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Ruffage Sessions aims to showcase under-represented producers, forgotten classics and fresh tracks from across the whole spectrum of dubstep and grime. The show is presented by Ben UFO, Pangaea and Ramadanman, three students in Leeds; arguably dubstep's second home.

appleblim b2b ramadanman b2b pangaea
ruffage sessions may 29th, 2008


01. Ghislain Poirier - They Wanna Know [Tax Records]
02. Keith Worthy - Deep for Days [Sistrum Recordings]
03. Radio Slave - K-Maze [REKIDS]
04. Intrusion - Intrusion (CV313 Reduction) [echospace [detroit]]
05. Ricardo Villalobos - Electonic Water (San Proper's 'It Ate My Quarter' Mix) [Perlon]
06. Shed - Warped Mind [Ostgut Tonträger]
07. CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerne) - Hypnotica Scale [Sandwell District]
08. Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip [Unreleased]
09. Footsie - Pissed [White]
10. Geiom feat. Marita - Reminissin (Kode9 Remix) [Forthcoming Berkane Sol]
11. Jus Wan - Action Potential [Unreleased]
12. Martyn - General 73 [Unreleased]
13. Pangaea - You & I [Unreleased]
14. Spherix - Look Back [Unreleased]
15. Headhunter - Physics Impulse [Unreleased]
16. Burial - Pirates [Hyperdub]
17. Jus Wan - Affletic [Unreleased]
18. DLX - ??? (Breakage Remix) [Unreleased]
19. Unknown - Untitled [Unreleased]
20. Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter [Soul Jazz]
21. Ramadanman - Bidding War [Unreleased]
22. Sharmaji - Qalandar [Unreleased]
23. Martyn - Vancouver [Forthcoming 3024]
24. Appleblim & Geiom - Shreds [Unreleased]
25. Joe - Grimelight [Unreleased]
26. DJ Madd - In The Lounge [Unreleased]
27. Ramadanman - Untitled [Unreleased]
28. Instra:mental - Futurist [Unreleased]
29. Komonazmuk - Light [Terminal DUsk]
30. Unknown - At Dub [Unreleased]
31. Peverelist - Gather [Unreleased]
32. Burial - Exit Wounds [Hyperdub]
33. Distance - Fallen [Boka]
34. Cyrus - Banshi [Unreleased]
35. Gemmy - Back 2 Da Future [Unreleased]
36. Joker - 80s [Forthcoming Kapsize]
37. RSD - Prophecy [White]
38. Joker - Snake Eater [Unreleased]
39. Mala - Da Wrath (Souljahz VIP Mix) [DMZ]
40. Unknown - Murderah [Unreleased]


Catch the Ruffage Sessions on SubFM every Thursday from 3pm-5pm EST.

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DJ Chef North American Tour Dates

Category: , , By brockolio resident DJ Chef is heading across the pond for his debut U.S. performances this Spring. Last night, he made his official debut at the Shift. monthly in Seattle and will pinball around the continent before heading back east to finish up his stateside stint at the DubWar 3rd Year Anniversary Party with DJs Skream and Cyrus.

05/31 Los Angeles, CA: Smog Sessions w/ 12th Planet & 6blocc
06/05 San Francisco, CA: Brap Dem One Year Anniversary @ Holy Grail w/ DZ
06/06 Chicago, IL: Lava
06/07 Vancouver, BC: Lighta!
06/14 Montreal, QC: There Will Be Dubs
06/20 New York, NY: Love: Dub War Three Year Anniversary w/ Skream & Cyrus

Chef archives

Chef myspace

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Plastician- May Mix 2008

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May just wouldn't be the same without another installment of Plastician's annual mix.

12th Planet - Busy Signal Vocal
Skream - Bits Dream
Sukh Knight - Lick It
Caspa - My Pet Monster
Plastician vs Kosheen - Guilty Remix
Skream - Filth
Chasing Shadows - The End
Crissy Criss - Soap Dodger
Rusko - Soundguy Target
Benny Page - Step Out
Benny Page & Zero G - Time To Kill
Babylon System - Get On Up
Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
Skream - Kinky
Crissy Criss - Tricks
Chase & Status - Bits
Komonazmuk - Night At Deluxe
Noah D & Roommate - Street Sound
MRK1 - Counteraction
DZ - Old Timers
Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh


Plastician ft. Skepta- Intensive Snare
Music Video by Dr. Smoov

Plastician's debut LP "Beg To Differ" releases on vinyl June 16th.

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Mungo's HiFi- Live at SubDub

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Mungo's HiFi live at SubDub 10-Year Anniversary Leeds, UK May 2nd 2008 [download]

Mungo's HiFi Soundsystem out of Glasgow, UK are known for their own unique brand of Reggae music, as well as their infamous speaker stacks built to shake tectonic plates. Mungo's embrace elements of the 1980s digital reggae movement and also incorporate roots dub and dubstep in the production of their tracks on their own Scotch Bonnet label.

Scotch Bonnet has been on fire recently with 8-bit, King Tubby meets Colecovision riddims from Jahtari's Disrupt & Rootah on their collaboration 10" release with Mikey Murka "Second Hand Man" as well as another Rootah & Mikey Murka 10" "She Gone" complete with reverb and delay drenched dub version.

"Babylon"- Mungo's HiFi, will be featured on Appleblim's Dubstep Allstars Volume 6.

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LuckyME XLR8R Podcast

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"If Scotland's LuckyMe collective is a little hard to define, that's only because they want to be. The group counts about twelve or so members, mostly beatmakers along with a few emcees and guest vocalists, who throw THE BALLER$ 5OCIAL CLUB monthly party at Glasgow School of Art. They broadcast a monthly radio show on, have their hands on a couple streetwear and design projects, and are now becoming a label to release "slabs of the crew's most leftfield and obscure works." That doesn't mean they don't work with other labels - Hudson Mohawke is signed with Warp Records and the young rising star Rustie works with Ramp and Hyperdub - but anything LuckyMe wants to do, it does. So, if it's hard to put your finger on what exactly Lucky Me is, that's only because they've made it that way.

This mix, put together by The Blessings (a.k.a. Dom Sum & FineArt), is every bit as hard to describe as the group themselves. The 22 tracks flow from Scotland-repping mid-tempo verses to ass-shaking instrumental bangers followed by glitched out abstractions and some hot diva wailing. We're expecting a whole lot more from this crew soon, but listening to these tracks it's easy to hear the future right now." Wyatt Williams, XLR8R


1. Tiago "INTERSTELLARjourneys" (LuckyMe)
2. Surface Emp "Moonbeam Jars" (LuckyMe)
3. American Men "Claude Speed (The Blessings Edit)" (LuckyMe)
4. Rustie "Shadow Enter" (LuckyMe)
5. 7VWWVW (aka Mammal) "Singer/Songwriter" (Crystal Wish)
6. Mike Slott & Distant Star "Boxed In" (All City)
7. Respite "Off Track (The Blessings Edit)" (LuckyMe)
8. The Blessings "Scared of Heights" (LuckyMe)
9. Hudson Mohawke "Work (Jimi Tenor Retwirk)" (LuckyMe)
10. Beyonders "Barely Eagle Intro" (Firecracker)
11. Nadsroic "Chemical" (LuckyMe)
12. The Blessings "Where Is Anna?" (LuckyMe)
13. Michio Okamiya "The Story Of The Heroes Birth" (Unknown)
14. Hudson Mohawke "Still On It" (LuckyMe)
15. Dema "Stoned Top The Bone" (LuckyMe)
16. Eric Coleman "What Is Love intro" (CD-R)
17. Samiyam "Petra's Birthday" (CD-R)
18. Jay Prada "Standing By" (LuckyMe)
19. Mike Slott & Muhsinah "Deux Three" (LuckyMe)
20. Rustie "Let You Go (Keisha Cole Resmacked)" (LuckyMe)
21. Babe In The Woods "Wandering Piper" (Unknown)
22. The Blessings "Fructose" (LuckyMe)

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Skrewface- Coconut Wata Sessions, May 29th

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irie love - put jah first
pressure - fire is getting redder (the shining riddim)
jah mason - never get me down (the shining riddim)
abja - in the ghetto streets (the shining riddim)
al pancho - bruk yu bread and share (the shining riddim)
lutan fyah - kingston 7 to 13 (happiness riddim)
warrior king - where colour is an issue (happiness riddim)
mr perfect - the king (happiness riddim)
natural black - another picture (happiness riddim)
norris man - time shall reveal (happiness riddim)
etana - closer
etana - more & more
tanya stephens - what about you (new day riddim/don corleon)
vybz kartel - standing in the rain (new day riddim/don corleon)
pressure - keep your head up (new day riddim/don corleon)
freddie mcgregor - we dont need no fuss (higher meditation riddim)
queen ifrika - love is the only solution (higher meditation riddim)
fiona - not enough (higher meditation riddim)
sadiki - love in your eyes (higher meditation riddim)
wayne wonder - apart (higher meditation riddim)
gyptian - bingimans wife (grow with me riddim)
jah cure - hold on (grow with me riddim)
black dillinger - its all right (grow with me riddim)
sizzla kalonji - most high (grow with me riddim)
gregory isaacs - rumours
jc lodge - telephone love
lady g - nuff respect
mighty diamonds - heavy load
admiral tibett - which one
r.kelly feat shaggy - flex (promo)
konshens - real rasta (promo)
stephen marley, damian marley & snoop - traffic jam remix (promo)
konshens - have me things (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
voicemail - booty call (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
natalie storm - back it up (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
elephant man - bad man she want (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
bugle - say say (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
serani - youre the only one (tear up jeans riddim/ward 21 prod.)
harry toddler - nuh tearing (record shop riddim)
konshens - garrison (record shop riddim)
vybz kartel - dandy shandy (unfinished business riddim)
erup - set the pace (unfinished business riddim)
monsta empire - bad fi who (unfinished business riddim)
buju banton - water man (unfinished business riddim)
harry toddler - real friends (unfinished business riddim)
chico - no weak heart (unfinished business riddim)
beenie man - since him dis (unfinished business riddim)
bugle - what dem doing (unfinished business riddim)
assassin - guide & protect (unfinished business riddim)
buju banton - you a go happen (golden tree riddim)
new kidz - flavour (golden tree riddim)
beenie man (gear box riddim)
vybz kartel (gear box riddim)
erupt (gear box riddim)

Catch Skrewface's Coconut Wata Sessions every Thursday from 6-8pm @

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Bunzer0- SubFM FOB show

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Bunzer0- SubFM FOB show May 29th, 2008

01. Max Ulis ft. Ras Oney : Can't Hold Me Down. ( ?)
02. 16Bit : President Of Europe. (Urban Essentials Forthcoming).
03. Kwality : Donald Trump. (Unreleased).
04. Vista : Dulivan. (Unreleased).
05. Xx – Xy : ?
06. Faib : Broken Mirror – HBAR Rmx. (Redvolume Forthcoming).
07. 2562 : Moog Dub. (Tectonic Forthcoming).
08. Vista : Ripple. (Unreleased).
09. Wedge : No Surrender. (3.5 Rec Forthcoming).
10. Von D : So many Faces. ( ?)
11. Saviour : Squarefootage VIP. (Stainage Dubs).
12. Fused Force : And Wot. (Urban Essentials Forthcoming).
13. Ramadanman : Untitled. (Unreleased).
14. Dlx : Matter Of Facts - Breakage's Relativley Speaking Remix. (Smog Forthcoming).
15. Ekelon : Evidence. (Unreleased).
16. Saviour : Scaffold. (Stainage Dubs).
17. 12th Planet : Ptera Patrick. (Smog Forthcoming).
18. Beezy : Coroners Opera – Stenchman Rmx. (Unreleased).
19. 12th Planet : C Sick. (10Bag Forthcoming).
20. Skream : Filth. (Unreleased).
21. Stenchman : Lemongrass Shitbiscuit. (Xs Dubz Forthcoming).
22. Twisted : Infect. (Unreleased).
23. 12th Planet : Hell – o. (Smog Forthcoming).
24. Saviour : People Like You. (Stainage Dubs).
25. Stenchman : Bish Bash Bosh. (Unreleased).
26. Helixir : Springz Wirez. (7even Rec).
27. Elemental : Zambal Dub. (Runtime Forthcoming).
28. Phaeleh : Too Many Emcees - feat. Aggi Dukes. ( ?)
29. Manndibull : Bln Rmx. (Unreleased).
30. Mbm : Hel Fire. (Planet Mu).
31. Liquid Wicked Feat. Murray Man : Fight And Problems. (Mellow Vibes Forthcoming).
32. Likhan : Daoinsidhe. (7even Rec Forthcoming).
33. Ekelon : Techrine. (Unreleased).
34. Data & Cell : Reverance. (Unreleased).
35. Alien Pimp : Robots & Cellos – Jasc Rmx. (Dubkraft).
36. Konnek Deep : Glow Bug. (Unreleased).
37. Sully Shanks : Give Me Up – LD Remix. (2Nd Drop Forthcoming).
38. 12th Planet : Spliff Politics w. Howard Marks. (Subconscious Forthcoming).
39. Grimelock : Glow Rmx. (Stainage Dubs).
40. Saviour : Iron Lung. (Stainage Dubs).
41. The Dub Project 2 : Earth Shake feat. Michael Rose & Big Youth. (MRecords).


Catch Bun's radio show on SubFM every Thursday

Bunzer0's Blog

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Martyn- Applepips 001 review

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Martyn- All I Have is Memories / Suburbia [applepips001]

Martyn is finding his way into mixes more and more often as the broken-beat techno movement in the dubstep sound begins to take shape and continue to push the boundaries of the genre's ambiguous title. His latest 12" release, "All I Have is Memories / Suburbia", on Appleblim's new label Applepips continues to show how versatile the sounds of dubstep can be. "Memories" has a humming bassline that albeit subtle in the mix, really helps carry the tunes lighter elements throughout. The occasional but impeccably placed wispy and ethereal vocal samples and an off-kilter but driving drum beat round out a solid A-side. "Suburbia" is the standout track on this release, though. The tone is set within the first 10 seconds when the initial saturated and warped organ makes its first appearance and immediately captures you, reminiscent of some of 2562's production. Buiding on that rhythm "Suburbia" begins to progress as different elements, drum clicks, and various bleeps and bass are allowed to weave in and out and find their own place throughout the course of the tune.
All I Have is Memoris (mp3 preview)

Suburbia (mp3 preview)

Martyn mix for Skream's Stella Sessions
1. martyn - natural selection (3024)
2. slaughter mob - no snare (?)
3. skream - trapped in a dark bubble (?)
4. martyn - suburbia (applepips)
5. geiom - reminissin' kode9 remix (berkane sol)
6. trg - broken heart martyns dcm mix (hessle audio)
7. horsepower productions - hand of death (tempa)
8. benny - jahroel (?)
9. pantha du prince - florac juswan remix (tube)
10. martyn - vancouver (3024)
11. shut up and dance - epileptic martyns no strobe mix (suadrecs)

Martyn's 2nd release on his own 3024 label, "Natural Selection / Vancouver" will be available this June.

martyn Myspace

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Hatch & Rusko on Kiss100fm

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Hatcha & Rusko in the mix on Hatcha's weekly Kiss100fm show May 27th, 2008.


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Boy Better Know

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the Boy Better Know crew consists of UK MCs Skepta & his brother JME, Eski-beat label founder WIley, Frisco, Shorty and DJ Maximus. At the forefront of the Grime movement, the Boy Better Know crew continues to put out hit material in 2008 and prove that Grime isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Check out their latest mixtape, put together by the group's DJ Maximus as well as their most recent show on

also be sure to check out Skepta's big single (and dance move) at the moment "Rolex Sweep."

Boy Better Know- Microphone Champion Mixtape (Mixed by DJ Maximus)

Boy Better Know- May 18th

Boy Better Know Myspace

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Dutty Artz Crew

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Matt Shadetek & DJ Rupture's label Dutty Artz are at the front of the tropical bass movement, currently holding it's base in NYC. They bring together music from thousands of miles apart, from Brooklyn to Cali, to the Caribbean and Europe with their flavor of island party music. Utilizing elements of Spanish music, dancehall, reggae, calypso, soca, and the occasional wobbling bassline; they create a unique party atmosphere that could find cross-cultural appreciation throughout the globe.

Dutty Artz have found a way to stay true to the roots of the music they take influence from while also bringing their own unique element into the fray, unifying the varying sounds with bumping basslines.

here is a mix from DuttyArtz's Geko Jones on WFMU earlier this year. Geko will be performing at the Tropical party June 6th alongside label co-founder Matt Shadetek. here is a taste of what to expect:

summer vibes all the way!

Geko Jones (Dutty Artz)- live on WFMU

Brooklyn Cumbia - Uproot Andy (unreleased)(BK)
Mateina - Frikstailers vs Lean Like a Cholo - Kilo(gexondex)(Cordoba,Cali,Rajistan)
Brooklyn Anthem-Ghis Poirier rmx -Team Shadetek (BLN, BK, T.O.) (Unreleased)
So Pa dodo- Dj 2Pekes (Angola)
El Ejen- Maki Afri-k (FRANCE??)
Almighty Father- Warrior Queen (UK)
Party in the Park (Marcus Visionary, TORONTO) (unreleased)
Boi de Cara Breta - Stereotyp ft Fefe (VIENNA, BRAZIL)
GRRR-Homeboy Sandman (dubplate) (QBoro-BK)
Grizzly- Bass Nacho (dubplate) (JA,MIA,BK)
Stamp Ya feet - Filewile Baby Chann (SWZ/UK)
Up There- Al Haca Stereotyp Daddy Freddy (Vienna)
Me mobile- Sinden and Jesse (UK)
Kunuaka- Makossa & Megablast (Vienna)
Pon Time- Stereotyp & Jahdan Blakkamoore (Vienna/Brooklyn)
Warlord’s Daughter (Max Ulis)- Lexie Lee (Vancouver/JA)
How I Ride- Baby Cham (JA)
1er Gaou -Magic System (Ivory Coast)
Merengue Mix- DJ Prako (Suriname/Netherlands)
No te Me despues mas- Tatico (Domincan Republic)
Eres Para Mi (Sonido Nacional rmx)- Julieta Venegas (MX/COLOMBIA)
Cumbia de Obama - Fosforo (Cali)
El Trompo- Electro 7 (Cuba)
He got the sound (zuzuku rmx) - Candice Cannabis
Doctors Orders (Fuego Mix)- Gregory Issacs/Funkworthy FM (dublate)
She Told Me -Noble Society- (Brooklyn)
Antillas- El Guincho (Canary Islands)


Upcoming Dutty Artz events:

Dutty Artz Blog

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Dutty Dubz Promo mix vol 3

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The Dutty Dubz crew out of Germany, consisting of producers Twisted, Rumble, Templer, and Rakoon comes correct with another heavy, not for the faint of heart promo mix that is sure to rattle your sternum on the right system.

be warned.

Dutty Dubz Bios


01. Benga - B 4 The Dual - Tempa
02. 12th Planet - AmPm - Unreleased
03. Stenchman - Make your Face Crack - Unreleased
04. DZ - Oldtimers - Unreleased
05. After Dark - Liquid Electro - Unreleased
06. Stenchman - Signs VIP - Unreleased
07. Ill Bill Bachelor - 5 Seconds - Unreleased
08. Blasta - Grendizer - Forthcoming Dub Bullet
09. Subscape - Badman - Forthcoming DUb Police
10. Alchemyst - Let the Bass drop - Unreleased
11. Rakoon - No Hassel - Unreleased
12. Robotic - Strange Shit - Unreleased
13. Excision & Noize - Force - Forthcoming Cyberfunk
14. Vista & Whiteboi - Anthrax - Unreleased
15. Subscape - Machine Music - Unreleased
16. DZ - Down - Forthcoming True Tiger
17. Stenchman - Lets Rock - Unreleased
18. Twisted - Erratic - Forthcoming Off Road
19. Subscape - Transaction - Forthcoming Dub Police
20. Twisted - Prophecy - Forthcoming Dub Bullet
21. Tes La Rok & Uncle Sam - VIP - Unreleased
22. Unitz - Bazil Bush - Unreleased
23. Stenchman - Atomic Drugs activated - Unreleased
24. Templer - Bluebarry Night - Unreleased
25. Rukspin & Quantum Soul - Rootical - Unreleased
26. Rusko - Biggest CHoppa - Unreleased
27. Subscape - Tomahawk - Forthcoming Dub Police
28. Faib - Broken Mirror - Innasekt RMX - Forthcoming Red Volume

Run Time 01:01:16


Dutty Dubz Myspace

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Rusko- Cockney Knees Up mix

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Originally aired on MAH's Radio1 show on the BBC this March, Rusko's Cockney Knees Up mix illustrates his dancefloor-oriented, torque-heavy live sound. Starting with a Dkay remix, Rusko then weaves in and out of his yet-to-be released material while also finding time to throw in tunes from fellow Dub Police label mates Caspa and Unitz. The mix also features the collaborative effort between Rusky and Buraka Som Sistema, who also have a Cockney Thug remix set for release this summer on the Cockney Thug EP alongside remixes from Caspa and Scratch Perverts. The mix ends triumphantly with "Soundguy Is My Target," the huge horn laden summer anthem with vocals from Lutan Fyah. "Soundguy" will find official release later this year on Rusko's 'Babylon Vol. 2' along with "Moanerz" and "Mr Chips."

# Dkay – Fire (Rusko electro mix)
# Rusko – Period
# Rusko – Breezeblock Ravers
# Unitz – The Drop
# Benga – Bengas OH his Head
# Rusko – Get Ya Cockout (Princess VIP)
# Rusko – Mr Muscle
# Rusko – Moanerz
# Rusko – Mo Go Gadget Rusko
# Caspa – Marmite
# Rusko – Jahova
# Marcus Visionary – Flying dubs
# Buraka and Rusko – Jumpup
# Skream – Murderer instrumental
# Rusko – Mr Chips
# Lutan Fyah and Rusko – Soundguy is my Target
# Rusko – Soundguy special

Rusko- Get Ya Cock Out


Upcoming Tour Dates:

May 29 2008 8:00P
rodigan vs rusko @ east village LDN BABY

May 30 2008 8:00P
munich germany

May 31 2008 8:00P
galway - the irish debut! ireland

Jun 4 2008 8:00P
rhythm factory LDN FYAH TOWN

Jun 5 2008 8:00P
caspa birthday special @ herbal LDN UK

Jun 7 2008 8:00P
subdub leeds leeds

Jun 8 2008 8:00P
durham uk

Jun 13 2008 8:00P
liverpool liverpool

Jun 14 2008 8:00P
newcastle newcasle geordie boys jolly up

Jun 14 2008 8:00P
cambridge uk

Jun 21 2008 8:00P
sonar party barcelona

Jun 25 2008 8:00P
lancaster UNI uk

Jun 27 2008 8:00P
amersham arms LDN

Jun 29 2008 8:00P
glastonbury festival uk

Jul 3 2008 8:00P
herbal london uk

Jul 4 2008 8:00P
TELAVIV israel

Jul 5 2008 8:00P
portsmouth uk

Jul 12 2008 8:00P
the big dirty birmingham

Jul 20 2008 8:00P
glade festival uk

Jul 24 2008 8:00P
Ghent belgium

Jul 25 2008 8:00P
global gathering uk

Aug 3 2008 8:00P
big chill festival uk

Aug 9 2008 8:00P
shambhala festival CANADA

Aug 12 2008 8:00P
LA hollywood lA

Rusko Myspace

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Upcoming Tes La Rok Releases

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Helsinki's Tes La Rok has been tearing up dancefloors throughout Europe with his big summer tunes 'Up In The VIP' and 'Round the World Girls' as well as his huge remix of Clouds' 'Under The Dancing Feet.' After months of anxious anticipation, these dubs are finally ready to see the light of day for the general public.

Forthcoming releases :

Under The Dancing Feet RMX / Round The World Girls vip (Argon)
Up In The Vip / Living Fire (Dub Police)
Samurai Code / Bwooy (Noppa)
Up In The Vip (Mary-Anne Hobbs "Evangeline" CD)

Under the Dancing Feet rmx will be his first release of 2008.

Remixes :

Tricky - Council Estate (Tes La Rok Rmx)
Dharmaone - Belong (Tes La Rok Rmx)
L-Wiz - Amy Diamonds (Tes La Rok Rmx)
Mungos HiFI - How U Bad So (Dubplate Rmx)
The Randomers - Nothing Left (Tes La Rok Rmx)
Unbalanced Jack - ? ( Tes La Rok Rmx)
Greenlaw Warriors - ? (Tes La Rok Rmx)
Rico Tubbs - Gangsters (Tes La Rok Rmx)

Stay tuned to his myspace for clips of these upcoming tunes.

Here is Tes' guestmix for MAH earlier this year:


Tes La Rok Myspace

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Skrewface- Coconut Wata Sessions

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Coconut Wata Sessions: May-15-08


tarrus riley & queen ifrika - stay with you (promo)
uncle sam - hurt me (promo)
busy signal - we burn dem (heart strings riddim)
chino - pretty ladies (heart strings riddim)
rupee - living lies (heart strings riddim)
uncle sam - be happy (heart strings riddim)
tami chynn - what do i do now (heart strings riddim)
leftside - from a magazine (heart strings riddim)
lutan fyah - overcome
derrick parker - mr big man
norris man - longing for the day
junior culture - pretty dunce
pressure - can you hear my cry (far away riddim)
voicemail - far away (far away riddim)
tarrus riley - backbiter (far away riddim)
morgan heritage - i know (far away riddim)
alaine - love (far away riddim)
sadiki - one touch (grooving riddim)
fiona - changes (grooving riddim)
mikey spice - when im with you (grooving riddim)
glen washington - game of love (grooving riddim)
mega banton - sound boy killing
pan head - bun it dunn
dennis brown - stop fussin and fighting
admiral tibet - cant hold me
louie culture - rudie dont fear
mega banton - buggerism
terror fabulous - drop it cool
spanner banner - teaze me (storm riddim)
pinchers - bandolero (storm riddim)
cocoa tea - im the roughest (storm riddim)
mad cobra - gundelero (storm riddim)
gregory isaacs - put some loving in the mail (storm riddim)
gregory isaacs - storm (storm riddim)
gregory isaacs - border
capleton - raggy road (raggy road riddim)
cocoa tea - wicked man (raggy road riddim)
shabba ranks - so jah say (raggy road riddim)
sizzla - positively clear (raggy road riddim)
morgan heritage - live up (raggy road riddim)
shabba ranks - dem bow
spragga benz - dem flop
shabba ranks - cant do the work
henkel irie - jamaican girl
johnny p - cant wash and cook
admiral bailey - a no sin
ninja man - run taxi
shabba ranks - gone up
mr easy - warning
general degree - giddy up giddy up
mr vegas - model pon dem
sanchez - im never gonna fall in love
little lenny - bum flick

Coconut Wata Sessions is live every thursday at 7-9pm CET

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Ben UFO- Ruffage Sessions May-22-08

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1. Dub U - Way Running (Unreleased)
2. Ramadanman - Blimey (Hessle Audio)
3. Burial - South London Boroughs (Hyperdub)
4. Skream - Shake It (Tempa)
5. Untold - Test Signal (Hessle Audio)
6. Kode 9, Benny Ill and the Culprit - Fat Larry's Skank (Tempa)
7. XX XY - Science Fiction (Unreleased)
8. Digital Mystikz - Twisup [Youngsta and Task remix] (DMZ)
9. Screaming Soul - Warfare [Ruckspin and Planas remix] (Forthcoming Ranking)
10. Spherix - Rule of 3s (Unreleased)
11. Marc Ashken - Roots Dyed Dark [Skreamix] (Left Room)
12. Martin Buttrich - Well Done [Headhunter 4x4 mix] (Unreleased)
13. DJ Madd - In The Lounge (Unreleased)
14. Martyn - Vancouver (Forthcoming 3024)
15. Search and Destroy - Candyfloss (Hot Flush) - reload
16. Komonazmuk - Bad Apple (Forthcoming Hench)
17. Ghost - The Spooks (Ghost Trax)
18. Untold - Walk Through Walls (Forthcoming Hemlock)
19. Tubby - Tigerstyle (Braindead)
20. Drop The Lime - Hold On (Rag and Bone)
21. Scratchy - Stick A Pin (Dump Valve)
22. Wiley - Flyboy (White)
23. Kode 9 - Den of Drumz (ROIR)
24. Sully - Trackside (Unreleased) - reload
-----> The Bug feat. Flowdan and Killa P - Skeng (Hyperdub)
26. Mala - Shake Out Your Demons (Disfigured Dubs)
27. Ramadanman - Pen Hill (Unreleased)
28. 2562 - Enforcers (Tectonic)
29. Ramadanman - Humber (Unreleased)
30. Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Skull Disco)
31. Mala - Changes (Deep Medi)
32. Simian Mobile Disco - Believe [Pinch remix] (Forthcoming Wichita)
33. Martyn - Natural Selection (Forthcoming 3024)
34. Likhan - Terre (Se7en)
35. Geiom - Feel So Bad (Berkane Sol)
36. Ekalon - Timewarp [Headhunter remix] (Forthcoming Planet Mu)
37. Skream - Glamma (Tempa)
38. Synkro - You Don't Know (Unreleased) - reload


Ben UFO Myspace

Hessle Audio

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kode9 North American Tourdates

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May 31 2008 12:00P
with Spaceape Live @ Savoy @ Metropolis @ Mutek Montreal

May 31 2008 4:00P
DJ/MC set @ Parc Jean Drapeau with Flying Lotus & Martyn Montreal

Jul 1 2008 11:00P
W.F.C Winter Garden, River to River Festival New York, New York

Jul 3 2008 12:00P
Eagle Theatre Detroit, Michigan

Jul 5 2008 8:00P
Sonotheque Chicago, Illinois

Jul 7 2008 12:00P
Richards on Richards Vancouver, British Columbia

Jul 8 2008 12:00P
Chop Suey Seattle

Jul 9 2008 8:00P
Rotture Portland, Oregon

Jul 10 2008 12:00P
Mezzanine San Francisco, California

Jul 11 2008 8:00P
Pure Filth at the Roxy Los Angeles, California

Jul 18 2008 8:00P
Dubwar at Love New York

Kode9 Sonar 2007 mix

kode9 myspace

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Skream Stella Sessions May-21-08

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01.Skream - The Shining
02.Joker - Holly Brook Park
03.Skream - One For The Heads That Remember
04.Skream - Smokers
05.Geiom - Reminissin' (Skream's Time Traveller Remix)
06.Skream - Dub-I?
07.? (BIIIG!)
08.? - Badman?
09.Seven - Siren
10.Seven - Dark Passenger
11.Kulture - Steppin' Out
12.Skream - Lemon
13.Skream - Backward
14.Skream - Love Don't Come Easily
15.Skream - Hitch
16.Joker & Jakes - 3Klane
17.Magnetic Man - El Minimum
18.Benga & Walsh - Bass Face
19.Skream - ?
20.Benga - ?

Breakage Mix:

1. Breakage - Callahan - Digital Soundboy
2. DLX - Matter Of Facts (Breakage's Relatively Speaking Mix) - S.M.O.G
3. 12th Planet - Ptera Patrick - S.M.O.G
4. Skream - Simple City
5. Silkie - Test - Deep Medi Musik
6. Breakage - Chant
7. Skream - If You Know (1st Version)
8. Quest - Stand - Deep Medi Musik
9. Sharmaji - Break Your Heart

21.Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble
22.Skream - Fick
23.Goldie - Shanghai Nights
24.Skream - Filth
25.Skream - So Minimal
26.Distance - Night Vision (Skream Remix)
27.Klaxons - Not Over Yet (Skream Remix)
28.Skream - Ten Big Dreams
29.Cuts - Drums And No Return
30.Cuts - Untitled
31.Cuts - Untitled
32.Cuts - Spaceman
33.Cuts - ?
34.Skream & L16 - Stay Devoted

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dev79- Streetbass Anthems Promo Mix

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gucci mane - pillz
mike jones - mr. jones (dev79 & jack horner remix)
juelz santana f/ camron - santana's town (ghislain poirer remix)
this is why i'm hot rmx vs. game over (stumble checkmate blend)
lil wayne vs. mims - stuntin' like i'm hot (dev79 street bass refix)
count of monte cristal - ghetto bitches (sinden remix)
lil boosie f/ webbie & fox - wipe me down
rich boy f/ polow da don - throw some d's (dj skipmode club remix)
drop the lime - i want 2 know
pitbull - jealouso
say wut - yeah
clipse f/ slim thug - wamp wamp (dev79 trick ho's mix)
trevor loveys - someone i dub (herve remix)
dj technics - hi hats (jay z remix)
pharrell f/ jay z - frontin' (starkey remix)
dev79 - thizz phreak


Dev79's Streetbass Anthems volume 3 is available now at Seclusiasis soundz.

Streetbass Anthems vol. 3 tracklist:

1 - Dev79 ft. Bezel That Philly Raw
2 - Styles P ft. Swizz Beats Blow Ya Mind (Starkey Remix)
3 - Cobra Krames Philly Pistol Banger
4 - The A’Z Rocketship (Dev79 Remix)
5 - DJ Freak Nasty ft. Storm & Starr Get in my Stance (Dev79 Re-bass)
6 - Shawty Lo ft. DG Yola vs. Timeblind Lets Decay It (Dev79 Blend)
7 - Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay (Michael Squid Remix)
8 - Trina ft. Killer Mike Look Back at Me (Dev79 & Darrel Asbury Remix)
9 - R. Kelly Real Talk (MOVES!!! Refix)
10 - Lil Jon ft. Fabo & Gucci Mane I’m a J (Dev79 Remix)
11 - Vicious The Glock (BD1982 Remix)
12 - DJ Assault Seclusiasis Radio Freestyle (Dev79 Remix)
13 - Teddy Pendergrass Turn Off The Lights (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
14 - Pop It Off Boyz Crank Dat Batman (Starkey Adam West Mix)
15 - El Carnicero ft. Cee Knowledge & Kai Chi Live from the Butcher Shop
16 - Swizz Beats Its Me Bitches (Generic Man Remix)
17 - Ebony Eyez vs. Ying Yang Twins Drop Droppin It (Dev79 Blend)
18 - Baby Boy Da Prince ft. Mannie Fresh - Naw Mean (Dev79 Remix)
19 - Milano ft. Turf Talk & Mistah FAB - Yes Sir (Dev79 Remix)

upcoming dev79 tour dates:

May 23 2008 9:00P
the straight dope 3 yr anniv @ khyber upstairs philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jun 14 2008 10:00P
rowdy! w/ bok bok & manara, starkey, secret agent gel @ reboot new york city, New York

Jun 21 2008 9:00P
faded @ level room philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jun 28 2008 6:00P
adidas originals @ south street philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dev79 Myspace

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UK Cup Clash 2008: the Final Conflict

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This past April, seven of Reggae's biggest soundsystems from around the world came together for the 7th and final installment of the UK Cup Clash. In this battle royale soundclash, soundsystems are voted out round by round based upon crowd reactions as they try to win over the crowd with exclusive riddims and dubplates. After the 4th Round, soundsystems are no longer allowed to play dubplates, and must only spin released 45s until a winner is decided. The final battle, the top two systems battle back to back, tune for tune and spin 10 tracks each until there is a winner.

This year the competition was comprised of:

Jamaica's Bass Odyssey
Japan's Mighty Crown
UK's David Rodigan
Jamaica's Black Kat
Jamaica's Tony Matterhorn
Germany's Sentinel
Jamaica's Killamanjaro

with Jamaica's Bass Oddysey taking out David Rodigan in the final round, and winning the UK Cup Clash for the third consecutive year.

BBCRadio: UK Cup Clash 2008 [part1]

BBCRadio: UK Cup Clash 2008 [part2]

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Wiley- Radio Session from y2k

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Lee Perry Interview

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"They have a new type of sound they’re calling dubstep. Have you heard much about that?

I don’t know how it look, I never see it yet. But I am glad that people are creating on it, because the word dub mean that you can do anything; when you put drum and bass together, and when you take a guitar, or a piano, it’s dub still. So you would have your perfect drum, which is the heart, and your perfect bass, which is the mind. So with the dub, if people can find a different name for it, I say congratulations for the second generation of the now creation that is paying more attention to dub."
- Fact Magazine, May 2008.

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MAH: Dub Police Radio1 Takeover 5/21/08

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Upfront dubstep label Dub Police are in the place this week for a very special live session. Vinyls at the ready for some seriously filthy back-to-back sets from Caspa, Orien, The Others, Unitz, and MC Rod Azlan on the mic.

Also on the show, brand new tunes from Jakes, Sukh Knight, 2562, LD, Skream & Tor...



(you will need both parts to batch the complete mp3 file)

Wednesday 21st May

Plastician & Skepta – ‘Intensive Snare’ from the ‘Steppa’s Delight Compilation’ (Soul Jazz)
Starkey – ‘Gutter Music’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus featuring Gonja Sufi – ‘Testament’ from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
2652 – ‘Enforcers’ from the LP ‘Ariel’ (Tectonic)
The Bug feat. Ricky Rankin – ‘Murder We’ from the LP ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja)
Skream – ‘Filth’ (Dubplate)

Caspa Interview

Dub Police live session feat:
Caspa,The Others, Unitz, Orien and MC Rod Azlan

Lennie Di Ice- 'We Are I.E.' Caspa & Rustie Remix (Dubplate)
Caspa - 'Low Blow' (Dubplate)
Caspa - 'Louder VIP' (Dubplate)
Caspa - 'Marmite' (Dubplate)
Caspa - 'My Pet Monster' (Dubplate)
TC - 'Where's My Money' (Caspa Remix) (DSR)
Rusko - 'Cockney Thug' (Caspa Remix) (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa & Rusko - ' Power Shower' (Dubplate)

The Others
The Others - 'Africa VIP' (Dub Police)
Subscape - 'Tomahawk' (Dub Police)
The Others - ' Superskank' (Dubplate)
The Others - ' Bazooka' (Dubplate)
The Others - 'Robofunk' (Dubplate)
The Others - 'Champagne Cocktails' (Dub Police)
The Others - 'Kind of Blue' (Dub Police)

Unitz - 'Bass Layers' (Dub Police)
Unitz - 'Scary Mary' (Dub Police)
Unitz - 'Wait a Minute' (Dub Police)
Unitz - 'The Drop' (Dub Police)
Unitz - 'Juggler' (Dubplate)
Unitz - 'New Years' (Dubplate)
Unitz - 'Light In A Distance' (Dubplate)

Orien - Unsettled Graves (Dubplate)
Orien - 'Look At My Eyes' (Dub Police)
Orien - 'Nickers' (Dubplate)
Orien - 'Witch Doctor' (Dubplate)
Orien - 'Doomed Soul' (Dubplate)
Orien - 'The Demented' (Dubplate)
Orien - 'Early Morning Sunrise' (Dub Police)

Ital Tek – ‘Bloodline’ from the LP ‘Cyclical’ (Planet Mu)
Silent Witness & Break – ‘Dog Soldier’ from the compilation ‘Hard Times’ (DNAudio)
LD - ‘Green Ranger’ (2nd Drop)
Tor - ‘Black Girls’ (Pinch Of Salt)
Jakes – ‘Light Beamz’ (Dubplate)
Unknown ‘Only Human’ (Dubplate)
Sub Swara - 'In'shala' (Dubplate)
Sukh Knight & Ges-e – ‘Vengeance’ (Nasha Dubplate)

Next week - May 27th - Ital Tek
June 3rd - 2652 vs Perverelist
June 10th - Christian Dittmann


Rustie feat. Buddy Leezle – 'Mic of the Year' (Stuff)
Headhunter – 'Physics Impulse' (Tempa)
Milanese feat. Ben Sharper - 'Reload Beat' (Square)
Sukh Knight – 'Jinglist' (True Tiger)
Ital Tek - 'Insomniac' (Planet Mu)
Smasher - 'The Future' (Dubplate)

Dub Police Myspace

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Flying Lotus XLR8R Video Interview

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Tranquera Podcast 91: 2562

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Download from

01. Peverelist “Erstwhile Rhythm” Punch Drunk (2007)
02. Martyn “Shadowcasting” Revolver (2007)
03. Kode 9 vs. Badawi “Den Of Drumz” ROIR (2008)
04. Horsepower Productions “Marseilles Connection” Tempa (2004)
05. Benny Ill vs. Hatcha “Poison” Tempa (2003)
06. TRG “Broken Heart” Hessle Audio (2007)
07. A Made Up Sound “Sleepwalk” Subsolo (2007)
08. Shed “Masque (A Made Up Sound Remix)” Soloaction (2007)
09. 2562 “Circulate” Tectonic (2007)
10. Loefah “Rufage” DMZ (2006)
11. Vex’d “3rd Choice (Loefah Remix)” Planet Mu (2008)
12. Darqwan “Rob One 7″ Texture (2006)
13. Peverelist “Infinity Is Now” Tectonic (2008)
14. Untold “Kingdom” Hessle Audio (2008)
15. Headhunter “Sushi Brain” Tempa (2007)
16. Digital Mystikz “I Wait” Soul Jazz (2007)
17. Geiom “Shocks On The Rocks” Berkane Sol (2006) Myspace

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MAH: Radio1 Show May 14th, 2008

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This week's True Tiger special sees 19 year old dubstep producer Sukh Knight join Stanza on the decks, and grime MCs Badness and Double S flexing their mic skills.

Plus brand new tunes from Skream, Ekelon, Thesis, Surgeon, Kulture and Flying Lotus and more...

Wednesday 14th May

Public Enemy – ‘Night Of The Living Baseheads’ from ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Take Us Back’ (Def Jam)
Silkie – ‘Dam 4’ from the ‘Steppa’s Delight’ compilation (Soul Jazz)

Flying Lotus – ‘My Chippy’ (Dubplate)

Alto Voltaje – ‘Mucha Garga’ Jeffy Diamond remix (Dubplate)

Skream – ‘If You Know’ (Dubplate)
Appleblim and Peverlist – ‘Over Here’ Brendan Moeller A-Side mix (Dubplate)
Break – ‘Destiny Comes Ringing’ from the ‘Subversion EP’ (Commercial Suicide)
Subeena – ‘Minor’ (Dubplate)
Mike Slott – ‘Knock Knock’ (All City Records)
Wiley – ‘It’s Too Late’ (Dubplate)
Ekelon – ‘Techrishe’ (Dubplate)
Headhunter – ‘Prototype’ (Dubplate)
Amongst The Pigeons – ‘Deep Housey’ (Demo)

Feat. Stanza, Sukh Knight, Badness, Double S

Surgeon – ‘Right Road To Dubland’ from the album ‘Evangeline’ (Planet Mu)
Thesis – ‘Hardstep’ (Dubplate)
Funckarma – ‘Katsu Step’ (Dubplate)
Joker – ‘80s’ (Dubplate)
The Daega Soundsystem – ‘Pathway’ (DPR)
Kulture – ‘Lost Feelings’ (Disfigured Dubs)
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – ‘Meatpump 666’ from the LP ‘Ghost Busters III’

Upcoming Shows:

Next week - Dub Police special
May 27th - Ital Tek
June 3rd - 2652 vs Perverelist

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Mo Fire Radio: Bias & Djunya live from VanCity

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Electronic Explorations 024- TRG

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(01) - Reso - spooky - [dubplate]
(02) - TRG - Generation - (Breakage remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Nakedlunch’]
(03) - Abdullah Flex - Tell Me - [dubplate]
(04) - Pinch - E.Motiv - [forthcoming ‘Evangeline’ - On ‘Planet Mu’]
(05) - Pangaea - Coiled - [Hessle Audio & ~Scape]
(06) - Ruckspin & Quantum Soul - Atomize - [Ranking Records]
(07) - Duke Spook - Brooklyn Bridge - []
(08) - 2562 - Moog Dub - [Forthcoming ‘Tectonic’]
(09) - Likhan - Daoine Sidhe - [Forthcoming ‘7even Recordings’]
TRG - In the MIX - Electronic Explorations Exclusive
01. TRG - Ghetto Romance (Subway)
02. RSD - Koto (Angel’s Egg)
03. Martyn - Vancouver (forthcoming 3024)
04. TRG - 2084 (Dub)
05. Dubcamp001 (dub)
06. Untold - Kingdom (Hessle Audio)
07. TRG - Back In The Days (forthcoming Tempa)
08. Untold - Walk Thru Walls (Dub)
09. TRG - Everything We Stand For (forthcoming Cool&Deadly)
10. TRG - On Tour (Dub)
11. Subeena - Noise Trigger (Dub)
12. 2562 - Enforcers (Tectonic)
12. Martyn - Suburbia (Applepips)
13. TRG - Missed Calls (Subway)
14. TRG - Surreal (Dub)
15. TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix) (Hessle Audio)
16. Benga - Someone 20 (Tempa)
17. Alta Infidelidad - Hielo (Thinnerism)


TRG Myspace

‘The excitement surrounding Bucharest’s dubstep sensation TRG has been steadily growing with Mary Anne Hobbs championing his first release, Put You down/ Broken Heart on BBC Radio 1, followed by an enviable music press coverage in ATM, iDJ, Mixmag, Dummy, One Week To Live and support from the blogosphere.
Releasing later tracks on Hotflush, Hessle Audio, Subway, Immerse, Audio Freakz have put TRG firmly on the music map, with sonic excursions from dubbed-out minimal finesse to mutant garage revival to full-on breakbeat mayhem.
Says Pitchfork:”More evidence that swing is in the air comes from an unlikely location: Romanian producer TRG.
As new school dubstep wallows in mid-range distorted synths and energy through b-line modulation, this producer seems to have found a rich vein of form inspired by dubstep’s earliest years.”
Drawing from a range of influences that include Basic Channel, early jungle, dark garage, classic dancehall and wonky electro, TRG’s tracks and remixes by Martyn or 2562 have been rinsed by diverse DJs such as Mary Anne Hobbs, Tayo, Skream, Benga, Benji B, Gilles Peterson, Kode 9, DJ Flight, Bailey, Pinch, Distance, Appleblim.
The tunes have garnered praise from dubstep, minimal, techno to breakbeat and drumandbass scenes. His remix work includes interpretations for Tayo, Baobinga, Black Canvas to name a few. His collab with Benga and garage/ dnb don Zinc has been released on the influential Red Bull Music Academy Various Assets Compilation.
With appearances on the genre defining Dubstep Allstars mixed CD series on Tempa and a forthcoming single on the same label, as well as being included on mighty Soul Jazz Records’ Steppaz Delight compilation, TRG sets the mark for eclectic bass music in 2008.’

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DubWar Deep Medi Night Gallery

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images courtesy of Seckle. your time bruv.

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New Skream and Plastician Dubs

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Skream- Love Don't Come Easily

Skream Myspace

Plastician- 5 New Tracks 2008 mix

Stay tuned to Plastician's myspace for another installment of his legendary May mixes, May 31st.

Plastician Myspace

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This Month in: Reggae/Dancehall

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article by Dave Stelfox for Pitchfork.

"Despite having made a big deal out of the downturn in Jamaican vinyl production over the past few months, the fact remains that reggae continues to produce music at a pace that, although somewhat diminished by its own uncommonly high standards, would still be seen as furious by any other genre. As a result, even though it's taking rather less music far longer to be blessed with a 45rpm release, both roots and dancehall look to be in pretty good health right now. And, as reggae is now a truly global phenomenon, plenty of solid material is coming from the music's centers on other shores.
First up this month, for instance, is something straight out of my own backyard, with occasional Month In guest contributors Gabriel Myddleton and Gervase De Wilde of the Heatwave DJ crew dropping their first original production on vinyl. Although pieces have been trickling out on the Piano riddim for a couple of months since the appearance of Warrior Queen's "Things Change" on Soul Jazz's England Story compilation, now all the vocals are available on wax.

Warrior Queen- Things Change (Piano Riddim)

Instead of aping the plasticky jackhammer riddims now ruling Kingston's dancehalls, the Heatwave have come up with an idisosyncratic and typically London-centric interpretation of the genre, teaming punchy reggaeton-flavoured beats with organic splashes of titular instrumentation and a selection of high-quality, locally sourced voicings including the sound system's own Rubi Dan with "Higher Heights" and Roll Deep MC Riko Dan, hot on the heels of his own mixtape The Truth, with the rough and ready "Mid How You A Talk". It's a great first effort, made all the better by its hazy summery vibe and a scorching update of the Warrior Queen version by Mashit crew member DJ C.

Rubi Dan- Higher Heights / Riko Dan- Mid How You A Talk (Piano Riddim)

Over on the island, meanwhile, Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor is still living up to his nickname. Despite being barely of school-leaving age, this young studio don has turned out some of the most notable music of the past 18 months, with riddims such as the Power Cut (host to Busy Signal's song of the same name), the Tremor (Mavado's "Amazing Grace", Sean Paul's "Watch Them Roll") and the Dark Again (Elephant Man's "All Bad Man") placing him in a position to rival such established players such as Donovan Bennett for the title of Jamaican production's man of the moment. Still, it's hardly surprising that he knows his way around a good tune or two. The 17-year-old's dad is veteran singer Freddie McGregor, after all.

Now he's back with the Chiney K riddim, a steely and propulsive instrumental that perfectly shows the stone-cold, baroque nature of his work. Best of the voicings come from perennial Month In favorite Anthony B with "Wine U" and Mavado with a mournful, yet spine-chilling title track.

For the pick of this month's albums, thanks go out to VP Records. Etana has been around for a little while now, dropping fulsome and soulful voicings on a variety of riddims, including No Doubt's Rub A Dub (incidentally now available on vinyl after an apparent eternity on CD and MP3) and the Stainless crew's High Grade. Now she shows her mettle with a terrific, if somewhat sugary in places, debut of her own. This album is worthy of such high praise at least in part because it's important to remember that syrupy love songs have as much of a place in Jamaican culture and the dance itself as conscious or badman tunes.

In fact, on The Strong One, the singer takes several bold steps, opting not for a cut and dried approach and instead blending several of these. While "Jah Chariot" is all rootsy skank, "Wasting My Time" is pure bashment stomp. Still, "Don't Forget" sees her at her strongest, owing way more to Celine Dion than Tanya Stephens.

Unfortunately, it seems that I've picked the wrong week to arrive in New York City. One day earlier and I'd have been able to report on the May 10th Mother's Day Concert at Madison Square Garden featuring Super Cat, Buju Banton, and Barrington Levy. Still, it is heartening to see that Jamaican artists are able to play on North American shores after several years of controversy and visa refusals, not least that of Mavado who was turned away from New York last month thanks to previous gun charges back in Jamaica – even though said charges had already been dropped by authorities on the island.

Obviously I'll be heading out to Jamaica Queens as usual, so hold tight for a stack of brand new material in next month's column. For the time being, though, I'm just going to sit here on a friend's Brooklyn stoop with my laptop, listening to a brand new culture mix by UK Cup Clash winners Bass Odyssey bought from a shop around the corner with my breakfast milk. Now that's something you can't do just anywhere…"

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Hatcha & Caspa Kiss100 mix

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Joker: Stella Sessions Mix

Category: , , By brockolio


1-Natasja-ilderbrand i byen-2000F REMIX

2-Swagger-Benny page

3-Snake eater-Joker

4-You dont Know what love is -2000f-JKamata

5-Solid state-Joker



8-Narsty Narsty Narsty-Scratcha.D.V.A

9-Get ya cock out-Rusko

10-3K lane-J@kes & Joker

11-Holly brook park-Joker

12-Sushi brain-Headhunter

13-Konfusion dub-Kode9

14-Back 2 the future-Gemmy

15-Need You-Darkstar


17-Get up instrumental-Pinch

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Rinse 04: Skepta

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"Bumberclaart Badman!" rings the intro to "Rinse:04" and few would argue with Rinse's next artist up to bat, Joseph 'Skepta' Adenuga. Skepta is co-director of Boy Better Know alongside Big Dada artist Wiley, and brother JME. Skepta is one of the hottest names in the British Underground scene. Skepta's name alone on a flyer guarantees roadblock queues and a quick glance at his Myspace hits puts Lily Allen et al to shame. Skepta's 'Rolex Sweep' (both a tune and a dance move) is the follow up single to fellow Boy who Knows Better Wiley's hit 'Wearing My Rolex' (currently on Radio1 B Playlist / set to be a Top 5 single)

Skepta's mix is an audio documentary of what the demographic oft referred to as the `urban youth' are listening to now. Here you'll find dubstep, grime and house tunes mixed in the type of set you can expect to hear if you tune into the weekly Boy Better Know show on Rinse.

As the sound of the inner-city has developed, Rinse FM has been at the forefront time and time again with the rise of each scene. Pockets of the media attempt to pigeon-hole the station; a Jungle, Grime or Dubstep station etc. The truth is Rinse is THE pirate station: it will always represent the sound of the British Underground because the DJ's and Emcees on the station are the key players at its very heart



Rinse04- Skepta is available now, exclusively through

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Skream- live on 1pm-3pmPST Today

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Skream's weekly Stella Sessions radio show on Rinse, can be caught today, as well as every Wednesday from 1-3pmPST on

This week: "Thats right 2 guest mix's for ya......
plus new bits from myself,noah d,late,stenchman,breakage,smut,benga,BenniPage,heavy artillery camp plus all the usual bangers

usual time,usual place


Skream - The Stella Sessions..
Weds 9-11pmGMT
Forthcoming guests
28th-may-El-B or Scuba tbc
future mix's from Goldie and the scratch perverts!

Skream myspace

Mary Anne Hobbes' Radio1 show is also broadcasted tonight on the BBC from 6pm-8pmPST.

"This week's True Tiger special sees 19 year old dubstep producer Sukh Knight join Stanza on the decks, and grime MCs Badness and Double S flexing their mic skills.

Plus brand new tunes from Skream, Ekelon, Thesis, Surgeon, Kulture and Flying Lotus and more..." -mah.

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Skrewface- Dubsteppa's Delight

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Dubsteppa's Delight: May 13th, 2008


alien pimp - fuck you - dubkraft records
audit - dimension - unsigned
benga & walsh - spooksville
twisted - lost moments - unsigned
d1 - sorrow remix
lurk & gully - update our formulas - unsigned
lewill - invasion
don goliath - 4 elements (marchmellow remix)
dz - old timers - unsigned
twisted - soundboy - unsigned
robbing hood - kobra dubstep fix - unsigned
caspa - cockney violin
12th planet & bombaman - untitled 58 - unsigned
benga - 26 basslines
skrewface - sleeprunners - unfinished
rusko - get ya cock out
caspa - ohh r ya
chimpo - dead
chimpo - children of israel - forthcoming contagious records
bar 9 - untitled symphony
mackoall - panic in the streets
dz - strong on ya
dz - low blow - unsigned
migrant vs skrewface - invincible remix
markomen - unitasker
roommate - rudebwoy shuffle - grinch 001
ghosthack - lukuss - unsigned
marchmellow - sound of the future - unsigned
marchmellow - supa kat dub - unsigned
high.deaf - motor city - unsigned
dz - nutterballz - unsigned
dz - down - forthcoming true tiger
high.deaf - planet rock remix - unsigned
chromeo - fancy footwork (dz remix)
dz - asian cuddle puddle - unsigned
benga - pleasure
mike lennon - when science fails (rusko remix)
p vans - ghost pennies
loetech & dz - issues - forthcoming aufect recordings

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Wot Do You Call It?

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Grime Documentary from 2003 / Dir: Adam Smith

kano vs wiley

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LA, SF, & NYC: Upcoming Deep Medi Parties

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Stay up to date with events in your area with the Dubstep calendar.

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Monkeytek- Wednesday Afternoon Dubbin' mix

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Monkeytek- Saturday Afternoon Dubbin'

jackie mittoo- ayatollah (basic replay)
o dessa- hell gate
burial- exit wounds (hyperdub)
dj scud- no love (transparent)
ruffcut and julius- brok blues
kode9- stalker (hyperdub)
xi- strategy
phased entity- unrequited
pacheko- hielo (this tune wins a trophy!)
matt u- mute soul (forthcoming red volume)
kode9- konfusion (hyperdub)
djg- tribulations volume 2
hxdb- wide angle lens
quantum soul- unseen
seach and destroy- dawning
quest -stand


Mix is courtesy of Monkeytek, member of the LoDubs record label run out of the back of Portland's own Anthem Records shop.

Forthcoming releases on LoDubs:

LODUBS-1208005 - DZ - Chalice Dub/That Bongo Dub 12"

LODUBS-1208006 - South3rn - Fully Loaded/Muslim Dub 12"

LODUBS-1208007 - XI - G Funk-3000/Lucky 12"

LODUBS-1208008 - Pacheko - Tryouts/Bi-Polar Bear B/W Tryouts(Cardopusher RMX) & Bi-Polar Bear(Starkey RMX) 12"

LODUBS-1208009 - DZ-XI - Guns At Dawn/Showtime/Annapolis 12"

"Now, besides that, we are working on a collab with Manchester's Virus Syndicate. It will involve them utilizing a Rhythm produced by Starkey entitled "Swollen Glands", which is in the Player. The final version should be a full on vocal driven affair, with the Starkey version on the flip.

Also, late May will bring the presentation of our first CD entitled ANALOG CLASH. This double disc will contain a DJ mix by the one and only 6Blocc containing some well known Lo Dubs releases and a host of unheard hotness, plus an unmixed CD containing regular CD audio of every Lo Dubs release on 12" to that point in time. As Lo Dubs is staunchly apposed to digital distribution, this format will be the only way digital DJ's will be able to get their hands on on this material in an uncompressed form, and at a price far cheaper than any of those silly pay-for-hardrive-clutter-I-will-soon-forget-exists download sites, so put that in your pipe, yo."

Catch Monkeytek's radio show on SubFM the first Sunday of every month from 3pm-5pm PT.

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Soul Jazz: Digital Mystikz Represses

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Soul Jazz records will be repressing 500 copies of their two classic dubs that have been been almost impossible to find from Digital Mystikz since initial release. The two 12s being repressed are "Misty Winter/Conference" and "Walking With Jah/Earth A Run Red", the B side of which remains one of 2006's weightiest singles. Don't miss your chance to grab these records on vinyl while the opportunity lasts.

Digital Mystikz- "Earth a Run Red"

Both are available for pre-order through Norman Records now, officially releasing May 26th.

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