every month in that club that's tough to put into words and the best way to really grasp that feeling is to experience it for yourself.   In a time where the focus of the electronic dance music and culture in NYC seems to revolve around big name DJs, posh clubs, VIP rooms, bottle service, and being seen; DubWar remains strictly about the music. It is about everyone and everything that go into that one night every month that gives everyone that outlet where they can close their eyes, shake out their demons, and let go of the weight and stress of the 9-5.  DubWar is Joe Nice, DaveQ, and Incyde; it's Juakali toasting on the mic; it's Liz on the lazers; it's the soundguy who makes that system and this music shine; it's KennyD; it's every single person inside that club on any given month that make it such an amazing and unique experience each and every time. Lucky for everyone rammed into Love Saturday night, DubWar this month was also showcasing the sounds of LionDub, Kryptic Minds, and Loefah.

LionDub kicked off the night right with a ruuuude set. Didn't know at all what to expect and he definitely brought some heavy artillery with him for the night. Hearing dancehall on the Love soundsystem for the first time was large and his set was a great start to the evening.

Donaeo's funky anthem 'Party Hard' was a nice surprise as well, setting set the tone for the night to follow.  You can download Liondub's recent mix for PercussionLab's NY State of Mind mix series HERE and be sure to check out releases from the Liondub International label.  Check out Liondub's new monthly residency at APT every 4th Tuesday of the month upstairs.

DQ and Alex Incyde stepped up to the decks next and laid down a set that was both deep and extremely danceable. Lost myself in a bunch of the music and heard a lot of tracks that I've never heard before. Untold- Anaconda is always a pleasure to hear.

At this point the queue outside the club was wrapped well around the corner with a mass of people primed and ready for Loefah to bless the decks.

Loefah put on a clinic. From the opening drop of 'Run', a gargantuan collaboration that only could have come from The Bug and Flowdan. Loefah didn't stop murdering tune after tune, seemlessly playing his own classics like 'System' and 'Rufage' and also dropping new tunes from producers like Skream [Instra:mental- No Future remix, Metal Mouth] and Distance [Alys Blaze & Mr Lager- Tell Me remix]. Loefah's set was pure nonstop energy which peaked with the massive drop and subsequent rewind of Joker's 'Tron VIP'.

Kryptic Minds was up next and played a remarkable set, equally enjoyable as Loefah's but with a deeper and moodier dynamic.  He played a ton of original material and the slow-rolling, brooding basslines resonated in ribcages throughout the club.  Be sure to purchase the debut Kryptic LP 'One of Us' released on Loefah's Swamp81 label earlier this Fall HERE.  Keep your eyes on the Swamp81 camp who have some huge releases in store for 2010 from Skream, Addison Groove, and others.

4:00am rolled around and the stamina crew, still 400 deep at this point were blissfully getting down to a latenight set from Joe Nice who brought the business.  Joe's sets continue to push the limits each and every time, this month laying down a heap of quality dubs in a way that no other DJ can. Notably some new tracks from NZ's Truth, Skream's remix of Jack White's new project the Dead Weather 'Cut Like A Buffalo', an absolutely wicked transition into Mala's 'Eyez', as well as Digital Mystikz- DMZ vs. MZN, a beautiful, beautiful, tune reserved for special occasions that you will ONLY hear played out by either Mala or Joe.

Loefah then stepped back up and out of nowhere came the Dead Prez track 'Hip Hop' and left jaws on the floor. That right there is probably one of my favorite WTF?! DubWar moments I've ever experienced. Loefah and Joe then laid down tunes back to back until the last track of the evening rolled out at about 5:40 in the morning, a new record for DubWar.

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos of the night HERE.  Respect to Ken for those and for that awesome video as well!

Trouble and Bass presents Joker + Nomad, Lvis-1990 + Bok Bok from Mike Tucker on Vimeo.
photos credited to Oliver Correa for HiFiCartel
peep the entire photo gallery HERE

Saturday brought us back to Santo's Party House for this month's Trouble & Bass party, a UK invasion featuring Joker and Nomad, L-Vis1990 B2B Alex Bok-Bok, as well as the T&B residents Star Eyes, The Captain, and AC Slater. T&B crew got the night going with a rotating set between the residents, flexing the system and getting everyone fully hyped up for the night to come. Really feeling Douster's 'King Of Africa' dropped by the Captain, some Lion King Club music, big tune. RIP Mufasa, your chest.  Also AC laying down the fresh Heavyfeet remix of Zinc ft. Nolay 'Killa Sound' forthcoming on BingoBeats.

Next up pon the decks was a back to back set between L-Vis1990 and Bok-Bok on the last night of their US tour. You are going to be hearing a lot more about these cats in the near future and look out for Bok-Bok to be featured in an upcoming XLR8R soon. Their set was off the wall and had the completely packed club going apeshit.

Pure energy! Winding and wonky synthlines and funky drum beats kept the crowd on their toes and left us all wanting more. Was also great hearing Zed Bias- 'Neighborhood 09' getting the rinse out, a tasteful revamp of an absolute stunner tune from the Garage days.  "I feel good, good, good..."

Joker and Nomad hit the stage next and proceeded to absolutely obliterate shit. There is a reason that this kid is on the cover of this month's XLR8R [which you can read online HERE] and this set lived up to all the hype and then some. His demeanor on stage totally cool, calm, and collected while dropping some of the most gutwrenchingly hype tunes of the past two years, most of which being original productions. 'Digidesign' as well as the unreleased Skreamix, 'Purple City', 'Gullybrook Lane' all went off.  Most notably was his new unreleased tune 'Tron' forthcoming on his debut LP and which you can't seem to go anywhere without hearing these days.  Have heard that one dropped by a wide array of DJs over the past couple months such as Headhunter, Starkey, Mala, Benga, N-Type, and more.  Disturbingly sick tune.

Other highlights were his collaboration with Skream 'Skittles', Silkie's remix of 'Filth' as well as tunes from fellow Bristol badman Gemmy. Joker ended his set with some tear out DnB that sounded a lot like some new Clipz and TC material. Big ups to Nomad for being one of the most entertaining and hype MCs I've seen. Kept the vibes alive without detracting away from the tunes and stayed on the mic for a grip when the Trouble & Bass crew followed Joker's set to close out the night.

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The NYC Marathon...

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Get your trainers laced up and be sure to hydrate...


NYC's Longest Running 21+ D&B Weekly with Resident DJ CHRISTIAN BRUNA and Guests!

This week CamoNYC is bringing in the likes of Edward Oberon, Raw Q, and Mousky with KellyDean holding down the dubstep riddims downstairs.  Grey's Papaya Recession Special business, FREE before 11!!


Wednesday night Brooklyn gets blessed and blissed with the sounds of the legendary Todd 'the God' Edwards playing out the finest in UK and US Garage beats.  NO COVER.  NO EXCUSES.


Thursday night we're off to Santo's and gettin down and dirty in the bassment!




5$ FOR LADIES b4 Midnight!




flyer by Ashes57

Friday night.  It's that time of the month again...Punch that clock and get the Subsonic Tonic flowin.  DubWar at Love, a soundclash between the NYC residents and Loefah and Kryptic Minds repping the Swamp81 label.  LionDub also just added to the bill.


Saturday night, stamina crew it's all you!  Back to Santo's for Trouble & Bass this month with the mayor of Purple City, Joker headlining with Nomad.  Get slimey with NightSlugs BokBok & L-Vis1990 in a back2back bonanza and bounce that ass to the T&B residents smacking it up on their home turf.

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Assorted Mixes

Tittsworth - Diversify Yo Bonds

intro – diversify yo bonds
streets of baltimore (instrumental) – say wut
why don’t you – gramophonedzie
london to paris – mowgli
make it funky – alvaro
here come da – a1 bassline
night of the hornheadz – act yo ages (bird peterson remix)
little secrets – passion pit (jack beats remix)
its not fair – lily allen (annie nightingale far too loud bassline mix)
here he comes – tittsworth (stretch armstrong remix)
here he comes – tittsworth (nadastrom remix)
i know you want me – pitbull (evol intent remix)
inDisco – tom piper & nick correlli (bar9 remix)
wtf – tittsworth (crissy criss remix)
i remember – deadmau5 & kaskade (caspa remix)
ghosts and stuff – deadmau5 (sub focus remix)
drowning – cleveland lounge / AK1200 (terravita remix)
leave! (dub mix) – drumsound and simon bassline
silver spaceman – spor
(TEASE) wave breaker – terravita
toyfriend (instrumental) – david guetta, afrojack
witch doctor – avn (steve starks remix)
polkadots – afrojack (kevin focus remix)
magic (mix 1) – mescal kid
peanuts club – brodinski, noob (beatauCue remix)
el baile aleman – edu imbernon, coyu
marrakech – hermanez (martinez big bad da boom remix)
hey – lbl + diplo (autoerotique remix)
salvation – scanners (tittsworth remix)
ghetto pass – nadastrom
(TEASE) my black sheep – len faki (radioslave remix)


Grab Tittsworth's Latest Plant Music 12" out on Vinyl and on Beat Port.

Redlight Lobster Boy Showcase Mix.

1. Redlight & Dynamite - Weepers
2. Redlight - Kid Soldiers
3. Redlight - Champion Style
4. Redlight Feat Serocee, Dread & Omi - Stay With You (Dubplate Mix)
5. Redlight - Rock Bottom
6. Redlight Ft Jenna G & Jammer - Pick Up The Phone
7. Redlight - Stupid
8. Redlight Ft Redskin & Scorpio - Twist Up
9. Redlight - MDMA
10. Redlight Ft Redskin, Zaniah & Dread - Feel So Good

REDLIGHT - Showcase Mix 2009 by user2215134

Count and Sinden Mix from back in October.

DOWNLOAD Direct Link Courtesy of Chemical Jump

You can grab "Mega" now over at Beatport and make your way over to the Fools Gold blog to grab the Jungle remix by Camo UFOs from RCRD LBL.

Sinden mix for Bodytonic Podcast

The Count & Sinden 'Elephant 1234' (Kill Frenzy Remix)
Claude Von Stroke 'Vocal Chords'
Solo 'Minimood'
Basti Grub 'Und Das Klavier'
Lazy Flow 'Afro Maniok'
Sandro Silva 'Salsa Sauce'
Buraka Som Sistema 'General' (L-Vis 1990 remix)
Crystal Fighters 'I Love London' (Lorcan Mak remix)
Gucci Vump 'Sha, Shtil!!' (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
The Count & Sinden 'Mega' (Dub)
Drop The Lime 'Set Me Free' (Lil Silva Remix)
Wildlife 'Jumbie'
Baobinga & ID 'Tongue Riddim' (Roska Remix)
Timberlee 'Gunny Gunny' (Schlacthofbronx remix)
R.I.V.E.R. 'Fairycide'
Raziek 'Die'

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Big time Bristol sounds from Mensah with a great write up found on the Disruption Inc blog.

01. Major Lazer - Hold the Line (Skream Remix)
02. Skream - Simple City
03. Mensah - Untitled Future Funk
04. Parma Violet - Skittles
05. Mensah - Stapleton Road
06. Mensah - Pulse 80's
07. Joker - Tron
08. Mensah & Dread MC - Skyuken
09. Noah D - Seeeriousss
10. Mensah - Sahara
11. Joker - Digidesign
12. RSD - Kingfisher
13. Sukh Knight - Jewel Thief
14. Distance - Night Vision
15. Distance - Night Vision (Skream's "So Nasty" Version)
16. Skream - Filth (tease)
17. Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Mensah Special)
18. Skream - Filth (tease)
19. J@KES - Rhythm (Mensah Special)
20. Mensah & Eddie K - Steady As She Goes
21. Benga - Buzzin'
22. Central Spillz - What Ya Know About
23. Chasing Shadows - ILL
24. Chasing Shadows & Foreign Beggars - Untitled Dub
25. Superisk - Find Your Way
26. Jack Beats - U.F.O (K-Hole Bass Riddim)
27. Fake Blood - Mars
28. Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Crookers Rmx)
29.Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detriot


Jas Wan with podcast number 5 for Hot Flush Recordings

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

01. DistaL - Attempt at Yellow
02. Devious - Smoldering
03. DistaL - Speed of Right
04 2562 - Third Wave
05. Untold - Just For You (Roska RMX)
06. DistaL - Serengeti
07. Mite - Chocolate Circuit
08. Skream - Oskillatah (Mite BOOTLEG)
09. DistaL - Glenwood Corral
10. DistaL - Gun Confetti
11. Claw - Unamused
12. Mayhem - Fourth Of July Jam
13. DistaL - Zeus de Trop
14. GunJack - No Pain
15 DistaL & Konplex - Hot Coffee

Distal - Fall Promo 2k9 by Distal

Hudmo Mix alongside a nice Q&A over at The Fader.

No Tracklisting but the Wiley/Mark Prichard Track in here is too much.

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Starkb0t with November's Seclusiasis Radio with Slugabed.

01 – NastyNasty “Made You Look”
02 – Lando Kal “Exotic Jesus”
03 – Gift of Gab “Spotlight (prod by DNAEBEATS)”
04 – Pharoah Monch “Simon Says (Slugabed remix)”
05 – Hovatron “FaceMeltdown”
06 – Snoop Dogg ft. Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind (remix)”
07 – Neeko “Ill State of Mind ft. Dean Marie (Fluff’s playable re-master)”
08 – Kuedo (aka new Jamie Vex’d moniker) “Starfox”
09 – Ginz & Kool Money Kwame “Wetwipe Riddim”
10 – Ghosttown ft. Badness & Dajla “You Know (Numan remix)”
11 – SRC “Hey Lover (2009 edition)”
12 – Voodeux “Enter the Voo (Eskmo remix)”
13 – SDUK “Clunge”
14 – Turboweekend “Trouble Is (Joker remix)”
15 – Reso “Armored Core”
16 – Vibrated Dart “Warm Rain”
17 – Toast “Shipwreck (Monkey remix)”
18 – Birdman ft. Drake “More Milli”
19 – Bok Bok “Citizens Dub”
20 – Skream “Sweetz”
21 – Mumdance “Kerplunk!”
22 – Shortstuff & Brackles “On a Mission (remix)”
23 – 8Bitch “G41″
*Slugabed Segment
24 – Slugabed “Shit Blizzard”
25 – Nasty Nasty “The Reef (Slugabed remix)”
26 – Slugabed “Titans”
27 – Slugabed “Goulash”
28 – Slugabed “Ultra Heat Treated”
29 – BD1982 “Space Boots (Slugabed remix)”
Slugabed Interview
30 – Starkey “Millennia”
31 – Pacheko “Lockdown (6Blocc remix)”
32 – Kano “Rock N Roller (Starkey remix)”
33 – Starkey ft. Badness “OK Luv”
34 – Wu-Tang Clan “Ain’t Heard Us In a Minute (DZ remix)”
35 – Eprom “The Slaughter”
36 – Samples “Caribbean Heat”
37 – Lazer Sword “Koopa Boss Mode”
38 – Kaiser “Agent 2.5 (Tek-One remix)”
39 – Gemmy “Bleep”
40 – Reso “Hyperglide”
41 – Bombaman “Exia VIPPPPPPP”
42 – Rx “Get Stupid”
43 – Me & John “Zombie Battles”
44 – Starkey “Miracles (Jamie Vex’d remix)”


Slugabed mix for Dummy Mag
Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says (Slugabed Remix)
EPROM – Shoplifter
Nasty Nasty – No Names
Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
Lokid – Kick The K
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Zomby – Strange Fruit
Dyno – Sosismas
Slugabed – Titans
Slugabed – Take OFF
Busta Rhymes – Everybody Rise
Cupp Cave – Breech This Trust
Mark Pritchard – Wind It Up
Scuba – Twicth (Jamie Vexd Remix)
Rustie – Response
Rustie – Bad Science
Nasty Nasty – Necking
Kingfisherg – Rubicon
Machine Drum Ft. Melo – Let It (Lazer Sword Remix)
Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer
Boss Kite – ??
Dyno – Fuh Real Inst.
Last Poets – Long Enough
Slugabed – The System
Slugabed – Beer
Rabbi Bananas – Cat_Eat
Slugabed – Ultra Heat Treated
Nasty Nasty – This Kills
EPROM – Humanoid
AK Kids – A Soft Touch
AK Kids – Donk
Powell – Toyz Like Soup
?? – ??


Alexander Nut for Crazy Legs.

Shortstuff & Hyetal – Ice Cream
Mount Kimbe – Sketch On Glass
SRC – Goomba
Next Hype – Plastician Remix instrumental
Shadz – Summer Rain
Joker – 80’s
Plastician – Missing
Dizzee – Respect instrumental
The Bug ft Flowdan – Skeng
Jahdan Blakkamore – General (Noah D Remix)
NY & Badness – No One Every Cared
Meleka – Its Over Boy (EL-B -Ghost Remix)
Heartbreaker Brackles remix
Donaeo – Watching Her Move

CRAZYLEGS 004.4: mixed by ALEXANDER NUT by crazylegsclub

Ghost On Tapes Bay Area Heat Mixtape for XLR8R.

01 Low Limit "Out the Club"
02 Asobi Seksu "Familiar Light (Lemonade Remix)"
03 Ghosts on Tape "Mogadishu Night Life" (Wireblock)
04 Hernan Bulles "Chela (Sneaky P Remix)"
05 Los Rakas "Esa Mulata"
06 Lemonade "Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape Remix)" (True Panther)
07 Ghosts on Tape "Equator Jam" (Wireblock)
08 Ghosts on Tape "Woofer Cooker" (Numbers)
09 Kid606 "Umbilical Bullets" (Tigerbeat6)
10 Ghosts on Tape "Shake Remix"
11 Banana Clipz "Push Am (Left, Right)"
12 Too Short "I Need a Freak" (Priority)
13 Talking Heads "Psycho Killa (White Girl Lust Daft Mix)"
14 Boys Noize vs. Toy Selectah "Arcade Roboton (This is Raverton Remix)" (Bersa Discos)
15 Lando Kal "Sex Beast"
16 Rainbow Arabia "Omar K (Ghosts on Tape Remix)" (Manimal Vinyl)
17 Ghosts on Tape "Predator Mode" (Wireblock)
18 DJG "Birds Of Prey"
19 Señor Stereo "I am the Beat (Salva Remix)"
20 Ghosts on Tape "Gangsterplayer"

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Aquasky with your November Party Bangers.
1 'Discotron' (intro) Alex Mectric
2 'Skweekee' ? (email me the details and ill add em!
3 'Im Walking' (Lee Mortimer remix) - Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut
4 '5 AM' (Black Noise remix) - Tommie Sunshine
5 'Outta Control' - Aquasky featuring Sporty-O - Passenger
6 'Jack Track' (Black Noise VIP remix) - Tonka - Southern Fried
7 'Move That Body' (Rico Tubbs speed garage remix) - Kid Kenobi
8 'You Know We Do It Big' - Aquasky ft. Slipz N Dapz - Passenger
9 'Hoover The Club' - Aspin & Dipace - Wearhouse
9.5 'Dem No No Wee' acapella - Aquasky & The Ragga Twins
10 'Its Going Down' - Lee Mortimer & Foamo - Wearhouse
11 'Urban Cougar' (Calvertron's Roofie mix) - Blatta & Inesha
11.5 'All In Check' acapella - Aquasky & The Ragga Twins + Cogee
12 'So Damn Tuff' - Black Noise - Southern Fried
13 'Riverside' (Black Noise remix) - Sidney Samson & Wizard Sleeve
14 'You Know We Do It Big' (Tonka remix) - Aquasky ft. Slipz N Dapz - Passenger
15 'Give It Up (Old Skool Style)' (Michael Morph's VIP remix) - Aquasky & The Ragga Twins - Passenger
16 'Invaders Must Die' (Proxy remix) - The Prodigy
17 'Invaders Must Die' (original) - The Prodigy

DOWNLOAD Direct Link

Robb G mix for Hatiras Radio
1. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
2. Robb G - Moop Shoop
3. Duck Sauce - You're Nasty
4. Electric Soulside - Moulin Rouge
5. Rip Groove - Double 99 Loop
6. Sharkslayer - Cold As Ice
7. Will Bailey - Hit The Club
8. Groovewatchers - High Level (Rockstarz remix)
9. Blaze Trip - Automatic (Defuct! remix)
10. Kanye West - Heartless (Hatiras Boot)
11. Unknown - Unknown
12. Dirty Funker - Flat Beat (Robb G edit)
13. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Cold Blank remix)
14. Macca - Freezeblast
15. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor Loop
16. TJR - I Don't Know Why
17. Will Bailey - Cannock Wobble (Robb G remix)
18. Snoop Dog - Pump Pump (Aniki remix - Robb G just bass Edit)
19.. Paul Anthony & ZXX - Bang It (Hotmouth & TJR remix)
20. Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Will Bailey remix)
21. Neon Stero feat Whiskey Pete - Da Club (Robb G remix)
22. Michel Cleis - La Mezcla (Robb G remix)
23. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
24. Ingo - R You Sleeping (Pablo Decoder remix)
25. Darci Garci - Too Good
26. Human League - Don't You Want Me

ROBB G - Mix for Hatiras Radio Oct 2009 by ROBB G

Genuine Guy from Berlin with a mix promoting his Jealous Swingers EP out on Tigerbeat6.
1. Disco Wobble into
2. Louis la Roche - Get on down
3. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
4. Genuine Guy - The Illegible Bachelor
5. Dolby Anol - We don't rock (Genuine Guy remix)
6. Mike Monday - Get down (musical mash mix)
7. Jack Beats - What (Boy 8-bit remix)
8. Daniel Haaksman - Who's Afraid of Rio (Riva Starr remix)
9. Dolby Anol - Macaroon
10. Genuine Guy - Jealous Swingers
11. Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco to: Disco
12. Tom Staar - 4more4me
13. Noob and Brodinski - Peanuts Club
14. Shoes - Afro Perculator

Genuine Guy-Jealous Swingers Tbass Mix Series #8 by Tigerbeat6

Goodgroove Records Podcast Vol. 2.
The Breakbeat Junkie - Turn It Up
The Breakbeat Junkie Vs DJP - Old Skool
All Good Funk Alliance - Direct Me To A Remedy (Sleeve Remix)

*Information news*

Nick Thayer & DJ Yoda - Bonkers Banger
Pimpsoul - The One
DJP - Controlling The Club

*Dance Floor Burners*

Slynk - Gotta Shine


*Fashion Advice*

Featurecast - Bump
Funk Burners - Whatchya Got
The Breakbeat Junkie Vs DJP - Rock The Place
Goodgroove Records Podcast Vol.2 by GoodgrooveRecords

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Radio Love...

Category: , , , , By JENKY HQ

Skream Stella Session November 4th 2009 on Rinse FM.

Consequence - When We Feel Like This (0:07)
The XX - Nighttime (4:02)
Giant - SPB (7:21)
Skream feat. Yasmine - Give You Everything (10:21)
Giant - Late Detroit (13:03)
Breakage Feat. Erin - Justify (15:25)
Von D & Riskotheque - Like A Bird (18:34)
Sbtrkt - Mindless Funk (20:57)

Guestmix DJ Madd (23:58)

DJ Madd & Von D - U
? - ?
DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage Remix)
The Others - Karma
Von D - Berlin Call
DJ Madd - Detroit Skank
Emalkay - A.G.S
? - ?
Von D Feat. Phephe - The Sunlight
Kromestar - Skaredem
? - ?
? - ?
Spectrasoul - ?
Emalkay - Solid State
Joker & Ginz - Stash
DJ Madd & Kito - ?

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Breakage Remix) (54:15)
Breakage feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan - Hard (55:17)
RedLight - MDMA (56:32)
Joker - My Trance Girl (58:17)
General Midi & Foreign Beggars - Four Million Ways (Ginz's Purple Interpretation Mix) (1:01:13)
Starkey - Rain City (1:02:38)
Terror Danjah - Pro Plus (1:04:17)
Rob Sparx - Arcade (1:06:11)
Skream - The Wibbler (1:08:11)
Giant - Colin's Booster (1:10:08)
Doctor P - Badman Sound (1:11:09)
Geeneus Feat. Ms Dynamite - Get Low (Skream's Carnival-Step Remix) (1:12:11)
Redlight - Stupid (1:14:03)
Benga - Man On A Mission (1:17:03)
Skream - Listening To The Records On My Wall (1:19:16)
Parma Violets - Skittles (1:21:45)
Noah D - Seeerious VIP (1:24:05)
Rob Sparx - What You Gonna Do (NumberNin6 Remix) (1:26:15)
Joker & Ginz Vs Temper T - The Next Re-Up (1:27:26)
Skream - Meta-Lick (1:29:19)
Caspa - Terminator (Trolley Snatcha Remix) (1:31:27)
Florence And The Machine - You've Got The Love (The XX Remix) (1:33:03)
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl Is A Computer (1:36:03)
dBridge - City Of Lonely Runaways (1:38:18)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop (1:41:29)
Skream - Mum's Laptop Jungle Track (1:43:52)
Skream - Rolling Kicks (1:47:02)
Zomby - Float (Skream's Where Were U In '92 Remix) (1:50:28)
Basement Jaxx - Feelings Gone (Rusko Remix) (1:54:35)


Redlight for BBC 1xtra In New DJ's We Trust.

01. Redlight feat. Sero Cee, Dread & Omi – Stay With You
02. Jakes – Boom Bass
03. Redlight feat. Dread – Champion Style
04. Redlight – Stupid
05. Bat For Lashes – Pearls Dreams (Skream Remix)
06. ID – Who’s There (L-Vis Remix)
07. Frequency – NB Funky
08. Redlight – Eat Beats
09. Redlight & The Voodoos – Rock The House
10. Donae’O – Watching Her Move (Shy FX Remix)
11. Redlight feat. Jenna G & Jammer – Pick Up The Phone
12. Toddla T – Rebels (Skream Remix)
13. Redlight – Mdma
14. Benga – My One And Only
15. RedLight – Rock Bottom
16. Breakage feat. Newham Generals – Hard
17. Rusko feat. Kaskada – Get On Da Floor

Guest Mix by Joker

18. Zinc – New Sound
19. Breach – Fatherless
20. Ghosts On Tape – Predator Mode (Rosko Remix)
21. Mumdance & Brodinski – Euro Starr (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
22. ID – Little Secret (Jack Beats Remix)
23. Sub Focus – Move Higher
24. Toddla T – Rice n Peas (Zed Bias Remix)
25. Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite – Get Low
26. Zinc & Benga feat. Sweetie Irie – Number 1
27. ID – Strong Love
28. Mensah – Pulse 80’s

Old Skool Mix

29. Rebel MC – The Rich Are Getting Richer
30. Manix – Special Request
31. Shut Up & Dance – The Green Room
32. M.A.N.I.C. – Hardcore Jungalism
33. A Guy Called Gerald – Like A Drug
34. DJ Tonic – Waddington Snowman
35. Manic – White Label
36. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngu

Guest Mix by MJ Cole

37. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
38. MJ Cole – Thekla Riddim
39. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood ’09 (MJ Cole Remix)
40. Bias & Cole feat. Fox – Fly Up Ya Banner
41. Corneille – Liberation (MJ Cole Dub)
42. Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Scream Remix)
43. MJ Cole – Volcano Riddim
44. MJ Cole feat. Serocee – Dancehall Fighter
45. D1 – Pitcher
46. L-Vis 1990 – Gucci Vump (VIP Mix)
47. Joy Orbison – J.Doe
48. Redlight feat. Dynamite MC – Weepeers
49. Redlight – Kid Soldiers
50. Redlight – Untilted
51. Redlight feat. Redskin, Dread & Zaniah – Feels So Good
52. Redlight – Give Me The Funk
53. Redlight – Stereo Deck
54. Redlight – Butterz
55. Redlight feat. Redskin & Scorpio – Twist Up
56. Little Boots – Remedy (Redlight Remix)
57. Redlight – Love Sick
58. Redlight feat. Ben Westbeech – Get Down
59. Benga & Kutz – I’ll Cut You
60. Redlight – Bandwith
61. Meleka – Go (D-Bridge Remix)


Rusko for BBC 1xtra In New DJ's We Trust.
1. Jessica Mauboy — Burn Stenchman (Remix)
2. Rakoon — Vibrate
3. Zomby — Polka Dot
4. Subfocus — Last Jungle
5. Dom Hz — Dont Stop
6. Cntrlz — Ruffneck Datsik Remix (feat Free Stylers)
7. SMD — Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
8. Benny Page — Stomp And Sing
9. Simon Bassline — R U Ready
10. Milanese — Take This Love
11. Twisted N Gunstab — Energy
12. Benga — Biscuit Factory (feat Walsh)
13. Command Strange — When Your Love Comes Around
14. Rusko — Your On My Mind Baby
15. 12th Planet — Youthblood
16. Tes La Rok — Inta
17. Giant — Crazy Gerbert
18. Skism — Rise Of The Idiots
19. Vibronics — Bring Jah Love
20. Welcome To Culvert — Liquid Stranger
21. Nucleus Roots — Meditation Dub
22. Breakage — Higher
23. Instra:mental — No Future (Skreamix)
24. 16 Bit — Swine Flu
25. Reso – Armored Core — Reso
26. Foreign Beggars — Get A Bit More (Skism Remix)
27. emalkay — Metropolis
28. Toasty — Dibble
29. Synkro — Lost For Words
30. Breakage — Rain
31. Drop the Lime — Set Me Free (Reso Remix)
32. Instra:mental — Tramma
33. Reso — Tik Tak
34. Boabinga — Wang It feat I.D
35. Marcus Visionary — Left Foot Skank
36. 501 — Short Circuit
37. Reso — Beasts Vip
38. Two Fingers Feat Sway — That Girl (Spor Remix)
39. Reso — Mind Games
40. Chali 2na — Guns Up ( feat Damien Marley & Stephen Marley)
41. Basement Jaxx — Saga (feat Santigold)
42. Dire Straits — Money For Nothing (Remix)
43. Jakes — Scannerz
44. RedLight — My Love Rusko Spesh
45. Distinction — Fly Eyes Trolly Snatcha (Remix)
46. Unitz — Mashupdepace
47. Doctor P — Sweetshop
48. Cookie Monster — Fat Girl Rodeo
49. Flux Pavillion — Normalise
50. Maps – Die Happy — Subscape (Remix)
51. Subscape — Bodysnatchers
52. Rusko — Paper Bag
53. Pumpin Like Reebocs — Black Acre
54. Shoplifter — Fi Nal
55. Débruit — Pony Ok
56. Débruit — Ko Debout
57. Débruit — Yo Wanna 149
58. Débruit — Soles Sweat
59. Débruit — Igwy
60. Débruit — Badari
61. Luke Vibert — Porn Shirtwee
62. Fresh — Hypercane (Nero Remix)
63. Kid Sister — Steppin (feat Estelle & Rusko)


Joe Nice on Gourmet Beats Radio.

01. Nas – I Can
02. Seven & LV - Breakdown
03. Mala – City Cycle
04. TRG – Siberian Poker
05. Distal – Attempt @ Yellow
06. Distance – Devastator
07. Commodo – Eastern Bloc
08. Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Hands In The Air
09. Kromestar – Grey Thought
10. V.I.V.E.K. – Strategy
11. DJG – Lichen
12. TMSV – Subconscious Brain
13. Untold – Bad Girls
14. Ramadanman – Tumble
15. DJ Kutz – Par-TI
16. DJ Madd – Maybe
17. Truth – Yardy


18. Moldy – Through The Rain
19. Moldy – Embrace The Filth
20. Moldy – The Void


A Skillz on Annie Nightingale.

A Skillz - 'Cross the Tracks vs So Rotten' - Remash) -(Unreleased)
Ginny Grandad - 'Good Girl '(A.Skillz Remix) Grinny Grandad (Jam City Records)
The CB's - 'Misdemeanor '(A.Skillz Remix) (Jam City Records)
Jackson 5 - 'ABC' (A.Skillz Remix) ( Unreleased)
'Mr Big Stuff '(A.Skillz Remix) - Unreleased
'Express Yourself '(A.Skillz Remix) (Unreleased)
'You Got the Creator (A.Skillz) (Remash)
Snapples - 'Power Jam' - (White)
TC 'Where's My Money' (Featurecast Vs Caspa re-think) (Unreleased)
Run DMC vs David Bowe - 'Adidance '(Astrosnooze Mash up)
Sub Focus - 'Could This Be Real' (Ram)
Major Lazor - 'Pon De Floor feat VYBZ Kartel' (White)
Wolfgang Gartner - 'Wolfgang's 5th Symphony' (A.Skillz Breaks Re-edit) (Unreleased)
Organ Grinder - 'Black Noise Remix' (.)
AC Slater - 'Party Like Us' (.)
Stanton Warriors - 'Good Vibrations' (White)
Bassnectar - 'The Churn Of The Century' (.)
Groove Armada - 'Superstylin'
Deadmau5 - 'I Remember (Caspa Remix)'
Plump DJ's Vs Blur - 'The Push / Song 2 ( A.Skillz MASH UP) (Unreleased)
Dire Straits - 'Money For Nothing (Top Billin Remix)
Push Up (Acapella) - Freestylers - Against the grain
White Lies - Death (Chase n Status remix)


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Joker North American Tour Dates

Category: , By brockolio

This month, Bristol badboy Joker hits the states for his debut US/Canadian tour alongside MC Nomad.  It's near impossible to go to a party right now and not hear one of his tunes bubbling over a soundsystem. Whether it's DJs still rinsing out his Hyperdub and Kapsize releases or newer unreleased tunes like 'Tron' and 'My Trance Girl' forthcoming on his debut full-length album, his music continues to mash up the dance worldwide.  When everyone from the likes of Skream, Mala, Headhunter, Appleblim, Starkey, and kode9 are all supporting your're doing something right.  Don't miss out.


Mon 11/16/09
The Quarter

Tue 11/17/09
Club 828

Wed 11/18/09
New Earth Music Hall

Thu 11/19/09
The Vagabond

Fri 11/20/09
Mad Decent Mausoleum
 [w/ Bok-Bok, L-Vis1990]
Sat 11/21/09
Santos Partyhouse
New York
 [w/ Bok-Bok, L-Vis1990, T&B]
Sun 11/22/09

Tue 11/24/09
The War Room
[w/ Sublo, Shift.]
Wed 11/25/09

Thu 11/26/09
Biltmore Cabaret
[w/ Lighta!]
Fri 11/27/09
103 Harriet Street
San Francisco

Sat 11/28/09
Lot 613
Los Angeles
 [w/ Nosaj Thing]
Sun 11/29/09

Download Joker's minimix for Mistajam on 1xtra last month HERE.

1) Silkie – ??
2) Joker – Tron
3) Joker – Tron VIP
4) Noah D – Seeeerious VIP
5) Emalkay – When I Look At You
6) Joker – Purple City
7) Joker – My Trance Girl
8 ) Benga – Jungle Bunny
9) Skream – Filth (Silkie Remix)
10) Joker – ???
11) Jakes – Rhythm (Joker spesh)
12) Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

My Trance Girl is the one....purple WOW indeed.

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New York, New York

Category: , , , By brockolio

Back in the nitty gritty and it's time to make up for lost time. This is how we do it on the Right coast....



Starkb0t...FREE...Happy Endings...can you really go wrong?



 see you on the dancefloor.

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