Bassfaced Road Trip: Skream & Benga in SF

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We're back!

After an amazing trip to sunny Cali, we've returned to overcast Bellingham, WA and my sufficiently sunburnt face couldn't be happier about it.

There are very few events that can ever reach and defy your expectations when you know it is a guaranteed mindblowing, face-melting, and transcendent experience; and Skream & Benga smashing it at Club Mighty in San Francisco this week completely exceeded all of them. The moment the show was announced back in April, we immediately made the decision to take the trip down to SF as this was an event not to miss, and counted down the days, weeks, and months, while listening to Skream's weekly Stella Sessions on Rinse and Benga's recent radio shows on the BBC and KissFM.

Club Mighty was the perfect venue for this event and the system was NO slouch and completely up to the task of the night's bill. Huge speaker stacks in each corner of the small square dancefloor, as well as the huge stageside monitors left sternums rattling, teeth chattering, had some running for cover, and left no prisoners on the dancefloor.

The night started off right with Sam Supa's set, a personal highlight being the drop into Natasja - "Ildebrand I Byen" (200F Remix) currently out on Kraken recordings. From that moment on the evening just continued to gain steam. Soon, the man with the plan, An-Ten-Nae hit the stage

and threw down a set blending everything from dubstep, to glitch, and hip hop to set the mood. The moment that he dropped Scuba's tune aptly titled "Frisco" the entire crowd erupted, as hip hop vocals were layered over the tune, later giving way to that building and thrashing guitar riff before the second drop.

Skream & Benga hit the stage about Midnight and played a b2b 2.5 hour set that I still am trying to wrap my mind around. Highlights of the set: Benga & Walsh- Bassface, Benga&Coki- Night->Rusko- Soundguy Is My Target, Skream- Love Don't Come Easily, Skream- 0800dub, Distance's new tune "Buss" complete with Daft Punk samples, Benga dropping some Run DMC, Skream- Lemon, as well as a bunch of unreleased tunes from the both of them.

Photo Slideshow: Skream & Benga @ Club Mighty June 18th, SF

out to ozeb from SureFire Productions on the photos. some really great shots.

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  1. coopereaton June 22, 2008 at 12:33 PM
    wow guys big up on this post. seriously wish i was there sounds like it was the wikkidest ting!
  2. bujubeeniebounty June 27, 2008 at 2:17 PM
    dont forget the mad toaster/emcee Werd2jaH
  3. billyboynsf July 8, 2008 at 1:14 PM
    I was there to see it. I'm having a problem finding the set if anyone can help...

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