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Over the past two years we've all been brought together thru this thing called Reconstrvct. With crew reaching from all across the globe to usher in the anniversary this Saturday night, it seems only fitting to host a preconstrvct get-together outside of our beloved dark and grimy warehouses for once.  So here's the deal: Carter van Pelt & The Sound Liberation Front crew will be hosting their outdoor monthly reggae session down at the Coney Island boardwalk & W. 21st St on Saturday from 12-8pm.

Badboy soundsystem, strictly vinyl selections, and nothing but vibes. We'll be posted up on the beach and boardwalk hosting a Reconstrvct family picnic and potluck, so crew up and bring some ital food & drink. We'll be providing some Jerk Chicken from Peppa's in Flatbush and patties from Christie's but they're sure to go quick so the more the merrier. Weather is looking great so come join the fam, bake out in the sun for a few hours and make the Reconstrvct birthday celebration a day-long ting. Quick heads up- be smart! The boys in blue are always patrolling the boardwalk down there so be discreet while getting yourself feeling irie.

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By bassfaced

Doesn't matter if she gives us rain, sleet, or snow.
As long as the world turns, Reconstrvct is a go.
So hurry up and wait on that cold train, so slow...
Down the dark tunnel we just keep looking.
Or get with your crew and carpool safely to Brooklyn.
Warm you should dress, just don't stress.
This one is at that place called House of Yes.

Reconstrvct IX + SubFM Special Edition

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Venue: House of Yes

Address: 342 Maujer Street, Brooklyn NY 11206

Tickets Available Right Here

10:00PM - LATE

Compa - Manchester
Joe Nice - Baltimore
Truenature - Brooklyn
Blind Prophet - Long Island

Proper Sound by Tsunami Bass Experience

Streaming live via

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Bassfaced In Croatia Part 1: Outlook 2012

By bassfaced

Pulling out all the stops for it's 5th year, Outlook amassed an unrivaled lineup of up-and-coming talent, scene pioneers, and living legends for their annual pow-wow on the grounds of Fort Punta Christo. The fort itself, an abandoned naval installation built between 1836 and 1883, sits just 45 meters from the Adriatic coastline and provides without a doubt one of the most surreal festival settings in the World.

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Bassfaced In Croatia Part 2: Dimensions 2012

By bassfaced


Building off of the success and Worldwide response to Outlook Festival at Fort Punta Christo, 2012 also ushered in the debut of Dimensions Festival on the same hallowed grounds. Taking place just a week after Outlook, Dimensions brought together a lineup dedicated towards exploring the deeper side of techno, house, and bass-driven music. If you're already traveling halfway around the World for Outlook, the decision to stay in Croatia an extra week for Dimensions is a bit of a no-brainer. Outlook refugees aside, the eclectic Dimensions lineup brought out it's own diverse massive of travelers from throughout the globe.

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Soundsystem junkies & speakerporn addicts rejoice:  Brooklyn has a brand spankin' new hand-built Hi-Fidelity soundsystem courtesy of the Sound Liberation Front.  The crew, whose once-monthly Summertime parties on the Coney Island Boardwalk are BK ritual, have been hard at work pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into their 10,000watt "Tower of Sound" project.  You can track the year-long build process over on their Facebook page HERE.  

This past Saturday marked the initial dry-run of the rig in advance of this Friday night's launch party at Paperbox for the newly minted Dub-Stuy record label.  The Brooklyn-based label aims to promote sound system music and culture both locally and abroad.

and who better to break the system in than some of NYC's biggest names in bass music??

Representing the Reconstrvct fam will be Joe Nice and Truenature, while Dutty Artz associates Matt Shadetek and Atropolis will be flexing subs with their unique brand of tropical riddims.  Tour de Force ft. UK-based MC Brother Culture receive top billing on the night, while Hahn Solo from Dub is a Weapon rounds out the lineup inna rub-a-dub Roots & Culture style.

Remember kids, the only good a sound system.  Get out and support your local sound!!!

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This Saturday night Reconstrvct returns to dutty Bushwick, Brooklyn for another 9-hour marathon session featuring some of the biggest names in low-end from around the globe.  If you've been looking for a no-frills party where sound is always paramount, look no further.  Now in it's 8th installment, Reconstrvct always delivers; a place where like-minded individuals from all over the country can converge and immerse themselves in music of the highest quality.

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