Shambhala Preview 2008: Round 1

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The Shambhala Music Festival takes place every year in beautiful Salmo, British Columbia. Showcasing the latest and greatest electronic talents from around the world, Shambhala boasts one of the most impressive and eclectic outdoor electronic music festivals in North America.

Featuring 6 different, elaborately themed stages with music from all varieties, from live funk to drum and bass, hip hop to dubstep, breaks to rumpshaking bass; there are sure to be artists and DJs there to suit the unique and varying palettes of festival-goers.

The Village Stage, resembling an Ewok village from Star Wars is complete with a pKSound (Subvert) 90,000watt hand built and designed soundsystem and is also where most of the dubstep and bass heavy music this weekend will find a home. Check out this youtube of the system in construction and action.

The Bassfaced posse is proud to be making our second music inspired road trip this year and our inaugural journey to Shambhala, where we will be documenting every blip, beep, beat, and wobble from this year's festival. Stay tuned for more mixes and info about DJs playing Shambhala, as well as photos and an all-encompassing review you won't find anywhere else, except 'pon the Bassfaced blog. Keep it locked.

Here are the artists and sets you won't want to miss and where you'll find us trying to crawl into subwoofer stacks.

Excision- Canada [dubstep]

Living Room Stage -- Friday, August 8th 3:30pm-5:00pm
The Village -- Sunday, August 10th 8:30pm-10:00pm

Excision- Dark Side of Dubstep mix

At the young age of 21, Excision has already established himself as one of the rising stars in the world of Dubstep. Upon starting his own label Rottun Recordings, his plans to bring the dark side of Dubstep to the dancefloor have been successful as is evident by the sell out and re-pressing of each release.

When coming across Dubstep in 2004, before it had become an international phenomenon, Excision was hooked on the raw sounds
he heard booming out of the speakers.
While 2006 saw one of his mixes accumulate over 20,000 downloads,
2008 and beyond is already seeing his sound storm onto the Dubstep scene.

Since Excision's track "No Escape" ( featured on Rottun 001 ) was released, he has seen the demand for his services in Dubstep and beyond. Listen for upcoming tunes on labels such as Cyberfunk, Aufect, Shift, Junta Dub, Sub-Urban Trash, Westbay Group, and more on Rottun Recordings.

Max Ulis- Vancouver, BC [dubstep]

Living Room Stage -- Thursday, August 7th 10pm

Vancity Sessions ft. Superisk, Max Ulis, Taal Mala, & Daega

Alongside Vancouver Canada’s Lighta! crew Max has been pushing his dubstep and glitched out digital dancehall sounds up and down the west coast. Lighta!’s Dubforms parties in Vancouver have showcased some of the finest talent Dubstep has to offer. Max has appeared alongside the likes of Skream, Benga, Hatcha, Loefah, Kode 9, The Bug, DZ, Ghislain Poirier, Youngsta, Dj C, Filastine, Knifehandchop, Deadbeat,and the legendary Remarc.Look for Max’s vinyl and digital releases in the new year...

Max Ulis myspace

Skream- Croydon, UK [dubstep]

The Village -- Sunday, August 10th 11:00am-1:30am

Skream Stella Sessions-- July 23rd, 2008

Meet Skream: Croydon's musical wonderkid. At 15 he discovered making music. Five years later he's changed the course of UK urban music, having helped build the foundations of London's most exciting new musical style, dubstep. But he's barely started yet: because right now, Skream is an artist on fire.
Skream's story begins in Croydon, in secondary school year 11. He wasn't getting on with teachers and they weren't getting on with him: but he was getting on with his music. But two friendships cemented then would start him onto the path to musical success.

First he met Benga, another talented Croydon kid who was starting to make music. Then he met Hatcha, soon to be one of the most influential and pioneering DJs in urban music. Around 2000 Benga and Skream set about building on the early dark garage flavours that were to be found on the pirate airwaves around Croydon. Through Hatcha's sets at club Forward» and releases on the seminal Big Apple label, they were about to create a new phase of dubstep.

At first Skream specialised in one flavour of dubstep: dark. His clipped, techy minimal style became a trademark sound. Long before grime existed, it reflected dark murky streets and sinister nights, the sound of decaying London and its frustrated communities, stuck out in satellite towns and sink estates with nothing but a PC and freely available software to channel their frustration into. Stuck in front of a PC for days on end, that's exactly what Skream did.

Then two years ago Digital Mystikz burst onto the dubstep scene, expanding the sound with new flavours and vivid colours. Skream became even more inspired. It not like he wasn't prolific already - rumour has it he's made over 1500 tracks - but out poured a host of bright new tracks from the wonderkid. "Indian remix" took him into trippy Asian territories, "Cheeky..." into Arabia, his unreleased mixes of Sunship fused Jamaican dancehall smut with hooky Kraftwerk melodies. "Smiling Face" broke out cheerful reggae skanks on dancefloors.

But his biggest tune was yet to come. Enter "Midnight Request Line" - on Tempa records - an anthemic explosion of electro arpeggios and dub sub-bass. It's a tune you can sing along to: Skream has it as his own ringtone. When it got dropped by DJ Youngsta at club Forward» grime dons Wiley, Jammer and the rest of Roll Deep began to shock out, flashing their lighters out of hard earned respect. The flip of this mighty release is bassline boomer "I," an excursion into deep dub basslines and shifting cinematic textures.

It shouldn't come as any surprise he likes sub-bass, Skream has grown up around it. His older brother was a member of Croydon's notorious jungle hell-raising raving outfit Intanatty Crew, which featured Radio 1's Grooverider and Bailey's 1Xtra as members. Ollie, Skream's real name, is no stranger to a bit of hell raising himself, famous for his up-for-it behaviour at parties or out on the town. In fact he's the only known music artist with a subdued alter-ego. Most rock stars are quiet by day with flamboyant alter-egos. Our wonderkid is the other way around. But then that's wonderkids like Skream for you: unique.

Skream myspace

BLVD w/ MC Souleye- USA [live electronic band]

Living Room Stage -- Saturday, August 9th 1:00am-2:30am

Fusing live instruments with electronic production techniques, BLVD
combines elements of hip-hop, house and breakbeat to create a refined
and progressive musical experience for its audience. Drummer Dylan
McIntosh and bassist Tripp Bains lock into deep, subwoofing grooves
while electric guitarist Curtis Sloane adds tight, rhythm based,
melodic progressions and heavily effected looping patterns. BLVD
improvises just enough to lead audiences through unexpected segues and
hands-in-the-air crescendos. As a trio, they rely heavily on their
skills in the studio. By creating samples and synth lines they combine
an organic live sound with the repetition and structure of electronic

BLVD's eponymous, self-released debut live album (2004) was recorded
almost entirely live at the Bay Area's prestigious Ex'pression Center.
The trio followed this with their second independent release Before We
See the Sun (2006), produced by duo Chocolate O'Brian (No Doubt,
Flipsyde) and featuring various guest vocalists. BLVD recently finished
their third, all instrumental album, Digital Disorder, released
December 10, 2007 on San Francisco's Cyberset Records. The band is also
featured on Souleye's forthcoming solo album Balance in Babylon,
co-produced by BLVD drummer Dylan McIntosh and due for release in
summer 2008.

BLVD Official Website

Drop The Lime -- NYC, NY [bass]

Fractal Forest -- Monday, August 10th 3:30am-5:00am

Drop The Lime Exclusive XLR8R mix

Set the standard; then raise the bar. Or in New York City’s Luca Venezia’s case – totally destroy that bar on a global scale. The 25-year-old known as Drop The Lime (and Curses!) is the iconoclastic club fiend of the 21st Century. Producer, remixer and DJ, he started out at 17 and has since dropped approx 150 underground classics, each year breaking boundaries of the musical zeitgeist – relentlessly developing concepts and sounds that leaves his many imitators wiping away tears with a white flag. Lauded by critics (XLR8R/Dazed & Confused), premier blogs (Discobelle, Trash Menagerie, Fluo Kids), peers (UK production God Switch named Luca in his top artists of 2007) and the world’s cutting edge record labels (releases on Mad Decent, Counterfeet, Shockout, Ambush, Institubes and Fools Gold), he is the undisputed, celebrated NYC Bass Heavy Champion. Drop The Lime’s acclaimed solo albums – 2005’s “This Means Forever” and 2007’s “We Never Sleep” on Tigerbeat6 saw him murdering bass and bytes – an evolved style, re-appropriating breakcore, bassline house, rave, jungle and dubstep, unforgettably touched with Luca’s own original vocals. Recent remixes for Moby, Robyn, Blaqstarr, Health Disco, Midnight Juggernauts and Infants have fuelled the blaze. HEAT. Lest we forget Trouble & Bass. The movement-defining party, DJ crew and record label established by Luca in September 2006. In two years T&B has smashed the NYC club scene apart with such deafening impact, the rest of the world found the blasphemous bass impossible to ignore. From Brooklyn warehouses to Manhattan clubs, touring his party through London and Paris – with a summer spot at this year’s Coachella. It’s time to get hysterical.

Drop The Lime myspace

Subvert- Calgary, AB [dubstep/glitch]

Living Room Stage -- Friday, August 8th 3:30pm-5:00pm
The Village -- Sunday, August 10th 10:00pm-11:00pm

Subvert hails from Calgary, Alberta and his winding path in music started in 1996. Proof of his dedication to ‘Bass’ is in his track record of creating the world’s loudest competition vehicles, designing pK’s 90,000 watt sound system and managing the Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival.
He started DJing in 2000 and combined with his extensive work on sound systems and attention to precision sound, he was ultimately & naturally led down the path to creating his own music productions and once again the low frequencies consumed him. Subvert’s sound is a combination of throbbing, relentless basslines, melodic strings and haunting pianos singing through midtempo glitch / acid crunk and dubstep. His attention to detail and the ability to tune into ‘bass that works’ can be felt in all of his music productions, he is an expert in the subsonic, the crowd and the show.

Subvert myspace

Bonobo- London, UK [downtempo]

Labyrinth Stage -- Saturday, August 9th 4:00am-6:00am
The Rock Pit -- Saturday, August 9th 11:00pm-1:00am

Bonobo in the mix XFM 2005

It's all about the levels with Bonobo. Not in a techy, studio kinda way, but in the levels of involvement with his music. On the surface there are the organic, pastoral atmospheres, the catchy melodies, the elements that caught people from his first album. You can engage with a Bonobo tune in that way if you wish, and will be well rewarded for it. But it's the deeper, slightly hidden levels that you should investigate, for they bring the greatest prize. It's these elements that he explored on 'Dial M For Monkey', as a greater focus on live instruments, the intricacies of rhythm, the darker shades of the soul, and almost a sleight of hand, that meant that you could be in one mood one minute, and the next you would somewhere different.

Bonobo myspace

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Skream Stella Sessions: Noah D guestmix

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PacNW badman Noah D with this week's guestmix on Skream's weekly Stella Sessions July 23rd, 2008, on the one and only Out to the Argon fam for hosting this one, and out to Noah for holding it down for the Upper Left Side. this ones murdah.

TRACKLIST for Noah D mix [starts at 32:00]:

1. Noah D - Vibrationz
2. Satori - Time To Kill
(Forthcoming + THOUGHT)
3. Noah D - Twister
(Forthcoming SUBWAY - Noah D EP)
4. Noah D - Stomping Ground (Instrumental)
(Forthcoming BASSHEAD MUSIC)
5. Switch & Freq Nasty Feat. Santo Gold - Creator
6. Noah D & Babylon System - Take That
(Noah D VIP)
7. Matty G - Cuttin & Scratchin
(Forthcoming ARGON LP01 - Matty G - Take You Back LP)
8. Skream - Filth
(Forthcoming TEMPA - SKREAMIZM 5)
9. Babylon System & Noah D - Examination of Time
(VIP - Forthcoming ARGON 019)
10. Noah D - Got U Now
11. Breakage - Untitled


Noah D myspace

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Hudson Mohawk: MAH guestmix

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Turntable wizards, Birdy Nam Nam are up against hot young star, Hudson Mohawke this week. Expect two rather expertly crafted mixes...

Plus brand new tracks from Mike Slott, Goth Trad, and The Daega Sound System



Wednesday 30th July

Burial - 'Raver' From The Lp 'Untrue' (Hyperdub)
The Village Orchestra - 'Tober' (Stuff)

Mike Slott - 'Knock Knock' (Dubplate)


Goth Trad - 'Itinerant Priest' (Dubplate) - CD T2

Movado - 'Chat Too Much/Warning' From The Lp 'Gangsta For Life: The Symphony Of David Brooks' (24x7)
Shackleton - 'Shortwave' From The 'The Rope Tightens' 12" (Skull Disco)
Andy Stott - 'Replace' From The Lp 'Unknown Exception: Selected Tracks Vol 1 (2004-2008)

Hudson Mohawke Mix

Aardvarck – ‘Water’ (Nod Navigators)
Mammal Ft Chris Brown/TPain – ‘Kiss Kiss’ (Mo Twrk)
Hudson Mo – ‘Zo0o0m’ (unreleased 2006)
Hudson Mo – ‘Open Lock’ (unreleased 2005)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo & Mike Slott) – ‘Work That’ (All City Records)
Hudson Mo – ‘Girders loop’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Returning’ (Unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Dip It Low’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Sequon loop’ (unreleased 2006)
Nas ft Keri Hilson – ‘Hero Instrumental’
MonoPoly – ‘MS20’
American Men – ‘Cool Snake’
James Pants – ‘Blowjob’
Damfunk – ‘Thank You’
Mike Slott – ‘Sumz’ (unreleased 2008)
Hudson Mo – ‘Polkadot Blues’ (Warp)
Harmonic 313 – ‘El n Kat rough mixx’
Hudson Mo – ‘Spotted’ intro
Hudson Mo – ‘Butterfat’ (unreleased 2007)
Rustie/Joker – ‘Play Doe’
Hudson Mo – ‘500 loop’
Heralds of Change – ‘Bopgunn’ (All City)
Hudson Mo – ‘YoNard’ (Warp)

Zed Bias - 'Solitary Drop' Feat Joshua Black (Aquatic Lab)
No.Lay Feat Ghetto - 'Swagger' Remix (Enterprises)


Martyn - 'Vancover' 2562 Mix (3024)

Artist Unknown - Title Unknown (White Label)

Birdy Nam Nam Mix

Kk Feat Candle - Title Unknown From The 'Dance In The Khaos Ep' (Lo-Vibes)


The Daega Sound System - 'Passion' (Dpr)

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Caspa & Rusko, Benga- 10 Days Off mp3s

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Benga live at 10 Days Off 2008


Caspa and Rusko at 10 Days Off 2008


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BunZer0 live at 10 Days Off mp3

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BunZer0 live at 10 Days Off 2008 in Gent, Belgium.


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Bassfaced Podcast 03

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DJ Coop bringin' another podcast for all you regulars keep it locked! (41:44)

1. Killa Kella - Secrets (Wiley Remix) (RCA) >> Sully - Heartbeat (Mugwell Bill Rekids)
2. The Count & Sinden - Dock Leaf (Domino)
3. Joker - Gull Brook Lane (Terrorythm)
4. Joker - Holly Brook Park (Kapsize)
5. Rossi B & Luca - Enemy (War Dubz)
6. Reload Warrior - Dub Terror with A-Miti Ft. Warrior Queen (Universal Egg)
7. MRK1 - Ready For Love (Planet Mu)
8. Ikronik - Stay With Me (Ft. Chipmunk) (Agent X Mix) (Asylum)
9. Pay As You Go Cartel - Know We (Delinquent Mix) (Solid City)
10. Sukh Knight - Born Invincible (True Tiger)
11. Benga - 26 Basslines (Tempa)
12. DJ Coop - Coop Don't Give A Fuck (Dub)
13. Stush - Dollar Sign (Soul Jazz)
14. Screaming Soul - Warfare (Rukspin & Planas Remix) (Ranking)



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10 Days Off 2008 videos

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Benga live at 10 Days Off

Caspa & Rusko live at 10 Days Off

Bunzer0 live at 10 Days Off

Videos courtesy of code314 for InYourBassTV thanks bruvv.

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Bassfaced Exclusive - Coop Don't Give A Fuck

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DJ Coop here giving you a first time Bassfaced Exclusive! For you regulars and new comers out there, this is our first exclusive free 320 mp3 from our library to yours! The track is titled "Coop Don't Give A Fuck" featuring vocals from Beenie Man's I Don't Give A Dub. Produced by yours truly, DJ Coop Thanks for all the support so far and keep it locked! Bless.



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Kode9 mixes

Kode 9 vs. Flying Lotus on Rinse.FM, live November 20th, 2007.

1] Heralds Of Change - Spotted
2] Rustie - Soapy Tits- beatnicks
3] Zomby - Spliff Dub [Rustie Rmx] Big fucking tune.
4] Ikonika - Please
5] Joker - Gully Brook Lane
6] DJ Mitsu the Beats - Negative Ion (Sa-Ra Remix)
7] Pattie Blingh - To: Re (Samiyam Mix)
8] Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack

Fly Lo steps in

9] Cookie Skit... lol
10] ?
11] ?
12] ?
13] Alien Skit
14] ???

Kode 9 on

****15]**** don't think there's a track in here
16] Kode 9 - Konfusion
17] Mashup with Tugged Out Bitches / Bodies18] TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM remix)
19] James Yorkston - Woozy with Cider (Kode9 Rmx)
20] Mala - Unexpected
21] The Bug & Flowdan - Skeng [Kode 9 Rmx]

Fly Lo

22] ?
23] ?
24] ?
25] Madvillian - Shadows Of Tomorrow Feat. Lord Quasimoto [Flying Lotus Remix]
26] J Dilla - Lightworks [Remix?]
27] Mr Oizo - $tunt [Flying Lotus Remix]
28] ?
29] ?
30] ?
31] ? Sounds Familiar Fly Lo I think

Kode 9

32] Quarta330 - Bleeps From Outer Space (i think)
33] Mala - City Cycle
34] Dabrye - Air Feat. Doom [Kode 9 Remix]
35] Martyn - Velvet
36] Ikonika - Simulacrum
37] Kode 9 - ???
38] Badawi - Den of Drumz (Kode9 Rmx)

Fly Lo

39] ?
38] ?
39] Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
40] Si Begg - Bangin
41] ?
42] ?
43] Flying Lotus - Riot
44] ?
45] ?


Kode9 Funky House Mix

1.Rhythm & Sound ft. Jennifer Lara - Queen in my Empire
2.Kudu - Space
3.Geeneus - Yellowtail
4.Apple - Segalizer
5.Mentor Roska - Feeline VIP
6.Frankee Solar - Unknown
7.Mentor Roska - Pyramids
8.Fuzzy Logic - Twiss


Kode9 & Spaceape LIVE in the BBC Studios on Giles Peterson's show, July 24th 2008.

Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Black Smoke’ (In session)
Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Confusion’ (In session)
Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Untitled’ (In session)
Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Abeng’ (In session)
Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Bullet’ against bone (In session)
Kode 9 and the Space Ape – ‘Kyro’ (In session)


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Appleblim & 2562 features

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Appleblim: Dubstep is a feeling

Words / Richard Carnes for
Published / Fri, 18 Jul 2008

Richard Carnes catches up with Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osborne in Bristol to talk about his roots, the impending death of Skull Disco, and what the future holds for him and his new label.

With their speaker-bothering basslines and rattling African percussion, the Skull Disco lads have made quite a name for themselves all over the globe. From their first release they’ve turned heads, with Appleblim’s heavy, metallic sound providing the perfect counterpoint for Shackleton’s more ethnic and polyrhythmic style.

Their popularity, especially in techno circles, has been helped greatly by none other than Ricardo Villalobos, who has championed their records and famously provided a remix of Shackleton’s ‘Blood On Our Hands’. “He did it for us for nothing’, Laurie informs us. “He just loved the music so much that he wanted to remix the record”. A weighty endorsement, indeed. But it’s not just Shackleton that's been getting his tracks remixed by techno heavyweights. Osborne’s ‘Vansan’ has been given the remix treatment by Chain Reaction legend Torsten Pröfrock (aka T++), and is due for release later in the year. Inquisitive ears can check it out on Appleblim’s April podcast for Rinse FM here.

Whilst Shackleton has stepped up a gear and started to play Ableton-aided live sets, Appleblim has kept his focus on DJing, showing his skills to full effect on last month’s Dubstep Allstars mix for the Tempa label. A total departure from the series’ previous instalments, Osborne finds time to showcase the deeper, more techno-influenced side of the genre, alongside proven dancefloor bombs such as the post-junglism of RSD’s ‘Pretty Bright Light’ and the menacing bass pressure of TRG’s ‘Decisions’. As last week’s RA podcast proves, the quality of the Tempa mix is definitely not a one-off.

[read the full article/interview HERE]

2562: Dubstep in the area

Words / John Citizen for
Published / Mon, 21 Jul 2008

Dubstep may still be a local thing, but it's no longer local to just one place. RA's John Citizen catches up with Dutch producer 2562 to talk scenes, sounds and area codes.

Owner of perhaps the most nondescript moniker in dubstep, Dave Huismans created a stir when his debut for Pinch's Tectonic Recordings first surfaced. 'Channel Two' marked the point at which an emergent sound became increasingly identifiable, a locus point for the growing cluster of producers smearing the edges between the formerly distinct realms of techno and dubstep. Nowadays, it's a full-blown movement, as artists like Peverlist, Martyn, Appleblim and Pinch have been putting out numerous releases in this fertile area between the two genres.

With a trademark percussive style which offsets precision beat edits with generous swathes of melody, 2562's own fusion of techno, garage, broken beat and dub has rapidly found favour across a wide spectrum of listeners. Performing under the dual aliases of 2562 and A Made Up Sound, Huismans now finds himself booked to play at events as varied as the influences from which he draws his inspiration. That trend is one that should continue with the recent release of his full-length debut, Aerial.

[read the full article/interview HERE]

check out 2562's recent remix of Martyn's Vancouver, forthcoming on 3024 003 on his Myspace.

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Rusko- live on KissFM July 23rd

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another set from badman Rusky Banton on the one and only KissFM, covering for Hatcha, with MC CrazyD on the mic.

recorded July 23rd, 2008.

Rusko - To Da Floor - Dub
Stenchman - Hello Anybody There - Dub
Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Dub
Caspa And Rusko - Soulful Geeza - Dubpolice
Rusko - Go Go Gadget - Dub
Rusko - Period - Digital Soundboy
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Asylum
Doctor - Raise The Tempature - Dubtrade Rec
Chase And Status - Saxon - Ram
Bun Vs Ill Bill Bachelor - Choppa - Dub
Caspa - Rubber Chicken (Rusko Remix) - Dub
Rusko - Tough - Subsoldiers
Rusko - Woo - Digital Soundboy
Caspa - Louder Vip - Dubpolice
Rusko - Check Mate - Dub
Blasta - Reach Out For Dub Girl - Dub
Dkay - Fire (Rusko's Fuck Ya Bolloks Off Remix) - Dubpolice
Skream - Fastlane - Dub
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix) - Atlantic
Rusko - Network - Dub
Stenchman - Lets Rock - Dub
Marcus Visionary And Satori - Flying Dubs - Digital Soundboy
Benga And Coki - Night (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dub
Rusko - Let's Go - Dub
Shy Chlid - Noise Won't Stop (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dub
Buraka Som Sistema & Rusko - Luanda Lisboa - Dub
Benny And Vincenzo - Burberry Boy - Dub
Rusko - Terminal3 - Dub
Kid Sister - Switchboard Rusko Vip - Asylum
Rusko - Holdon - Dub


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Plastician & Joker on

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here's another set from the Plasticman on his weekly radio show with MC Nomad. This week, Joker is in the studio delivering a special guestmix featuring new tunes from himself released on Plastician's Terrorrhythm record label and his own Kapsize imprint, as well as tunes from Gemmy and J@kes.


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Sublo - Roman Roads Reloadz

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Bassfaced is privileged to salute Seattle's own Sublo on a massive mixtape release of Roman Roads Reloadz; an exclusive grime mixtape that features his own original work, the PNW banger, West Coast Slags! (9:30)

Roman Roads Reloadz (35:58)
1. Rude Kid - China Town
2. The Others - Bushido
3. Wiley - Badman Talking ft. Flowdan
4. Rude Kid - The Best
5. Maniac - Sorry You Are?
6. Jammer - My Life ft. Dizzee Rascal
7. Sublo - West Coast Slags >>> Skepta - You Dead Pussy
8. Frisco - Skengman Mode
9. Maniac - Bow E3 VIP
10. Team Shadetek - Reign ft. Skepta
11. Davinche - Phaze
12. Joker - Snake Eater
13. Wiley - Spirit in the Beat
14. Skeamz - Its On Top
15. Riko Dan - Big Time Veteran
16. Skepta - Kill off Killy
17. Maniac - Real Grime Kid
18. Wiley - Gangsters (JME rmx)
19. DOK - Oxtall
20. Wonder - What Have You Done ft. Kano
21. DOK - Zumpi Huntah RMX
22. Joker - Stuck In the System


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DubWarNYC @ Camp Bisco VII

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[out to Seckle on the pics and vids, your time bruv]

video tracklist:

mala - Shake out your demons
mala - bury the bwoy
distance - victim support
mala - drunken swagger (tease)
skream- wobble that gut
coki - spongebob

and so ends another Camp Bisco, a festival in Mariaville, NY known to showcase the ever blurring line between live performance, improvisation, and electronic music. This year, the Bassfaced crew had the pleasure of coming together with Meatcamp Productions who put on the festival and exposing the eclectic audience to the sounds of dubstep for the first time by bringing the DubWarNYC crew for their first Camp performance.

Playing to a full Dance tent of people at the start of their set on Saturday, Juakali kept the audience hyped with his unique blend of vocals, toastin' on the mic, and the all important screams of "DubWaaaaaaaaaaaR" echoing through the tent. Joe Nice and Dave Q threw down an impressive hour and a half b2b set that produced some of the most energy felt all day long, the crowd exploding after each and every drop. The audience fed off of that energy, and if you were there, you know you felt something really special in the air during their set. Delivering huge dubs from the likes of Mala, Distance, Coki, Rusko, Skream, and countless others, the DubWar fam delivered the set of the weekend and got the crowd as rowdy and rabid as I have ever seen at a Camp Bisco set.

out to the DubWarNYC crew, Meatcamp productions, Seckle, and everyone who came out to show their support.

rest assured, this is only the beginning.

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Squarepusher live at Bangface 2008

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Squarepusher's live set from this April's BangFace Weekender festival.


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SonicBoom UK Silkie Interview

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here is another big interview courtesy of Sonic Boom UK, featuring Anti-Social Entertainment's Silkie.

Silkie has had some big releases of late, perhaps none bigger than Cyberdub released on Mala's Deep Medi label.

You can watch the Interview HERE

also be sure to catch Silkie on MAH's Generation Bass show coming this August on the BBC.

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Kode9/DubWarNYC tomorrow!

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10pm til late
21+ (bring ID)
cost: $10 advance / $15 @ the door before 1 am / $20 @ the door after 1 am

179 MacDougal St @ 8th St, New York City by subway: A,C,E,B,D,F,V to West 4th


10 - 11 : Dave Q
(dubby, minimal tech set)

11 - 12 : OverCast Radio

12 - 1 : Ras G

1 - 2:45 : Kode 9

2:45 - 4:45: JoeNice b2b Dave Q

4:45 - ? : Stamina Crew Slow Jam Set by JoeNice

DubWar weekend warrior crew in full effect!

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Electronic Explorations 031: Geiom [live]

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(01) - October - Houston - [Forthcoming ‘Caravan Recordings’]
(02) - Kowton - Metronome - [dubplate]
(03) - Function - Isotope - [Sandwell District]
(04) - XX XY - Rain With Limiter - [Dubplate]
(05) - Flying Lotus feat Lil Wayne - ‘Robo Tussin’ (Dubplate)
(06) - TRG - Everything We Stand For - [Cool & Deadly Records]
(07) - Tayo - March Of The Soundboy (TRG Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Cool & Deadly’]
(08) - Sully Shanks - Give Me Up - [2nd Drop Records]
(09) - RQM - ‘Miss Pacman’ Oliver $ Bassjunk (Instr) (Exploited)
(10) - Wedge - Harkonnen - [Forthcoming ‘Paradise Lost’]
(11) - Mike Lennon – ‘Brass Eye’ (Reso Remix) - [Zaudio]
(12) - Ruckspin - Hornz 2008 - [RAN001]
(13) - Geiom Feat Marita - Reminissin - [From ‘Steppas’ Delight’ - ‘Soul Jazz Records’]

Geiom - Recorded Live @ ‘Magnetic Man Tour’ - Rescue Rooms in Notts.

01 - Geiom - Intro
02 - Geiom - Over Night Biscuits - [BRK 001]
03 - Geiom - Shocks On The Rocks - [BRK 001]
04 - Geiom - Berkane Sol - [BRK 002]
05 - Geiom - How To Love - [BRK 002]
06 - Geiom - Unnecessary Stress - [BRK 004]
07 - Geiom - Feel So Bad - [BRK 003]
08 - Geiom - De Nim E Le Fant - [BRK 003]
09 - Geiom - Everlasting - [BRKCD 001]
10 - Gunculture/’Skenga’ By Earlybird
11 - Geiom - Pheli Nazir - [BRKCD 001]
12 - Geiom - Protecting Hands By Clouds


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Upcoming LP Releases

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Matty G- Take You Back

Argon Records presents
Matty G - Take You Back
The debut album, featuring Juakali, Luv Fyah, Ugene and Audio Angel.

It's a peaceful, foggy night in Santa Cruz. Waves are crashing on the beach and Matty G is up late, working on his latest beat. Some of the most celebrated and beloved dubstep music has emerged from Matty G's Beach Hill studio in Santa Cruz, California. The story continues with his first album, built from a lifetime of diverse musical influences.

Matty G grew up playing the baritone saxophone (where his love of bass was found), while listening to hip hop, reggae and soul. He moved to Santa Cruz in 1998, where friends introduced him to DJ culture through house music, and later drum and bass. Unsatisfied with the direction music was taking, and tired of searching for records he could identify with, Matty switched to production to get the sounds in his head onto vinyl.

His early music consisted of bass-heavy hip hop beats with reggae and soul vibes. These proto-dubstep tunes were the foundation for his modern dubstep classics - Bitter Love, 50,000 Watts and West Coast Rocks. Take You Back spans the full spectrum of Matty G's style, taking the listener on a journey through musical history with tunes influenced by funk, soul, hip hop, reggae and lover's rock. Vocal and production collaborations with respected artists Juakali, Audio Angel, Luv Fyah and Ugene complement the theme by allowing Matty the opportunity to work with his friends.

CD / Digital (ARGCD01)
1: Matty's Theme
2: Cuttin' n Scratchin'
3: Last B Boy
4: Argon Connection
5: Saddle Up
6: Rasta Dem Nah Run featuring Juakali
7: Nuff A Dis featuring Luv Fyah
8: Cold Break Ill featuring Ugene
9: Matty's Theme II
10: 80's Crush featuring Juakali
11: Summer Solstice
12: Jazzy Ways featuring Audio Angel
13: Don't Wanna Be featuring Juakali
14: The 808 Bass

A: Cuttin' n Scratchin'
B1: Saddle Up
B2: Summer Solstice
C: Cold Break Ill featuring Ugene
D1: Jazzy Ways featuring Audio Angel
D2: Nuff A Dis featuring Luv Fyah
E: Don't Wanna Be featuring Juakali
F1: Rasta Dem Nah Run featuring Juakali
F2: 80's Crush featuring Juakali

12" Sampler (ARGLPS01)

A: 50,000 Watts (VIP Mix)
B1: Last B Boy
B2: The 808 Bass

In stores everywhere - September 2008.

Argon Records

Matty G myspace

Hatcha & Kromestar- The Brothers Grim

'Two of Dubstep's biggest stars in Hatcha & Kromestar present their debut album, Brothers Grim, released on Eight:FX in Autumn 2008 and set to be the album of the year!'

Tracklisting for the LP can now be confirmed:

A1: Gutted (Hatcha, Kromestar & Chef)
A2: Movin
B1: 1919
B2: Bruce & The Biscuits
C1: Persi-Needs
C2: Mmmmm
D1: Great Escape
D2: Minimum

Tracklist for the CD & Digital download can also now be confirmed:

1) Great Escape
2) Ragz
3) Mmmmm
4) Gutted
5) Movin
6) Minimum
7) 1919
8- Persi-Needs
9) Bruce And The Buscuits
10) Bonus Track (CD Only)

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MAH: Bullion guestmix July 16th, 2008

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Bobby Friction and Mary Anne go back to back! Don't miss this installment of speaker-shattering bass...

And an exclusive mix from Bullion. This 24-year old producer from London stopped Mary Anne in her tracks when she heard his tunes, so this is sure to be pretty special indeed…

Also on the show, Mary Anne reveals exciting plans for the show to follow up the legendary Dubstep Warz of 2006 - Hold tight for Generation Bass to take place next month.


Wednesday 16th July

Bobby Friction joins Mary Anne for part two of the 'I'll play you mine, if you play me yours' back to back session!

Mary Anne:
The Thunderclaps ft Ghetto, Orifice, Vulgatron & Shameless - 'Judgement Day' (Dubplate)

Hifana - 'Wamono' (W+K Tokyo Lab)

Mary Anne:
Goth Trad - 'Alone Warrior' (Dubplate)

Juttla - 'Sub Zero' (Eastern Pressure)

Mary Anne:
Flying Lotus - 'Roberta Flack' Martyn's heart beat mix (Warp)

Goonda Brand - 'Infiltrate The Dragon' Cenzo's MPD6 remash (High Chai)

Pangea - 'You & I' (Hessle Audio Dubplate)

Najem Sworb - 'Teranidian' (A1)
Dub Gabriel & Yo Majesty 'Pony Girl' from the LP - 'Anarchy & Alchemy' (Destroy All Concepts)
Heartthrob - 'Out Of Here' from the LP 'Dear Painter, Paint Me' (M_nus)

Bullion Mix
Bullion – ‘Cutting Straps’ (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Rude Effort’ (One-Handed Music)
Bullion – ‘Young Heartache’ (Unreleased)
Paul White – ‘May I Have This Vocoder’ (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Long Promised’ (Unreleased)
Clout – ‘Sunshine Baby’ (Carrere)
Paul White – ‘Alien Nature’ (Unreleased)
EPMD – ‘Nobody's Safe’ Edit (Def Jam)
Natural Self – ‘The Rising’ Bullion Remix (Tru Thoughts)
Edan – ‘Beauty’ (Lewis)
Large Professor – ‘The Break’ (Unreleased)

Tor - 'Black Girls' (Pinch Of Salt)
Skream - 'Percression' (Tectonic)

Generation Bass Special Line Up Announcement

Mala’s choice: Silkie and Quest
Silkie - 'Dam 4' (Dubplate)

Skream’s choice: Kulture
Kulture - 'Vitamin D' (Dubplate)

Kode 9’s choice: Joker
Joker - '80s' (Kapsize)

Vex’d’s choice: Starkey
Starkey - 'Gutter Music' (Dubplate)

Hatcha’s choice: Chef
Chef - '6:31am' (Sub-Freq)

Loefah’s choice: Oneman
Loefah 'Mud' (DMZ)

Distance’s choice: Cyrus
Cyrus - 'Dream Awake' (Dubplate)

N-Type - 'Cant & Wont' (Dubplate)

Shed - 'The Flat Axe' from the LP 'Sheding The Past' (Ostgut)
Lone - 'Cali Drought' from the LP 'Lemurian' (Dealmaker)
Leila - 'Twelved' from the LP 'Blood, Looms and Blooms' (Warp)
Voafose - 'Weather Soc' (Reflex)

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Skreamism Vol. 5 announced

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Official Tracklist:

B1:If You Know
A2:Simple City
B2:One For The Heads Who Remember
B3:Love Dont Come Easily

Upcoming North American dates:

August 1st: Laundry Bar Miami, FL w/ Hatcha
August 2nd: Knitting Factory NYC, NY
August 3rd: Mad Decent Mausoleum Philly, PA w/ Diplo
August 6th: Nectar Lounge Seattle, WA w/ Roommate
August 7th: The Crown Room Portland, OR
August 10th: Shambhala Music Festival Salmo, BC w/ Rusko, Excision, Max Ulis

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Mala RBMA Fireside Chat and Mix

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Mala talks about his influences and what motivates him as a producer, as well as throwing down a DJ set of his own, live at the Red Bull Music Academy.


Mala - Blue Notez - DMZ
Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter - Soul Jazz
Digital Mystikz - Molten - Tectonic
Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub -DMZ
Mala - Da Wrath - DMZ
Coki - Spongebob - DMZ
Digital Mystikz - Stuck - DMZ
Mala - Changes - Deep Medi Music
Mala - Livin Different - Unreleased
Digital Mystikz - Third One - Soul Jazz
Mala - Bury Da Bwoy - DMZ
Mala - Forgive - Deep Medi Music
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It - Trax
Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile - Message

Stream HERE

you can also find sets from the likes of Benga, Caspa & Rusko, Kode9, and Plastician on the Red Bull Music Academy wesbite [only available as streams] HERE

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Daedelus Album Release Party download

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the celebratory sounds of the Daedelus “Love to Make Music to” Record Release Party, featuring many outstanding performances, dj sets, and surprises all night long, dublab and Ninja Tune are with you all evening making sure you do not to miss a minute of the music.

apologies on the quality of the rip, the stream was distorted all night and was recorded straight from the dublab stream. Kode9 hits the stage around 2hr and 20 minutes in. The recording consists of Thavious Beck, Kode9, Flying Lotus, and Deadelus before the dublab stream was cut out around 2am.


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DZ: Summer 2008 Promo mix

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Part I

DZ - Fitted
Antiserum - Shockwide
Woogie - End Dub
Sukh Knight - Chicken Curry
DZ - How We Do (round here)
High Deaf - Dubplate One
L-Vis1990 - Change The Game (Starkey RMX)
Bombaman - Block Letters
TRG - Oi!! Killa!!
DJG - Screwball
Buraka Som Systema - Kalemba (Reso RMX)
DZ - Chalice Dub VIP
DZ - Hella
Speculum - Nympho (Mowgli RMX Bombaman Re-Edit)
Kozee ft Werd2Jah - Spit Fyre
Stenchman - Atomic Drugs Activated
Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love (DZ RMX)
DZ - Down
Vista - Forcefield
DZ - Break It Down
Pawn & Emu ft Werd2Jah - Headshot
Bowzer & DZ - Forgotten Moments...

Part II

...Bowzer & DZ - Forgotten Moments
Alias - Enough (Bombaman RMX)
DZ - War Machines
Woogie - Chain Reaction
XI - Soul
DZ - The Jump Off
Babylon System - Get On Up
Stenchman - Make Ya Face Crack
DZ & Loetech - Amped
Bombaman - Mr Muskrat
DZ - The Fireman
High Deaf - Join My Cult
Will Blaze - Woop Woop
Dubsworth ft Bakir - Pudding Pop
Starkey vs MOVES!! - This Madness
Genetic.Krew - Blood Skank (DZ RMX)
RaKoon - Yeaah!
DZ - Manners
Loetech - Lighters (12th Planet RMX)
Reso - If Ya Can't Beat Em...
Stenchman - Computer Expert
High Deaf - Once The Drugs Are Done
DZ - Strong On Ya (DZ RMX)
Afrika Bambaata - Planet Rock (High Deaf RMX)
Starkey - Gutter Music
Dubsworth - Busted Brain
Uncle Sam - Round The World Girls (DZ RMX)
SPL & Roommate - Gangster
DJG & Antiserum - The Tide

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Argon Radio: July 2008

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nick argon:

giant - rain mind
unknown - heartbeat remix
plastician featuring uncle sam - japan (vocal mix)
ld - green ranger - forthcoming 2nd drop
noah d - got u now
clouds - spat
dj madd - detroit skank
tes la rok & desto - low
dutty ranks - won't forget
clouds featuring tiiu - under the dancing feet (healing of the nation steppers mix)
12th planet - untitled 67
desto featuring mindman - one thing (tes la rok remix)
public enemy - bring the noise (cotti remix)
tes la rok - strap
babylon system & noah d - examination of time (vip mix)
kosheen - guilty (plastician remix)
dj ss & greenlaw - warrior (tes la rok remix)
liondub featuring bassnacho - the curse (noah d remix)
ill bill bachelor - bleed you (j:kenzo remix)
konnek deep - music always

matty g:
queen sedna - meditation
roommate & noah d - street sound
cotti featuring doctor - rise the temperature
rusko - go go gadget rusko
noah d - heartbroken
capleton - danger zone 2008 remix
distinction & kromestar - zzzappah
rusko - cockney thug (caspa remix)
bounty killer - i am (caspa & rusko remix)
the bug - jah war (loefah remix)
caspa - street music
kromestar - get up
king solly - wicked king of persia
matty g - summer solstice
matty g feat. audio angel - jazzy ways
matty g - saddle up
rusko - soundboy is my target
matty g - cuttin' n scratchin'
matty g - cold break ill
cluekid - hovercraft
matty g - the 808 bass
matty g featuring luv fyah - nuff a dis
skream - dutch flowers (rusko remix)


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Geiom- Forbidden Planet mix

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Geiom - Forbidden Planet mix - July 2008 [ July podcast]

1. graveyard - a night with two moons - louis and bebe barron
2. reminissin' - geiom feat: marita - shackleton refix
3. salsa house - richie rich
4. the mood vibe - william rosario
5. what would we Do (remix) -DSK
6. frozen time - synchrojack
7. out there - friends of matthew
8. space + time - da real deal
9. losing marbles - trg + dub u
10. protecting hands - clouds - geiomix
11. ruffage - loefah
12. the branch is weak - shackleton - geiomix
13. feist - bionics
14. jah way - rsd
15. glazed - brackles
16. the funk - dj rekless
17. slavin' away - bass clef
18. robby arranges flowers, zaps monkey - louis and bebe barron


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N-Type b2b Benga on Rinse

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3 hour Benga b2b N-Type set originally aired on November 25th, 2007.


01.Burial - Archangel
02.Itchy Robot - Raw
03.Benga - Faith
04.Headhunter - ? (not Locus Lotus Laughing)
05.Clouds - Under The Dancing Feet (Tes La Rok Remix) (reload)
06.D1 - ?
07.Martin Buttrich - Well Done (Headhunter Unreleased Remix)

Benga Mix starts:
08.Benga - ?
09.Benga - ? (reload)
10.Benga - Urban Fox
11.? (reload)
12.Benga - The Cut
14.Skream - Oi, Come Here Son (reload)
15.Benga - 26 Basslines (reload)
16.Skream - Tek-A-Pill (reload)
17.Skream - Simple City
18.Benga - E-Trips
19.Benga - Massacre
20.Benga - Pleasure
21.Magnetic Man - ?
22.Benga - Untitled (reload)
23.Skream - ? (reload x2)
25.Benga - ?
26.Benga & Coki - Night
27.Benga & Coki - Night VIP
28.Skream - Chestboxin' (Benga Remix) (reload)
29.Benga - Drumz West
30.Benga - Industrial
31.Benga - Air
32.Skream - Wobble That Gut

Benga & N-Type back2back:
35.Uncle Sam - Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok VIP)
36.Rusko - Mr Chips
37.Jakes - 3kout
38.? (dark killer Smile)
39.DJ G - ?
40.Coki - Road Rage (reload)
41.Benga - Untitled/Badger On A Banjo Very Happy
42.? (reload)
43.Skream - Murderer (not really Wink)
47.Magnetic Man - ?
49.Skream - Heddbanger
50.Benga - ?
51.Skream - Oskilatah
52.Freezin' - Deep Within (reload)
54.Skream - Calous
55.? (reload)
57.Rob Sparx - 2 Faced Rasta (Reso Remix)
58.Dem 2 Ruff?
60.Rusko - ?
61.Benga - Insomnia Refix


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Roll Deep live on Westwood Radio1

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here's a set from the Roll Deep Crew, live on Westwood's BBC Radio1Xtra show July 6th, 2008.

Roll Deep (Karnage Ft. Scratchy, Flowdan, J2K, Killa P, Riko, Breeze and Manga)


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Free Disrupt 7" Digital Release

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disrupt - The Brink Of Destruction / Bit Defender

"The Brink Of Destruction" twists John Frum's echo landscape towards a more
rough countryside: a raw beatbox drum pattern, a blasting bassline and a skank
right from the electronics gear junkyard are driving the big synth line onwards
to, well, the brink of definite destruction. Can machines govern man? Does that
mean total disintegration now? Precisely. The War Machines are loose.

With "Bit Defender" you'll be full on automatic in the hands of the computahs.
Travelling at light speed and on the peak of a big bass wave the journey goes
on with ever-building intensity towards a point where space is boundless.
Beware of that surprising turn the tune takes and the mind blasting final.
High-G-Suit recommened for safe listening.


more net releases from Jahtari

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SubBus meets 2nd Drop- Sonar Aftermath

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Sonar aftermath special, recorded live in Barcelona on June 21st 2008.

Hosted by: MC Sgt Pokes

1. legalize it (west coast rmx) - dave q - (war002)
2. lower 8 - djg - (noppa)
3. conference - digital mistikz - (soul jazz)
4. circling - appleblim & peverelist - (skull disco)
5. notorious - f1 & kromestar - (dubstar)
6. airbus - f1 - (dubstar)
7. yeah - f1 & kromestar - (dubstar)
8. gangster for life - coki ft. movado - (white label)

9. fantasmas - 23hz & numaestro - (forthcoming 2nd drop )
10. chain smokin - migrant - (dub)
11. enclave - 23hz & numaestro - (dub)
12. flytrap - migrant - (dubkraft)
13. untitled - migrant - (dub)
14. when we play - migrant - (forthcoming dubstep division )
15. better have - relocate - (dub)
16. duende - migrant - (dub)

17. nemesis - 23hz & numaestro - (dubplate)
18. galleon dub - 23hz & numaestro - (immerse)
19. unknown - unknown - (south side allstars)
20. too moody to swing - relocate - (forthcoming iberian)
21. dot dot dash - relocate - (forthcoming iberian)
22. globetrotting - erol bellot - (hyperdub)
23. meltdown - tunnidge - (deep medi)
24. dissident - 23hz & numaestro - (dubplate)
25. 50000 watts - matty g (loefah rmx) - (argon)
26. shake out your demons - digital mistikz - (disfigured dubz)
27. digital - el-b ft. juiceman - (locked on)
28. al andaluz - 23hz & numaestro - (iberian)

29. natural marcus - talks of the prejudiced - (healing of the nation)
30. mungo’s hifi ft kenny knots - rock inna dancehall - (scotch bonnet)
31. hip hop - dead prez - (loud)
32. murderation - unknown - (unreleased)
33. dutch flowers (rusko rmx) - skream - (dub)
34. zumo - 23hz & numaestro - (forthcoming 2nd drop)
35. green ranger - ld - (forthcoming 2nd drop)
36. conqueror - jkenzo - (unreleased)
37. ptera patrick - 12th planet - (forthcoming smog)
38. solidstate - overcast radio - (unreleased)
39. reminiscin - geoim (skream rmx) - (berkane sol)

40. I and I - jack sparrow - (contagious)
41. ghost rider - el-b - (heavy artillery)
42. fighting talk - pinch - (souljazz)
43. junktion - peverelist - (tectonic)
44. carla - ramadanman - (souljazz)
45. den of drumz - kode 9 vs badawi - (roir)

Subsound b2b Markle
46. give me up - sully shanks (ld rmx) - (forthcoming 2nd drop)
47. broken heart - trg (martyns dcm rmx) - (hessle audio)
48. ufo mode - rudekid - (forthcoming no hats no hoods)
49. legacy - cotti & cluekid - (-30)
50. give me up - sully shanks - (2nd drop)
51. calm down - cotti ft doctor - (gpp)
52. here i come - barrington levi - (time)

DOWNLOAD via SubFM archive

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Upcoming Documentaries

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Dub Echoes

Bass Weight: a Dubstep Documentary

Lee Perry: "The Upsetter"

and finally, here is the Trailer for Musically Mad, a coming documentary about the soundsystem scene in England. This is just a few of the scenes, there's alot more to come!

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Skream- Stella Sessions July 9, 2008

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here is an archive of Skream's most recent Stella Sessions on the one and only

this week, the anything goes special...Skream playing anything and everything from the personal jukebox.

out to skream, get-darker for the link, count duckula, and the disco vibes crew.

DOWNLOAD via GetDarker

and in case anyone missed last week's:

July 2nd, Stella Sessions

01.Skream - Inside Ya
02.Skream - One For The Heads That Remember
03.Chookie Ting - Lost (Skream Remix)
04.Skream - If You Know
05.Skream - Angry Road
06.Breakage - Rain
07.Skream - Perc?
08.Skream - Filth
09.Crissy Cris - Soap Dodger
10.Kulture - Diesel
11.Skream - Heddbanger
12.Coki - ?
13.Skream - ?
14.D.Kay - Fire (Rusko Remix)
16.? ("i trust you") <- this one's deeeeep!
17.Dakimh - Done
19.Skream - ?
24.? ("1975")
28.? ("hold on")
29.Warrior Queen - Almighty Father (? Remix)
30.Skream - Simple City
31.Skream - Summer Dreams
32.Skream & L16 - Stay Devoted
33.Skream - Inside Ya
34.Chookie Ting - Lost (Skream Remix)
35.Skream - Love Don't Come Easily

crack 'em!

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Robbing Hood - Bullseye! (AXRD002)

Category: , , By coupe1

Robbing Hood's Bullseye album finally droping tomorrow. It will be available digitally from and as a limited edition CD from
Here's a little preview mixed by the man dem himself, the one and only Robbing Hood! using all the tracks.

01. Robbing in the Hood, (aka Robin of Sherwood)
02. Deliverance
03. The Birds
04. Jazzed Up
05. Naked Lunch
06. Jack Out
07. Kafka
08. Fantastic Voyage
09. Whistle Stop
10. Someplace New, (aka Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia)
11. I Like Your Style
12. Angelopoulous
13. On Dangerous Ground
14. Assassin

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kPER- wONK FUNk mix

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Kper maps out manoeuvres from the new wave of electronic producers warping the bones of hip hop.
"...a throwback to the days of the old boom bap, when tracks just made you want to bang your head and break your neck", says Laurent Fintoni, aka Kper, of his current hip hop fixes: beatheads such as Flying Lotus and edIT in LA, Dabrye and Waajeed in Detroit, and Rustie and Hudson Mohawke in Scotland.

Laurent has been interviewing some of the aforementioned artists for articles coming out in the August issue of Serie B magazine. This mix, featuring snippets of the interviews (taken from, showcases many of the crucial players in this globally evolving hip hop sound. More info on the mix can be found over at Laurent's blog. stream


* Dilla beats intro
* 2tall — Killa (unreleased)
* Dabrye — Truflle no Shuffle (Ghostly)
* Flying Lotus — wwwdot (July Heat)
* Heralds of Change — Sittin On the Side (All City)
* Piano Overlord — Track 3 (Money Studies)
* edIT — Laundry (Planet Mu)
* Dabrye ft Jay Dee and Phat Kat — Game Over (Flying Lotus remix) (Ghostly)
* FLYamSAM — The Offbeat (Ghostly Swim)
* Nosaj Thing — 1685 (unreleased)
* Bullion — Rude Effort (One-Handed Music)
* Harmonic 313 — Problem 7 (Warp)
* Bass Clef — Zero Eight Zero (Blank Tapes)
* Waajeed — Get Live (Fat City)
* Flying Lotus — Massage Situation (Warp)
* edIT — Certified Air Raid Material (Alpha Pup)
* Danny Breaks — Jellyfish (Alphabet Zoo)
* Heralds of Change — Work it (All City)
* Take aka Thomas 2000 — Lie-Twerx (Eat Concrete)
* J Dilla — Lightworks (Stones Throw)
* Ras G — Random Selection (P-Vine)
* Samiyam — Cheesecake Backslap (Hyperdub)
* Mike Slott — Knock Knock (All City)
* Take — Slouched Over (12″ edit) (Inner Current Recordings)
* Ooah — Hacksaw (Alpha Pup / GM unlimited)
* Hud Mo — Ooops! (Lucky Me x Wireblock)
* Megasoid — Soundbwoy Bass (inst) (unreleased)
* FOOL — Slaves (2tall remix) (Huw + Haw)
* Harmonic 313 — Call To Arms (Warp)
* Dabrye — Temper (Ghostly Swim)
* Joker — Gullybrook Lane (Soul Jazz)
* Zomby — Spliff Dub (Rustie remix) (Hyperdub)
* Quarta 330 — Sunset Dub (Hyperdub)
* Ikonika — Please (Hyperdub)
* Machinedrum — Don’t Ask Me (Sped up and Cut up mix) (Norm Rex)
* The Bug ft Spaceape — Fuckaz (Ninja Tune)
* Daedelus ft. Paperboy and Taz — Touchstone (Ninja Tune
* Heralds of Change ft Olivier Daysoul — Bopgunnn (All City)
* FOOL — Drama (Rustie remix) (Huw + Haw)
* Samiyam and Hudson Mohawke — Eff This (Red Bull)
* Flying Lotus — Camel (Warp)
* Hud Mo - Still On It — (Lucky Me x Wireblock)
* Ghislain Poirier — La Ronde (Musique Large)
* Rustie — Clipper (Stuff)
* J Dilla — Trucks (Stones Throw)
* edIT ft Jay Dee and Phat Kat — The Game is Not Over (Alpha Pup / GM Unlimited)


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MAH: Martyn vs. TRG guestmix

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Netherlands based Martyn & TRG from Romania deliver two killer mixes. The darkest textures effortlessly mixed to perfection.

And Mary Anne continues to tease with more news about her very special show to follow up the legendary Dubstep Warz show of 2006.

Plus brand new tunes from MLZ, Flying Lotus and Mr Beatnik...


Wednesday 9th July

Flying Lotus feat Lil Wayne - 'Robo Tussin' (Dubplate)
Birdy Nam Nam - 'Boulogne Express' (Dubplate)
Cotti - 'Public Enemy Dub' (Dubplate)
Balansky aka Cooh - 'title unknown'
Jaques Lauder - 'Reject' (Techno rework) from the LP 'Seed Records Volume Two'
Mr Beatnik ft Ahu 'I Know All The Bitches' Billion mix (Altered Vibes)
Nadja - 'Alien In My Own Skin' Vex'd remix 4b from the compilation 'Analog Clash'
(Lo Dubs)
MLZ - 'newanaloguecentury' (Modern Love)

Exclusive Mix - Martyn

Can - Future days (Carl Craig Blade Runner mix) (white label)
Martyn - Vancouver (3024)
Martyn - Hear me (3024)
2562 - Old Town (unreleased)
Pangaea - Router (unreleased)
Martyn - Twenty four (3024)
Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn's heart beat mix) (Warp)
Martyn - Vancouver (2562 off dub) (3024)
Martyn - Natural selection (acapella) (3024)
Martyn - Natural selection (Flying Lotus conference clense mix) (3024)

Exclusive Mix - TRG

TRG - The Flex (Radio 1 exclusive)
TRG - Ghetto Romance (Subway)
TRG – 2084 (aka Please) (dub)
TRG - On Tour (dub)
DLX - Matter Of Fact (Breakage Relatively Speaking Remix)
Tayo - Marh of the Soundbwoyz (TRG Remix) (Cool & Deadly)
TRG - Everything We Stand For (Cool & Deadly)
TRG - Surreal (5AM Mix)
TRG - They Know (Berlin Wall VIP)
TRG - Put You Down (Dirty Sonix Remix)

Vaccine - 'In Vivo' (Dubplate)
Darkstar - 'Lilly Liver' (Starkey mix) (Offshore)
Matty G - 'West Coast Rocks' Glitch Mob remix (Dubplate)
Brotherhood - 'Dub By The River' from the LP 'Pulshar' (Phonobox)

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Starkey- Seclusiasis Radio July 2008

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Monday, July 7th 2008
host: Starkey

01 - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime"
02 - Starkey "Dark Alley"
03 - DZ "Down"
04 - Zomby "Gloop"
05 - Bombaman "Ten Thousand People in the Distance"
06 - Rusko "Hip Hop"
07 - The Thunderclaps ft. lots of people "Judgement Day"
08 - Tricky "Council Estate (Kotchy remix)"
09 - Lil Wayne "A Milli (Starkey remix)"
10 - Joker "Holly Brook Park"
11 - Skream "Percression"
12 - Cataracs ft The Pack "Blueberry Afghani (BD1982 remix)"
13 - Mathhead "Last"
14 - Radioactive Man "State of That (Starkey remix)"
15 - Bashy "Adulthood"
16 - Starkey "Gutter Music"
17 - Raffertie "Antisocial"
18 - Ebola "Painkillers"
19 - Taz Buckfaster "Murda Skank"
20 - Parson "White Cups Up"
21 - AC Slater "Party Like Us (Kanji Kinetic remix)"
22 - MOVES!!! "All Skate"
23 - Dub Militia "Bullet"
24 - DJ Venom "Slugs"
25 - J Courage ft Shizzle "Too Deep"
26 - Mikix the Cat "Freeze (Starkey remix)"
27 - DZ "The Fireman"
28 - Trill Bass "Tony Danza"
29 - Eero Johannes "Tonewash"
30 - Milano ft Turf Talk & Mistah FAB "Yes Sir (Dev79 remix)"
31 - R. Kelly "Hair Braider (Starkey remix)"
32 - Benga "Loose Synths"
33 - Starkey "Miracles"
34 - Juvenile ft Murk Boyz "Whippin"
35 - Jamie Vex'd "In System Travels"
36 - Mrk1 "Get Out Clause"
37 - Zomby "Aquafre5h"
38 - Dusk & Blackdown "Iqbal's Groove ft Farrah"
39 - Sharmaji "Break Your Heart"
40 - Robyn "Who's That Girl (Drop the Lime dub)"
41 - Darkstar "Lilyliver"
42 - Darkstar "Lilyliver (Starkey remix)"
43 - Horsepower Productions "Hand of Death (ft DJ Hatcha)"


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'London Zoo' Preview mixed by Kode9

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